If Only You Knew

If Only You Knew


Greetings dear readers. I hope you had an excellent Christmas and that you found some pretty things under the tree. Today I’d like to share some thoughts about underdressing. Most likely, you and I are in the same boat. I can’t really wear outerwear beyond the privacy of my own home. Perhaps some of you can pass and outerwear is an option. If so, good for you! Frankly, I am a very long way from passing and, living in a very conservative part of the country, I’d have to have a death wish to even try.


All that being said, we can still connect with the inner femme by underdressing. There are so many wonderful options – panties, bras, camisoles, garters with stockings. Ah, such fun. By the by, I didn’t include pantyhose. If you can wear them, more power to you. I tried it a couple of times, but by the end of the day, I felt like I had been cut in half and neutered. Not a nice feeling.



Do you underdress for work? I have found that underdressing under my power suit has greatly reduced the stress of my job. I like sitting in a meeting with all the other power suits and feeling the caress of my bra and thinking, “If only you knew.”  If you have to put on your binary male face at work, that makes it even more fun.


There is nothing more comfy than feeling the slinky smoothness of a camisole under a dress shirt. If you are more of a blue collar worker, a cami may not be the best idea, but you can certainly enjoy some nice satin panties. I had an internet friend who unintentionally outed himself at work. He works on a high voltage power crew. He was wearing a thong. His tee shirt was untucked and he was bending over working on something and his whale tale was exposed. Busted! A coworker pulled him aside and said “You’d better pull your pants up.” The coworker fortunately was cool with it and made no further comments.



So much for work. What about in your leisure time? What do you like to wear under it all when you go to the mall or grocery store? In moderate weather, I enjoy wearing a garter belt and hose under my jeans. I only wear women’s jeans, and if you haven’t tried them, you really must. They are far more comfy than those heavy, scratchy men’s jeans. The denim is thick enough that the garter tabs don’t show.


How about when you go to the doctor? I’ve chatted with some folks online who wear panties to their doctor’s visit and the doctor is fine with it. Is yours? Mine absolutely would not be fine with it. Funny story: a couple of years ago I was getting dressed and felt something sticking the sole of my right foot. I lifted my foot, only to discover I was standing on a wasp. That hurt like a bad dog. I’m allergic to wasps, so my wife packed me in to the car and off to my doctor’s office we went. I had on lacy pink panties and didn’t even give it a thought. We got there and the doc examined my foot. He told me to stand up and drop my drawers so he could give me a steroid injection in my hip. My wife and I looked at each other like a couple of deer in the headlights. Fortunately, the doc had his back to me as he prepared the syringe. I pulled my pants down while concealing my panties well beneath them. In retrospect it is really funny - especially the look of panic my wife and I gave each other.  Ah, the challenges of being a cross dresser!



Just for fun, I looked up the Latin translation of “If only you knew” and it is “Si modo iam nosceres”. What do you think – could we form a sorority with the motto “Si modo iam nosceres”? Heck we could even have tee shirts with our motto emblazoned on the front. It could be our secret handshake when we encounter each other at the mall.

So much for my ramblings. I’d love for you to share your thoughts and experiences in the wonderful world of underdressing. Get that keyboard warmed up – I’m waiting to hear from you!

Fond regards,


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X-D, I am so pleased that you have provided us with an “outlet” as to express some of our experiences and desires. Just when we may think that we are the only ones that have had a certain experience, we read where some one else has also gone through the same.
Example..Brent…when you made mention of the time that a fellow colleague must have seen your panties, I was quickly reminded of my situation.
Even though it was years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. I was still in the military and it was in the middle of summer. We were erecting 20- man pup-tents. My co worker was a female soldier and it was very warm that afternoon. I decided to remove my uniforn dress shirt and kept my brown t-shirt on. At some point, my t-shirt must have pulled out a little from my trousers and I was wearing some yellow nylon panties with a 2" wide yellow lace band around the waist. She MUST have seen it because a short time later, I walked into one of the many tents we had completed setting up where several of the other troops had been inside taking a break, when I heard this female soldier saying two words…yellow panties!!! I was really embarrassed! A quick silence fell over the tent.
In my situation, no one ever said a word to me about it. It did not stop me from wearing panties while on duty but just made me be a little more careful in the future. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!


“If they only knew” is so correct! So, so often I have had women, girls and guy’s, comment on the nice paint job on my motorcycle. Because I do wear panties 24/7 (and have been like forever) I often wonder what they would say if they knew that I was wearing nylon/lace panties and most of the time they match the color scheme of my motorcycle???
On more that one occassion, I have worn a 6 suspender garter belt & nylons under my jeans while also wearing a leather jacket, boots, etc.
While approaching a stop light and one must put their feet down, you are quickly reminded what you are wearing when you feel the nylons pulliing on your suspender belts.
I often wonedr while riding, how many other “bikers” are also wearing the same.


Keri, I was very pleaesed to read about your experience with perfume. Once while at a dept. store, an elderly passed me and I was so attracted to the perfume she was wearing. I approached her and indicated her that I really liked the perfume she was wearing. She not only told me the name but also as to where she had purchased it.
Now even though I do not wear perfume “on-me”, I did purchase several bottles and I always spray my freshly laundered panties before placing them into my “panty drawer” as well as all three of my panty/lingerie drawers as well.


The hidden panty and bra fetish is fun but so much better when others see your wild side! I began wearing panties and bras in public the past few years but would always go conventional when or if I had an appointment where I needed to undress, such as a Doctor’s visit. The only place that really knew my fetish for wearing panties was the Gentleman’s Club and the champagne room dancer. These dancers loved the idea and often commented on my selection and where I purchased them. Xdress got full credit as did a few other women’s stores, like VS. When I became friendly with one of the dancers, we would shop together and buy matching panties and then hang together at a hotel. Recently, I started wearing panties to my Manzillian appointment and I “accidentally” left my XDress Red Satin and Lace Brazil panties on top of my pants. My waxologist didn’t bring it up in conversation on the first visit but I know she saw my panties. On the second visit, I wore my Xdress Yellow Lace Tanga and did the same. This time she said she liked my choice of underwear and asked why I wore women’s panties. When I explained that these were made for men and bought at XDress, she was quite intrigued. She was unaware of the site and the offering and asked me to model my panties for her after the waxing service. She was very complimentary of my panties and we talked about the differences and what styles we liked versus other styles and I admitted to her that I do sometimes wear women’s panties as well. It was a nice and open and honest conversation and she was very thankful for the discussion. She asked what I liked most and I said the feeling of the fabrics against my skin which made me feel confident and sexy. It is great to branch out and show off your panties and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of who you show off to!


Although my fianceé knows I wear thongs and lace underwear and honestly she doesnt mind it, if anything she thinks it’s kinda hot, I’ve even tried on undies for her, but she doesnt quite know I like some femme things like garters and pantyhose and heels. It’s a borderline thing. She doesnt mind if I wear mens heeled boots during roleplay or with a sexy costume but she doesnt know I also like wearing stilettos in private. She knows I wear thongs and all sorts of sexy things but doesnt know I love stockings. I think she’s very okay with my underwear obsession as long as it’s made for men. She always knows I wear harnesses and finds them very hot. But there is a fine line. I dont think she would like if I wore women’s heels. She’s quite olay with me wearing feminine things but as long as it was designed for men in mind. Which I can totally understand. But if your girlfriend or wife knows your sexy underwear obsession and is totally fine with it, it makes things 100% better.


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