Let's Femme it Up!

Let's Femme it Up!

Happy New Year everyone! We all watch the ball drop and kiss our SO and make resolutions for the New Year!  It’s often that these resolutions include a weight loss goal or an exercise regiment or a dry our period after the inebriated Holiday Season. Of course there are many other resolutions that we may come up with as well and they will, of course, vary from person to person.

So to begin 2023, I thought it would be nice to share my resolution: Femme it up more often!  And this leads me to what I have done in the past, what I do in the present and what I will do in the future.

The past has been mostly hiding my femme side. Sure, I would wear the Satin Polka Dot panties from XDress under my work clothes. Or wear the Couture Satin Romper with hosiery under my work clothes. Maybe even a Blossom Underwire Bra underneath it all. The point is, it was always hidden and always discreet.  And that is okay for all of us as we all have a different comfort level with what we wear and when.  Do what makes you happy is what I tell myself.

Now, with 2023 here and a new year upon us, I decided to make my femme a little more intense and expressive.  My SO likes my choice of undergarments and supports me in what I do.  In 2023, she offered to help select various items that she would like to see me in.  Having always been the panty wearing type, or at least for the past 15 years, I was happy she accepted my desire to wear panties and bra’s and am happier now that she is game to go further.

For starters, she likes the “down time” like a Netflix binge or sports game to be super flirty and casual.  She bought me the Couture Satin Lounge Pants and a Strapping Bra Harness.  I wear them lounging around and feel super sexy in them, especially with the Panty Strap Harness.  A great way to lounge in the afternoon! 

Of course, that is for lounging but she also wants me to venture out all dolled up.  I am not ordinarily a passable femme but when she does my make up and puts me in my Couture Satin Merrywidow, matching Couture Satin & Lace Cheeksters, white nylons, black pumps and the Satin Wrap Dress, I am super femme and actually passable. She of course is likely getting all the looks as she is drop dead gorgeous but I love the way I look and now that I am “out” in femme clothes, I am liberated!

Of course you can always do this in private and I am sure some of you do as this desire to wear panties is not new and certainly not uncommon in this audience.  So whatever your resolutions are, I hope they include XDress and their wonderful product offering!

Stay sexy!


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This afternoon I decided to shave my legs to see how much more femme they might look in nylon stockings. It took longer than I thought but I was thrilled with the result, and also with the feeling of nylon against my smooth legs. One problem at the moment however, my girlfriend doesn’t know that I crossdress and I’m at a loss with how to explain why I’ve now got smooth, hairless legs! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


So agree with Sierra and Stevie-trying to make 2023 a real coming out year. Good luck to both of you! I’m divorced but have my adult daughter living in, so full dressing opportunities are limited, at home at least, although I have been to a fetish event in Birmingham (UK) where I could fully dress. It was a terrific experience, but in a "safe " enclosed environment. Since teenage times I’ve loved wearing lingerie, initially just panties, then adding stockings and suspenders; a bra followed later. Now I can wear lingerie all the time, and when my daughter is out or away, I have a couple of outfits to change into, together with a blond wig and heels. Last year I bought a pair of silicone breast forms, and wearing them has really changed how I feel about getting out. It feels just wonderful having a properly filled out bra, and feeling the breasts warm to your body; there’s a lovely jiggle too when moving about! I thought it would make me even more cautious about getting out, but actually the reverse has happened! I really want people to see me fully en femme, but I’m so scared at the same time. The furthest I’ve got so far is wearing my lingerie and forms under male outerwear at a Costa last week-it would be so nice to have my skirt and heels on too, but that’s the big hurdle. One way or another I’m determined to make 2023 my break-out year-hoping that the new lingerie I’ve just ordered from XD will help to push me over the edge! I’ll report if/how it happens. Good luck guys!


WB i so agree! Why would anyone tell someone what intimates they wear ? Unless of course u are being intimate!
Have a great V day


For Valentines, it’s a game time call of red satin panties and bra with inserts and a garter and stockings, or the new full blossom collection as that is new new favourite. Having dinner ready with a nice red wine and good music. I’ll leave out the details that will follow.
I agree with Scott about coming out to your friends. What you wear is what you wear, and because you make that decision, what is the intent behind sharing it? Did you share it before when you didn’t wear panties? None of my friends ever shared their underwear choices with me. My two cents.


Great feedback all! Happy you are all in support and moving forward! As for Valentine’s, I plan to wear the red satin dress, heels, satin panties, bra (with inserts) and be ready for when my SO comes home! How about you?’

As for coming out to your friends: If they are your friends they will understand and likely not care but in my lifetime, i don’t recall too many conversations on what underwear I wear: briefs, boxers or panties. I don’;t think it has come up! But do what makes you comfortable!


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