The Excitement of Dressing-Up!

In no way do I believe that the way I feel about cross-dressing is the way everyone who cross-dresses feels. And that includes people who are born male but identify as female or those that are on a male to female transition journey – we all have our own feelings. But I find a simple happiness in recognizing, and accepting, that I find it all just so exciting!

And what’s wrong with that?

I don’t ask anyone to accept my preferences for wearing lacy and satin underwear and stay-up stockings. I’m kind of OK that the majority of the world won’t accept my cross-dressing as ‘normal’. To an extent I would feel comfortable going about my daily business dressed ‘en-femme’. Heaven knows, it might even feel less exciting if I got to do it on the daily amongst others!

The excitement of wearing gorgeous lingerie, skirts, tops, heels and make-up (I can’t get used to wigs) began, for me, at an early age – like it did for many of you, I guess. It remains today. I’ve purged, I’ve tried to control my feelings – but it comes back just as strong. And why should I resist?

Our old friend Aristotle thought of a life of pleasure as enough for a good life or a life well-lived – alongside a life of honour, wealth, health, or eminence. Take your pick. Some psychologists suggest a good life is a mixture of pleasurable, meaningful and varied experiences. Others say that hedonic goal pursuits (e.g. having fun) may be just as important for our well-being as long-term goal pursuits (e.g. learning something new to get a better job).

On that basis, a little of what I fancy ought to do me good!

In truth, I wonder if I can even justify - as if I need to – my cross-dressing as something that puts me in touch with my feminine side. After all, what is either feminine or masculine about clothes?

Do I wear women’s clothes? No, I wear my clothes. It’s just that most people probably associate my clothes with those mainly worn by women – whereas Aristotle and his friends probably knew a thing or two about wearing a skirt, or ‘a chiton’ as it might have been called.

Do I feel feminine when I wear my lingerie and dresses? Well, how would I know what feeling feminine feels like? I’m not even sure what feeling masculine feels like. Do women spend their lives feeling feminine any more than I spend my life feeling masculine? Probably not. Although, there seems to be a lot of evidence to suggest that people have a male or female experience of the world, I think that’s probably a little different to feeling either masculine or feminine.

Maybe what I do in cross-dressing is construct my own feminine ideal and find that exciting to occupy for a little space of time. I find it hard to imagine that, in general, women feel as excited as I do when dressed in what they wear on a daily basis. However, I can also imagine that some women might do.

British artist Grayson Perry has said that people accept his cross dressing because he is an artist – he’s “allowed to be weird”. At the same time, he accepts that attitudes towards him might be different if he were a banker. Though in no way should this permit intimidation, aggression and exclusion towards people that harmlessly digress from societal norms.

In day-to-day life I’m probably more banker than artist. My dressing remains hidden, subtle, or in accepting company.

I don’t want to tell you what the reasons for cross-dressing are or should be. It’s good enough for me to be excited by the looks I can create. A creative act or even a delusional one at times – I’m no cat-walk model. Should it matter? Like any craft it takes time, practice, and experimentation to create a satisfying work.

Do you need to find reasons for what you do? Or is it enough discovering the fact that 'It’s All Just So Exciting!'




OMG I’ve just stumbled upon a Cristian prayer web site intended for people to stop crossdressing, nothing against them but, I’m past the point of no return, there’s nothing better than I Like than wearing some sexy lingerie, stockings & suspenders, miniskirt, & high heels. I just love getting ready doing my makeup hair etc. & going out to find a real man.

rachel October 17, 2022

I hear ya
While i do play in the kink sissy world
I dont want to pass i dont try
I just wear what i like
I do find slipping into something more comfortable very relaxing and love heels and polishing my toes
Lingerie for us all

Stevie April 18, 2022

I’m just a dude in a dress. I don’t identify as a sissy or a cuck. In our relationship humiliation is not our kink. I don’t wear makeup or wigs. I don’t want to pass. For me it’s about a feeling. I’m super sensitive to touch and textures. Women’s clothes have always felt soft and silky. The first time I remember trying on womens clothes was when I was about 3-4 untill puberty my mother “allowed” me to wear her underwear and some of her clothes. It was never spoken but she knew and would make sure I could find her softest silkiest items. To this day I get a sense of peacefulness and tranquility when I wear lingerie or a long flowy dress. I like to prance in heals and my wife like the way they make my ass poke out. I LOVE YOYR BEARDED MODELS. I get tired of only seeing the affiminant twinks. Brovo xdress brovo.
The dude in a dress

Wesley February 22, 2022

It started in my early teens, I loved sneaking into my sister’s room putting on her bra panties and panty hose. Then I moved to my mother’s underwear putting on her panties and girdle I just love the way I look in women’s underwear and I love seeing other men in panties.

