Is wearing men’s lingerie a form of drag?

We recently attended RuPaul’s Drag Con in May in Los Angeles. Here at XDress Lingerie we are huge fans of Drag Race! If you don’t know what Drag Con is, it is an exposition that celebrates the art of drag, queer culture, and self-expression for all. The convention is full of fierce fashion like you’ve never seen before, performances throughout the day, literal runway walks, and queens of all styles and backgrounds from around the world. Even the Telletubbies were there this year!



Men wearing panties and lingerie is a common practice in drag. Drag is a performance art in which a person dresses in clothing and makeup associated with a gender other than their own. Drag can be seen as a form of self-expression, social commentary, or simply for entertainment.



There are many reasons why men might choose to wear panties and lingerie in drag. Some men may do it to challenge traditional gender roles and expectations. Others may do it to feel more confident and powerful. Still others may simply enjoy the way that panties and lingerie make them feel.



There is no one right way to do drag. Every drag performer is unique, and their style of drag reflects their own personality and interests. Some drag performers may choose to wear very feminine clothing and makeup, while others may opt for a more androgynous or masculine look. There is no right or wrong way to express yourself through drag. That is what makes drag so exciting and fun!



It is important to note that not all men who wear panties and lingerie are doing drag. Some men simply enjoy wearing these items of clothing for comfort or personal style. There is nothing wrong with a man wearing panties or lingerie, regardless of whether or not they are performing drag. Of course you could always step your toes into drag if you were curious with various items from XDress Lingerie if you are ready to take the plunge.



If you are interested in learning more about drag, there are many resources available online and in libraries. You can also watch drag performances in person at clubs and bars. Drag is a fascinating and expressive art form, and it is a great way to challenge traditional ideas about gender and sexuality.


Would you be interested if XDress Lingerie had a booth at next year's Drag Con?



You r so right
I am made this way. Not trans just a little towards the other end of the spectrum. Nothing wrong with that. I haven’t had the experience of skirts in my home but my wife and I have gone to nail salon together and she picked out the color

Be you

Respect others individuality

Get ur lingerie on


Stevie September 11, 2023

I have seen a few comments that say “most guys…” or “some guys…”, but I’m going to say “I…” I probably don’t speak for most or even some, but I know I can speak for myself. I don’t have anything against Drag, but I view it as a performance thing. Entertainment. I think of Drag as taking an hour or more to “get into costume” where makeup takes half an hour, 45 minutes, or even longer, to perform in some way. For me, wearing panties, lingerie, skirts, or makeup (all of which I wear regularly) are more about expressing my inner need to be feminine. I wear panties 24/7, makeup (at the least lipstick) much less frequently, and skirts or lingerie at home. I don’t wear these things in such a way that they can be seen in public, but my wife and kids have and do see me wearing these things and are comfortable with them. I don’t hold anything against anyone who does wear such things in public; in fact, I’m envious of them. But I do what I’m comfortable with and that’s me. I’m not what I would consider “trans” because, though I have a very strong feminine side, I feel like this is the way God made me, and I’m good with it. Again – I don’t hold anything against anyone who is trans or feels differently than I do. I’ll do me and you can do you. :) But with the co-mingling of “Drag” with crossdressing, I think of Drag as performance-related/entertainment. Just my opinion.

Raymond September 08, 2023

Having an affinity for wearing panties, lingerie and other androgynous clothing is an entirely different track than drag. I have deep admiration and respect for drag performers, and while it might be fun to have someone who is really good at it dress me up sometime, I really have no interest in being a performer. On the other hand, I would love a safe, affirming, respectful space where I could wear my panties more openly, so that others could enjoy and appreciate them. XDress might consider hosting a reception for your customers at Drag Con, or some other appropriate event/venue where we could let down our guard, mingle & enjoy the company of other panty & lingerie wearers. Readers of this blog might be interested in what I’ve written on…Exploring and writing about clothing and its connection to our gender expressions. I consider myself gender nonconforming.

Steve September 08, 2023

Great article! Please look into getting a booth at DragCon! I attended this year and had so much fun. I would love to see an XDress booth there. It would be nice to see the products in person before purchasing. Maybe some DragCon exclusives? I have no doubt you would be a popular booth!

F September 08, 2023

D u r so right
Drag os different
Booth yes
Get ur lingerie on it needs to be mainstream


Stevie September 08, 2023

Great article. I appreciate that drag is a great way for self expression. I personally, like Scott, do not think that I could pull it off, nor have I had the desire to publicly showcase my affection for lingerie. For those who do, by all means, show it off.
I love wearing panty and bra sets daily, satin nighties every night, garters on occasion, LOVE skirts, and haven’t yet found a dress that hits home. Haven’t wore heels, I think that I would kill myself. I do not personally feel that wearing lingerie is drag. I feel that it is something that I found comfortable, sensual, and a personally delivered gift to my feminine energy.
I so appreciate X-Dress for what they have to offer, where else could we go for lingerie that truly fits?
I think that a table at the Drag Con is an excellent idea. Sounds like you would be preaching to the choir.

WB September 07, 2023

Really glad you added that it DOESN’T have to be drag.
Some guys just want something pretty to wear to bed because they think it’s fun, cute or comfy. Others want something sexy to hide their scars, blemishes ect.
Lets get lingerie out of the closet and into normality!

D September 07, 2023

Great article! Love the pictures! So many expressions of individuality there that are, simply, awesome! I did not attend but it looks like a very fun show! I love drag but am more closeted in this regard. Just don;’t seem passable but some of the outfits above show that I think I could pull it off, especially in a place as welcoming as Drag Con! Love wearing panties, bras, stockings and dresses, especially skirts! Something fun and flirty about it all! As for a booth there? Go for it! Just. Make sure you have plenty of merch to sell!

Scott September 07, 2023

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