I’m Too Sexy for My Bra…

I’m Too Sexy for My Bra…

Cooking a delectable dinner of barbecued lamb chops, asparagus, peppers and a salad with a wonderfully paired red wine, followed by him playing guitar while singing Steve Earle and Tom Petty, was the precursor to the first Catwalk my SO ever did for me. 

Though our relationship was new, we had discussed him modeling some of his lingerie for me.  He was clearly nervous as he peeked around the corner for the first time.  I was pleasantly surprised by the look of the blue lace bra and panties (he is quite particular about matching). I wasn’t sure how it would fit and I wondered… “Will it take away from his sexy chest, or add to it?”.  I discovered quite quickly I love his chest either way, but with matching panties and bra the sensuality definitely rises!

Due to some sensory cravings I experience, I often prefer his hairy chest on my skin (I love, love, love hairy chests!) while other times, I love the feel of satin.  Mine SO has a little black nighty he wears with black satin panties – his nighties on the catwalk are so fem.  The look and feel of him are so sensual and this soft feminine side of him makes me feel closer to him than I could know only the masculine side.  I see and feel his heart open more in these feminine moments and cherish each one.

I do have more than a few favorites that he likes to tease me with.  One, in particular, is a black lace bra, garter, and stockings with red lace panties.  I love when he wears that outfit – in the kitchen drinking coffee, making me breakfast, cuddling me on the couch, during the catwalk… whatever it is we are doing, this outfit usually ends up leading us to a heated moment (hour, evening,…).  This sometimes requires removal of a said outfit, other times, the preference is to enjoy wearing the satiny, lacy bits to the very end.

In the end, there is something to be said about a man who is open and comfortable in his own skin and loves himself enough to be just who he truly is.  Sharing that with a partner (especially one who is on board) can put your relationship into a whole new realm – I feel as though we are able to enjoy each other on such a deep level because of it.  Each time he does a catwalk for me is such a new experience.  I like to celebrate each new piece he shows me with a little nibble… ear, chest or other guilty pleasures - imaginations required here.

One thing that I really enjoy about my SO is his willingness to try new and different things.  We’re both adventurous and enjoy surprises.  The fact that this is socially taboo feeds into that adventurous nature. I do hope to inspire another GG’s out there to embrace their men, bras and all because all any of us wants and needs is to be loved and allowed to be true to who we are.  And, the bonuses everyone receives is well worth letting go of social norms and being free!

Lots of Satiny Hugs! 



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Fabulous! Love the visual you’ve painted! So sexy! Men are sexy in XD gear for sure!


A bra on my chest … I’ve owned a few female bras through the years but I was never comfortable wearing them anywhere but my living room. Then I found XDress and that all changed … I’m still fairly new to wearing the bras in public but the feeling is AMAZING. Treat yourself … enjoy yourself …


TA I cannot believe you are real, lol. It is so refreshing and encouraging to know that women like you exist. You are so open loving and understanding.
I think some women are flat out against this type of thing while others deny any acceptance of it for fear of what everyone else might say.

However what you do in your bed with your SO should be and stay private

There are so many men out there with this “fetish” or desire. But we hide in the shadows because of fear.

But IF u can explore accept LOVE then you can share something so private so intimate so sexy and so fun with your SO.

For me I m a guy and i love being male i love all my parts i love all the traditional things i do as a man. But I also love wearing lingerie, it unleashes something in me that i cant explain
I like feeling sexy naughty and going against the grain. I love the fabrics and the secret underdressing

I so happy for you and your SO

Wear something pretty today, I am


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