Let’s Get it on, Valentines Day!

Let’s Get it on, Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is upon us and it is the best day of the year to express your love to your significant other.  Of course you should express your love to your SO daily but Valentine’s is an extra special day to do so.  Traditional V-Day gifts like chocolate, roses or lingerie are givens.  Why not spice it up this year?

So this year, I am planning a fun day and I thought I would share it with you.

I have already made a reservation at a local restaurant for brunch.  I have most of my outfit ready to go but may change my mind as it is still a few weeks away.  I will wake up next to my SO this Valentine’s Day and will be wearing the Juliette Camisole with matching panties-my latest purchase from XDress and the set is waiting in my panty drawer for this special day.  

We will exchange small gifts while lounging in bed, she will get a spa gift card and a lingerie set that I hope to see her in later that day (fingers crossed).  

I will get ready for brunch and will be sporting the Polka Dot Satin Skirt with a white Silk Blouse and wear black stockings and black low heeled pumps.  Underneath it all I will have the matching Polka Dot Panties and a white Lace Bra and white lace garter.  She will help me with my makeup and I will help her with hers although she is much better at it than I am.

We will enjoy a few mimosas at brunch and dine outside on the patio while overlooking downtown Charleston.  We will finish brunch and head to the nail salon for mani/pedi’s.  We will window shop a bit, maybe find some nice women’s clothes for us to dress up in on a future date.

Later that afternoon, we will stop and have an app and a few more cocktails.  Maybe some oysters and a few Palmetto’s.  We will hang out for as long as we are able and head home in the early evening.

Once home, we will retreat into our separate closets and dress for the next part of the evening.  I have already picked out my next outfit: The Cage Strap Mesh Gown with pink Lace Brazil Panties.  The pink just pops a little bit of color to the sheer fabric of the gown. She comes out wearing the lingerie I gave her earlier in the day and she looks amazing!  She will no doubt compliment my outfit as well and we will slow dance (foreplay) our way for the next hour or so. Careful to take time to appreciate and enjoy each other.

We will end our day cuddled together in bed, me in my Pink Satin and Lace Panties and fall into dreamland happy and content on a great day spent. 

- SC

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Hi everyone – where to begin?

I think I’ll be getting up early to slip into a cute Xdress pink maids oufit accessorized with pink heels, white stockings, petticoat, frilly undies. Then I will go downstairs to make breakfast for my SO and bring it to her in bed.

Into the evening I may slip into a black version of the same to serve her dinner. Who knows where things may lead after that?

Have fun wherever you are.

Ally x


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