Crossdressing + Living with Autism


Autism is a “Developmental Disability” that is present from the time that a person is born.  The exact causes of Autism are NOT known. Genetics, environmental factors, and conditions that cause prenatal stress are all possibilities.

What is known, is that there are several variations of Autism.  I have a High-Functioning form of Autism that used to be called Asperger’s Syndrome.  Thus, my name: ASPIEMAN.

Symptoms of Autism vary among people, but some common ones are included in the following list:

Love for animals; Appreciation of colors; Like of soft, smooth,

snug clothing; Dislike of rough clothing; Enjoyment of quiet;

Hatred of noisy rooms; Eating only certain foods; Calmed by

heavy blankets, and quiet; Prefer the same, familiar routines.

Most people are “Neuro-Typical”, or NT.  “Autistics” are AS. I’m an AS person learning to live in an NT world that doesn’t understand me very well.  Many NTs don’t understand AS traits. Bullying, and Tauntings have been how I’ve been mistreated ever since I was younger.


Some people have talked about Autism being a “Gift”.  As if the condition gives its clients, or holders, some sort of special skill or something. I have mixed feelings about that. True, some of the greatest geniuses, and/or, well-known people in history have been Autistic:

Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Michelangelo,

Alfred Kinsey, Thomas Jefferson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates,

Temple Grandin, Charles Darwin, Dan Aykroyd, Lewis Carroll, and many


Almost everyone seems to know about the 1986 movie “Rain Main”.  A movie about an Autistic man named Raymond Babbit, who was kidnapped by his brother Charlie Babbit.

I’m Heterosexual, and NOT part of the LGBTQ+ community.  However, there are brain differences between NT, and AS, people.  These brain differences are very similar to those found in LGBTQ+ people.  Doctors are NOT sure about things. Many AS people are also LGBTQ+.

This world is NOT perfect, and neither are people.  Autistics just need to learn to accept themselves and make the best of where we find ourselves in this diverse world.



Most Autistics are More-or-Less like me.  People who are neither as smart as the brightest folks in history, or as disabled as the “Rain Man”.  For us, Autism isn’t any sort of “Gift”, but a “Struggle” to be endured, as we work hard to “Fit Into” a society that doesn’t seem to want to accommodate us.   

Autism is a lifelong condition.  There is NO cure, but the condition can be treated with: drugs/chemicals, marijuana, therapy, thinking positively, trying again, and harder too, etc. 

I suffer from a lot of Stress and Depression.  These are more troubling than Autism. I don’t like the thought of ruining my body with drugs, which are actually “Toxic” chemicals.  Uh, Oh !!!

Instead, I prefer the: Fun, and Thrill, of getting dressed up, with: Clothes, Accessories, and Shoes, from XDress.  Yahoo! I have come up with an acronym to describe the XDress items that I like: Striking [Colorful], Snug, Smooth, Shiny – SSSS, for short.

My preferred environment is the: Peace, and Quiet, of my own home.  Where I have the “Freedom” to admire myself. Noisy stores, like Target or Walmart, really bother me.  I’m ready to have an Autistic “Meltdown” at those noisy stores. I prefer the Peace, and Quiet, of shopping on


XDress offers me A “Chemical Free” way to deal with my Autism, and the accompanying Depression.  For that, I am very thankful. XDress offers: Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, and many other things, for giving yourself a nice, tight hug that lasts all day long.  I’ve also learned about “Dyeing” some of the White-colored clothes that XDress sells.

Getting dressed up is a lot of Fun, and the best way for me to deal with Stress and Depression.  Everything that I’ve purchased from XDress makes me feel good about myself. Some people might disagree about my purchases from XDress, but I’m NOT hurting anyone.  Just being accepting of myself, admiring my appearance with clothes from XDress. Getting dressed up is the BEST de-stressing, or stress reliever, that I’ve found. All without having to pollute my body with those deadly, toxic chemicals.

I’m just an AS person, doing my best to live in this imperfect NT world, that doesn’t understand me very well.  Even us folks with disabilities deserve to have fun in this life. XDress has provided me with the necessary items for doing just that. Thank you XDress!



Hello Aspieman, I enjoyed reading your blog, I am a man and heterosexual but I do as yourself enjoy crossdressing, I feel very sexy and so very feminine, thank you for sharing your story, Stu

Stuart November 15, 2019

Thank you for your blog, Aspieman. Thank you also, who have responded with such kindness and acceptance of those who are “different” . Aspieman, NT or AS doesn’t really matter to those of us who have embraced our feminine side. You are part of our family here!

Angie October 29, 2019

Wow, thanks Aspieman for being so open to share with us. I have friends so are AS and I’ve seen first hand how difficult it can be at times.
Though I’m NT I can appreciate how relaxing it is to enjoy expressing one’s femininity and even to celebrate it. Thanks again for sharing and I hope we hear from you a lot more in the future!

Kyrstin October 29, 2019

You explain the world of autism and A.S. so well Aspieman. I sincerely thank you for having given me so much peace today. As it happens I have A.S.and am relaxing in satin purchased from Xdress. I feel very relaxed and peaceful in satin and silk. I understand more now, the tranquility life can bring wearing satin lingerie, quiet love from women who adore men in lingerie. I’ve seen that shining sparkle in female eyes because they know what I’m wearing. Its naughty and fun! I don’t consider myself a member of the lgbt community but I respect all walks of life. We shouldn’t be afraid to explore, love and be kind. Life’s too short!

Kenneth October 25, 2019

Ahhh to be yourself! Whether its as an autistic person a little person a large person or any other label one may place on themselves or society may place on them, the human desire to be accepted is strong. The downside of not being accepted can be harsh detrimental and hard on ones self esteem. On a deeper level its the desire to be loved as you are! If you can find that it’s liberating…you feel free! Free of self doubt free from self loathing free from skepticism free to be yourself!
XD has captured the magic of allowing us to be free!
Wear something pretty today! I am!

Stevie October 24, 2019

Thank you Aspieman for giving us an insight into your life, and a better understanding of autism. It is so good that you have found a way to cope with everyday stress by wearing feminine things that is both fun and harmless, and I suspect you will have helped a lot of people. It is great to hear a new viewpoint on this blog, and I hope you will post more.

Josh October 23, 2019

So on point! Wearing pretty panties. a micro skirt with a nice cami top is my way of calming down from a stressful day. Its impossible to be aggressive or anxious when I bring out my feminine side. Perhaps those who have anger issues should try it rather than go to anger management counselling, same them a lot of money ☺

Peter October 23, 2019

U are totally correct about this world I can say honestly that reading this fits my life as well because I battle with stress and anxiety and I dress up very often and it has always helped me way better than depression meds ever did cause meds won’t change the fact how people look at me but when I dress up I forget all about the depression it’s my escape from the hatred in this world when I have the right to be myself so I can honestly say dressing up for me is the best thing I. The world to help ease my stress and anxiety of not being who society says I should be… Thanks xdress and everyone for accepting and backing us all who do love wearing what we want and being ourselves

Ben October 23, 2019

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