Tim January 08, 2022

I love the open and frank discussions about x dressing. Being bi sexual allows me to experience the best of both worlds. Interestingly, it’s men, rather than women who enjoy my x dress panties, thongs and strings. Whilst a woman may comment on the style or color, men generally are quite indulgent about their preferences sometimes of a sexual nature, the thrill of seeing a man in gorgeously designed underwear often becomes arousing for them and me. For me, this aspect is one I frankly adore. In reality, there is a feminine side to my choice of underwear and the pleasure I gain from openly exhibiting myself to others. X dress long may you continue to produce excellent men’s underwear and the joy it brings to so many.

Michael January 01, 2022

I’m a 35 yo male , Aussie bloke actually! . Since the age of around 10 i used to go through my mums panty draw and wear them . She found them in my room from time to time which was embarrassing. I’m now married and since day 1 I’ve said to my wife I liked ladies Panties . I was honest and my wife accepts it and even buys me lingerie from time to time . I wear all kinds of panties to bed as my sleep ware . Finding the most comfy ones was difficult but Xdress makes that easy . I have so many pairs it’s not funny . I don’t label myself as a xdresser gay or bi I’m a straight guy who likes Lacey undies .

Ian December 28, 2021

I have enjoyed crossdressing since I was about 12. It started with sneaking some of my mom’s lingerie into my room and slowly developed from there. I have purchased many sexy sets through the years. I have never told my wife about it and I still keep it hidden. I still get such a thrill from wearing a sexy bra and panties under my clothes out in public. I was so happy to find this site. I just ordered a corset, stockings, and a garter belt. Those might be a bit harder for me to hide but they make me feel pretty and that is what matters most.

Joe December 26, 2021

Thom I feel u
But who cares if no one likes us;
It usually starts young for most of us
Get ur lingerie on

Stevie December 15, 2021

I’ve been turned on by wearing girly clothes since I was a little boy. I found where my mom had a pair of naughty panties – black sheer with some lace and they were crotchless to boot. Lol. I was like 8 so…🤷🏻‍♂️ Several decades later I’m buying pink lace boy shorts and wearing them under my jeans all day. I have had so many pairs over the years. It’s super exciting and a major turn on to me both doing it and seeing other guys dressing so sexy. I understand it’s not for all and some will never accept us, but I don’t see that it causes any harm at all.

Thom December 09, 2021

When I was young about 14 I would sneak in my step mums room, when everyone was out, I would go through her drawers and even found topless polaroid’s of her. One time she came home early and she caught me looking in her drawers so she picked out all her sexy black lingerie and told me to put them on they included stockings suspenders with matching bra and knickers, I couldn’t fasten the suspenders so she did it for me and to my embarrassment it was so obvious I was enjoying it and the more she stared the more excited I got. She said as you like wearing my underwear so much we should buy you your own next time I go shopping in fact we will go together and you can pick what you like………..more to come

Amy December 07, 2021

Lance and Larry so sorry to hear that ur in the closet but I understand cause my wife knows i like crossdressing but doesn’t like it; its so hard because you HAVE TO CROSSDRESS! And yiu will find a way! So the sneaking and the hiding is a horrible feeling
Keep the faith sometimes the wives come around

Be confident that ur not alone

Get ur lingerie on !

Stevie December 06, 2021

Told my wife I like wearing panties. She is not accepting it well. Maybe she will come around over time. Some guys are lucky when a wife accepts it.

Larry December 06, 2021

Dear Justin,

Thank you fir the articulated article. It was an addictive read. Wish there were more outlets like this to tales about my other life.

I am a married and closeted bisexual that can’t stop dressing up. Late night when everyone is asleep I dress and post. It makes me whole and feel free.

I work from home and am able to dress up under my sweat clothes. I even go on video calls with Reg clothes up top and xdress below.

Anyway, I want to say ur website and products have freed me from a darker place and I thank you for that.

Lance December 06, 2021

Rianna, hi
Yes dressing is exhilarating and relaxing and i also love come home and get into something even more girlie as I am an everyday lingerie wearer under my reg clothes.

Stevie December 05, 2021

Hey Gurlz
Hope everyone is happy and healthy! So many good comments, not sure I can add much to the discussion. Just want to say that I’ve been dressing since I was a young boy and have done it off and on ever since. It’s both relaxing and stimulating at the same time and I love coming home after work and changing into a camisole and comfy boy shorts. My girlfriend is on board with it and in fact we often do shopping trips together. So glad for this forum to share with other gurls!


