Lolita for Everyone

I've always had an affinity for cosplay. Through my travels, I've developed a real appreciation for the vibrant communities that join together to celebrate fandom and fashion, and the sense of indiscriminate acceptance that comes along with them. One of the most popular cultures I've experienced is the Japanese-influenced style of "Lolita." With its roots in the 90s Japanese music scene, the traditional Lolita aesthetic appears almost Victorian-chic. Simultaneously classic and adorable, the style can fit everyone. Accordingly, a wide variety of exciting forms have emerged over the years. Punk Lolita, goth Lolita, sweet Lolita - the possibilities are endless, and they offer a unique flavor for anyone who wants a taste.

Long gone are the days of the isolated comic book and anime scenes. Anyone can participate in Lolita dress and culture: big or small, Japanese or American, men or women.

What is your dream Lolita outfit that you would wear?  Don't know yet?  Then check out our gorgeous frilly dresses to get started on your path to your personal Lolita fashion statement.

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Love the French Maid Outfit! Great foreplay outfit!


The dresses in the picture look so nice! Maybe could get some of us to purchase. I’ll be one of the 1st buyers. These are my “Dream” outfits. We all have the need to just have fun, and enjoy the moment. Comedy at its best!


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