Let's Dress Up!

Let's Dress Up!
Halloween may have passed, but it is never too late to dress up! For me as a goth, I consider everyday to be Halloween. Just like Morticia Addams, my outfits are always incredibly romantic and risqué. The amount of thought and effort I put into assembling my outfits every day certainly exceeds that of the average person. But this isn't just something that is exclusive to me or goths, of course. All of us here are constantly thinking about that beautiful dress we want to buy, or that incredibly sexy bra and panty set we want to wear on a special night.

Just the phrase "dress up" instantly fills us with excitement. Those amazing days where we get to buy or even just shop for new clothes, whether online or in store, never fails to be truly special. So let's just take an entire blog to talk about beautiful clothes and outfits! As I mentioned earlier, romantic / Gothic outfits are exclusively my domain. I absolutely adore velvet, satin, lace and leather primarily. With that in mind, I will go over my favorite outfits in detail, and hopefully inspire you with your own outfits!

Let's start with dresses, which is easily the most iconic feminine garment there is. There are so many incredible styles out there that suit men perfectly. That is the beauty of the feminine wardrobe; truly endless options and possibilities. So, let's go over a few of my personal favorites. First off, satin. The illustrious appeal of this gorgeous material cannot be denied, specifically in black, red and purple. I typically always prefer dress styles with a flowy skirt, either right above or right below the knees. There is nothing that can match the feeling of wearing a gorgeous, flowy dress with a pair of stockings and garter belt underneath.

Of course a dress collection is not complete without gorgeous lace designs. When it comes to this style, I love anything will long, exaggerated sleeves. It is a look that will always draw attention, as lace has been a symbol of femininity for centuries. Lace dresses are also unique in that there are typically parts that are transparent, so you can mix and match colors underneath to maximize your options. I have always loved the look of a red satin cami underneath a black lace top / dress. However, let us not forget the undeniable allure of rich velvets. The great thing about this fabric, is the richness in color. Velvet is an absolute essential in any wardrobe, especially for goths like myself.

The lingerie you wear underneath your dress /outerwear is just as important though! I always try to coordinate my lingerie to match my outerwear, as an outfit should never be mismatched. You can still coordinate two different colors together though, my personal favorites being black and red or black and purple. Despite my obsession with black clothes, I just love red and purple lingerie. These colors are very feminine, and fully represent that side of myself. These colors combined with my neutral black outerwear is a perfect depiction of who I am; a feminine male. In regards to lingerie styles, I love bodysuits! I think they look fabulous, especially when paired with a gorgeous garter belt and stockings.

It is certainly very easy to go on and on about clothes and lingerie, but the one thing that an outfit is definitely not complete without is makeup. There are times I get dressed before I put on my makeup, and it just looks like something critical is missing. The type of makeup that looks good on us varies by each person, but the two essentials as males are foundation and eyeliner. Foundation is a fantastic tool to hide facial hair shadow, just be sure to apply it from your forehead all the way down to your Adam's apple, blending at the jawline as well. Eyeliner is another essential, as foundation alone is not enough to fully feminize a males face. Eyeliner is easily my favorite type of makeup, there are just so many different ways you can apply it to make your eyes look different.

Just like I said before, the feminine wardrobe really does allow infinite options. I would love go on more about clothes and makeup, but this does it for now! So what are your thoughts? How often do you dress up? What are your favorite clothing and makeup styles? How much have you learned since you first started dressing up? I'd love to hear your experiences.


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Very nice Ally! I imagine you to look very pretty in your outfits! Thanks Kate! Wish you were there too!


Great topic I like dresses and stilettos’ but due to my situation only wear at home. But i do get my femme on by wearing women’s jeans underdressing women’s sweaters pedis and light makeup with lip gloss mascara concealer and foundation Stay sexy and get ur femme on when u can Stevie


Love your story Scott. I wish I was with you.


Hi everyone – happy holidays to you all.

As the year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on what worked well and what worked not so well in my dressing journey over the past year. A big plus for me has been my increased level of confidence in going out dressed and in finding my own style. I’ve started to wear ladies pants more and paired these with moderate heels and sweater-jumpers. These make a really comfortable combination for me and I accessorize them with a nice bag and chunky necklaces. I also find sweater-dresses go great with opaque coloured or sparkly lurex tights. I’m still experimenting with make up but go with a lighter rather than a heavier look when I’m out.

Another great step forward for me has been to allow my naughtier side to come out again. Xdress introduced a sensational fishnet micro dress during the year and I’m so enjoying wearing that with fishnet hold ups, sparkling evening gloves and contrasting Xdress panty and bra sets. Going against my usual rule, I will be buying some killer heels to go with that outfit and can’t wait to party in it.

Looking forward, I will be expanding my Xdress underwear sets next year and will be buying a body suit, mini and leggins. Out in the world of bricks and mortar I will be making more visits to the ladies departments in favourite stores. I have found staff in those really sweet in this past year and they have helped me grow in confidence to try more things on.

As we all look forward to the new year, I for one am so grateful for the support I find in this Xdress community. Never forget, we can dress just as we like. We all have our own lives to live – and there is a life in us all and out there waiting to be lived.

Happy new year everyone.

Ally x


Although the underneath is preferred in XDress panties, bra and garters, externally it varies by what I wear and when I can wear it. However, I recently bought a few female clothes that were quite nice and ventured out in them with confidence and great style. The first outfit was a pair of Lady Hagen golf pants. They are a slate blue and fit like yoga pants but have a flair at the bottom. They round out your tush nicely and have a panel in front to help pull in your gut just a little. The XDress satin and lace panties showed no lines which was an added bonus. I paired with a white silk blouse and white Keds. Black blazer as it was a bit chilly that day. Super cute outfit! Full makeup and wig. My only downfall was thatI did my own mani which did not come out as good as a professional. I dressed that way for a day of XMas shopping at the outdoor mall in Charleston. That night I switched out of the pants and got into a black pencil skirt with black stockings and 4” heels. I cant pull off the tall heels as I have trouble walking, especially on the cobblestone walks in Charleston. Needed to freshen the make up but overall I still rocked the outfit! Many heads turned and my SO was impressed at the eyes I was catching in the restaurant. Love to dress up! I like a lot of different styles and makeup typically goes with what that desire is for the day. I love window shopping and typically buy the mannequins outfit. Match accessories as much as I can but like simple jewelry, not overly flashy. I try to dress up at least once a week but like to do it more if able. Styles are mostly preppy/fashionable. Not flashy but enough to stand out. I have learned that dressing up is a liberation of my soul and I enjoy my femme side very much! Stay sexy!


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