Rianna December 03, 2021

Justin, thanks for the topic. Have always found sexy under gear exciting be it lace or nylon panties, bras, garter belts and nylons or leather. Appreciate Xdress products designed for the male anatomy…..makes the experience even more fulfilling. Again, thank you for the topic. Mike

Mike November 24, 2021

Justin we understand as some of us started this way too. As soon as you can get your own clothes! Undergarments are very private and personal! Using their stuff is like violating their privacy! If you cant buy here several box stores and online outlets have affordable lingerie
Get ur lingerie on I am

Stevie November 24, 2021

Hello cella’s! I started wearing my mom’s and sis lingerie when I was young!! Although mom caught me in her lingerie many times , I just told her about me being in the closet !! She doesn’t understand, neither do I but I love love crossdressing !!!!! John

John November 23, 2021

Dear sean
Cudos to u and ur wife, for u to tell her and for her to accept
Search but do not beat ur self up
Glad ur here! Its great to dress it is taboo and it does feel great

Stevie November 14, 2021

I am still searching for a reason why I dress. I have been dressing secretly for years. I have binged and purged more than I care to admit. Last year I finally told my wife I like wearing women’s underwear and did so frequently under my male clothes. I thought she would leave me for sure but to my surprise told me that, while she didn’t want to be involved, if it made me feel good keep doing it. She even told me to put my clothes in my dresser and closet instead of the backpack I kept in the trunk of my car! I tell that story because one thing she asked was why I did this. I didn’t, and still don’t have a good answer. The best I can come up with is that it feels good and the taboo is exciting. I’m going to keep searching for a reason because I’m very confused.

Sean November 13, 2021

Hi again everyone How great to hear how so many of you have so much fun dressing! As someone here said, I find it so exciting choosing, waiting for and then finally receiving my Xdress panties and other items. Yes, they become like old friends after a while. But you can have the best fun with old friends! Dressing up in our best secretarial or executive career girl outfit is such a quintessential cross-dressing fantasy. What is it with that? The neatness? The figure hugging skirt and seamed stockings? Or the tightly laced corset to nip in that waist? Or is the object of our fascination something untouchable? Whatever it is – a great look that can be achieved with relatively little outlay. If it excites you, then enjoy it while you can! Yes, wearing a thong while doing a little heavy landscaping could be a head turner if your jeans ride down a bit when you’re on all fours. I guess there’s a time and a place for all kinds of dressing whoever you are. If you’ve something lovely to wear, best aave it for when you can enjoy it the most I think. Have fun everyone Justin

Justin October 29, 2021

Great blog. Was attracted to lacey undies and nylon at an early age but also fought it for years. Now that I am much older I wear xdress panties and lingerie most of the time and feel very comfortable and don’t mind who knows. Wear what makes you feel good.

Seattle Bill October 28, 2021

Hi everybody
Great comments
I love the takes on crossdressing and wearing lingerie
We re fine as we are. Dress as u like
Its fun and sexy; i love it

Stevie October 25, 2021

Justin, a great blog. It is illogical that certain styles of dress and fabrics are designated as “female”, while others are “masculine”. Most things are not attached to a gender. Sports are possibly an exception where there tends to be a vague distinction, more often than not based on the physical strength involved, but both men and women are generally free to cross over. But with clothing society is not as forgiving. Women can wear adaptions of masculine styles without comment, but not so for men who are attracted to feminine styles of dress. Fortunately society has changed for the better in the last couple of years, with the advent of shows like Rue Paul’s Drag Race, and as Randy mentioned, its interesting that some of the bigger brands are coming out with gender neutral clothing. I don’t honestly see gender neutral working for all clothing as men and women do have different shapes, but I do embrace the idea.

Gerald October 25, 2021

Dressing up is just so much fun! I love to wear the XDress panties under my business attire when I have to but love to wear it especially when dressed in femme clothes. I think femme is just a name we tag it with as women’s clothes appear different than men’s clothing. Either way, I do feel a bit more femme wearing panties Thani do when wearing traditional men’s briefs and I don’t think I would wear a thong in the yard to landscape or do manual labor. Need the support of the men’s underwear for this task. But the minute I shower and get ready for bed the satin or lace or other panty combinations from XDress go on! As for dressing up? Now is the time of year to do it! Halloween could be used as a first step to getting your SO to accept your inner femme side.

Scott October 25, 2021

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