Finding My Happy Place

Finding My Happy Place

Autism can be “Depressing” to live with.  However, life is just too short, and I need to decide to focus on the “Positives”.  Therefore, this blog entry will describe how I use my Body Aware & XDress clothing items to keep myself happy when I end up feeling “Depressed”.

I’ve determined that there are 4 possible ways of achieving that happiness:  

[1] Purchasing more Body Aware & XDress clothing items.

[2] Focus on: Colors, Patterns, and Quantities.

[3] Organizing things for “Storage”, and “Retrieval”.

[4] Costume Play [Cosplay], or Playing Dress Up.

Let’s explore each of these ways in more detail:

Purchasing more Body Aware & XDress clothing items.

The, and, websites both have a large number of clothing items for purchase.  Several types as well: Underwear, Outerwear, Shoes, Socks, etc.

My only complaint about Body Aware, and XDress, is that I wish that they offered even MORE clothing items for shoppers.  These retailers really have a great part in a growing market. I keep checking their websites. Why do I keep on doing that?  “Retail Therapy”.

Well, SHOPPING releases the neuro-transmitters Dopamine, and Serotonin, which makes you feel happy and good about yourself.  And so,, and, here I come! It’s time for some more “Retail Therapy”.

Focus on: Colors, Patterns, and Quantities.

I wish that Body Aware, and XDress, offered more WHITE colored clothing items.  Because I love coloring or dying WHITE clothes. The number of possible colors is endless.  Like many other Autistics, I’m a collector. The more, the better, too. That applies to Colors, Patterns, and Quantities.  I just have to have every color, and every pattern, of what is available.

Organizing things for “Storage”, and “Retrieval”.

I’m Autistic, and I like to keep my things “Organized”, or “In Order”.  So, let’s talk about that.

What I am about to discuss, can be used as a “Guide” by anyone.  Autistic [AS], or Neuro-Typical [NT]. We’re all people. Just a little bit different from each other.  I’m sure that we’ve all been through times of being “Messy”, and “Organized”. Remember, when your Mother told you to: “Clean Your Room!” [?]  I sure can. Hopefully, the following “Guide” will help make needing to “Clean Your Room!” an easier, and less frequent, event. Because things will already be “Organized”.    

All of the Body Aware & XDress clothing items that I’ve purchased, need to be stored somewhere.  It’s easy to just tell myself that “Clothing items belong in the drawer or the closet”. However, I’ve discovered that as I purchase more Body Aware & XDress clothing items, storing them becomes More-and-More complicated than that.  

I remind myself that I’ve invested a lot of money in my Body Aware & XDress clothing items.  They are “Special” to me and deserve to be stored in such a way that I can easily find my “Special” Body Aware & XDress clothing items when I want to get dressed up.

Suddenly, it becomes very obvious to me that I need a “System”, or “Plan”, for storing my Body Aware & XDress clothing items.  A “Plan” that will make efficient use of the “Storage Space” that is available, and also allow for simple, or easy, “Retrieval” of things.  And so, things need to be “Organized”, or “In Order”.

Here is how I have my Body Aware & XDress clothing items arranged for easy “Storage”, and “Retrieval”:

[1] Underwear, and Outerwear, items get hung in my closets.

[2] Shoes, Socks, and Tights get stored in tubs, which can

    then either be stored under my bed or on the closet floor.

[3] Miscellaneous clothing items get stored in drawers.

Item [1] is something that just never seems to get finished.  I’ve arranged things, then re-arranged them, over-and-over, etc.  Single hangers, Multi-Garment hangers, etc. The number of storage options seems endless.

In the end, I have all my Body Aware & XDress clothing items arranged the way that I want.  Easily accessible too. For when I want to get dressed up.

Organizing things for “Storage”, and “Retrieval”.  (Con’t)

Best of all, I can now stand back, and admire my great, organized collection of “Special” Body Aware & XDress clothing items.  A great investment, that keeps me happy!    

Costume Play [Cosplay], or Playing Dress Up.

I love getting all dressed up.  It makes me feel so good about myself.  All the possible clothing combinations, colors, etc.  Wonderful!



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Finding the happy place: well first it requires introspection and honesty along with good information. Then self acceptance and understanding
I need to be organized I like my lingerie organized.
Part two is accepting that i m a xdresser and I like it and i like wearing pretty lingerie
Part 3 retail therapy is always fun
I buy way too much from xdress but the styles a so cool
Wear something pretty today i am
Polka dot high leg briefs from SOMA


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