How to Wear a Mini Skirt!

How to Wear a Mini Skirt!

Good day to you all, loyal readers! I hope you all are having a Happy Autumn. I wish you all are able to enjoy the magic and splendor of this beautiful season. Today I would like to dive right into the discussion; Mini Skirts!

I was always fascinated by skirts, particularly mini skirts and their ultra feminine style. I will never forget my first time trying one on and the wonderful feeling of wearing something that wasn't jeans or athletic shorts. It was a flowy black and white striped skirt that went right down to my knees, and I will always remember not wanting to take it off again. I knew right then and there that it was something I would not be able to live without in my life.

When it comes to outerwear, it is easily my favorite article of clothing. There is absolutely nothing as liberating as being able to rock a sexy mini skirt on a cool fall day. Luckily, there are infinite designs out there to suit your individual style. XDress has taken notice of the importance the mini skirt has on the feminine wardrobe, by adding a fair amount of options to their site. My favorite in particular being the recently added "Camo Mini Skirt", which has a very simple yet femme style in Black and Gray camo.

At least 5 days out of the week I wear a skirt, and during this time I have learned some great tips for you all on how to successfully and confidently wear one as a man. First off, you need to decide whether you want your legs shaved or not. Nothing is wrong with either, but I do prefer both the look and feeling of having smooth legs. This is especially true when wearing pantyhose or stockings, which I always pair with my skirts. The next thing you need to consider is the visibility of your manhood. You cannot wear a skirt out in public if your private parts are bulging out.

There are several ways to avoid this issue. The easiest way is to wear a loose style that does not compress, such as skater or a-line (the style of the Iridescent Skirt here at XD). However, there is nothing quite like the feeling of wearing a tight fitting mini skirt. The best way to make wearing one socially acceptable, is by wearing a top that covers your bulge. At this very moment I am wearing a tight black mini skirt, but my bulge is hidden as I am wearing a mesh tunic over my top/skirt. There are also skirts with cute ruffles, such as "The Frilly Petticoat" which would work beautifully as well.

The most important part of wearing a skirt though, is your confidence. You cannot be ashamed or anxious while wearing one, or else you will stand out for all the wrong reasons. Practice your walk, keeping your back straight and allowing your hips to sway, and everyone will take notice. Soon, men wearing skirts will be as normal as women wearing pants. Perhaps men will even be able to wear skirts in the office, just as women wear pantsuits. After all, skirts are much better suited to the male anatomy than pants ever will be! If you haven't tried one on, then you owe it to yourself.

It takes a lot of courage to push this envelope, but it is necessary if you truly want to be happy expressing yourself. Besides, nothing can compare to the fabulous combination of a mini skirt, black pantyhose, and high heels. There is nothing that makes me more confident than when I receive a compliment on my legs, which I never received before when they were covered by my dreadful jeans. 

So that does it for today! When did you first try on a skirt? What are your favorite styles? Have you ever worn one out in public? Tell me your stories!


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I enjoy wearing stockings and garters. With a somewhat shorter mini. I be bee. Told my long legs look great in stockings and heels. I wish everyone would try and enjoy smooth shiny stockings just one time. I think most would enjoy the silky smooth feeling on your legs


Wearing a short Mini is easy. Especially when I have long slim legs I wear mini skirts to the park and mall all the time. Sometimes with stockings. But mainly with pantyhose. As a tall slim male I usually get some lookers and comments. Mostly how good my legs look 🥰


wow that stuff is hot gets me honey


Great post! I’ll have to share this with my SO. His go-to method is usually to wear his skirts over leggings, but he might appreciate the other ideas.


Been wearing mini skirts for many years. Love to wear with lace trimmed panties, garter belt and stockings. Never wore out but with friends at home. I always felt sexy being dressed in my mini with my friends. They use to comment about peeking at my panties. My bf loved to see me dressed.

Seattle Bill

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