How Pink Can Make You A Better Man!


I always thought that pink was not a color I would ever wear. In fact I used to turn my nose up at the thought and looking back I don't know why. It wasn't until I bought a pink pair of panties from XDress that I actually even thought of wearing pink. Now don't get me wrong I always enjoyed having various colors Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Teal and Black (technically not a color) I just never thought pink would look good on me or I would feel good wearing it but I was so wrong.

From the moment I slipped them on I felt sexy and liked how they looked. There was something about the softness they brought to my physical appearance that I will remember to this day. It was accepting the color pink that helped to make me a more confident and comfortable (and dare I say better?) man. 

I love how I can mix and match it to make my outfits more interesting. A cute pink glistening satin camisole or bra under my dress shirt at work makes me feel invincible. I can be that powerful business person I need to be but still be in touch with my feminine/softer side.

On the weekends I love slipping on a pair of pink panties under my jeans like the Spring Mix Panty. My love thinks it’s sexy and so do I. Going about my weekend tasks like yard work or just running errands I can enjoy the feeling of fabric and  knowing that I am wearing pink and there is nothing wrong with it.  I actually feel empowered! I will even sometimes put on a Smooth Thong Bodysuit if working out at home or under my running clothes as a base layer.  My love has even requested I wear pink to bed as she loves how it makes me a softer lover.

So, my friends, I have to know, do you enjoy wearing pink? What do you enjoy about it and how does it make you feel? If you don't wear pink would you ever?

I really recommend that if you haven't worn something pink to slip something on and give it a try. After all, it’s just a color and you might find, like I did, that it enhances that softer side of yourself that you never knew you was missing.

Until next time my friends stay sexy and remember that pink can more tempting than you think.


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Pink is such a great color! Feminine and sexy.

Scott September 23, 2020

Pink don’t get me started I have like 7 bodyaware bodysuits and I will only wear my pink thong showstopper bodysuit and my pink satin thong one I’ll only wear pink lol it’s my fav color lol I really like the light pink satin bodysuit color it just feels so sexy and naughty . Sats on my day off I put on my showstopper bodysuit do my yoga ballet workout in my den do weights and run in my treadmill in the garage and after my hot sweaty workout I strip out my sweaty wet showstopper bodysuit take shower change to my pink satin thong or my perwinkle bodysuit one watch movies and play PS4 games chill out in my room . Aroused all day in my pink bodyaware bodysuits that I get so excited I leak case matterial feels so erotic on my male parts and I want to buy the yogaaware bodysuits I wonder what’s difference between material satin and showstopper material bodaware. I want get pink and yellow red those clolors feel so naughty all girly I feel so confident in pink hot sexy empowered and aroused in them lol . I wonder what’s difference on yogaaware material lol for I can order this week workout at home and wear swimmingpool. I want pink lol .

Annon June 07, 2018

oh my yesssss panties are so queer……giggles……and pink… woooow everyone knows….. so sluttty…..guys are so hot. when i put my pink panties on.

stevie stauffacher May 28, 2018

Pink is my absolutely favorite color. I have Glistening Satin panties, cami, and bra from Xdress that I love. I have other pink panties and bras, night gowns, and even a pink wind breaker. Steff is right – pink originally was the color associated with little boys, while blue was associated with little girls. It is interesting to see that pink is making a comeback in men’s outerwear. Pink dress shirts and pink polo shirts are not anything controversial these days. Go pink!


Angie May 14, 2018

I’m only into pink panties and pink sweatshirts with girly or embroidered prints, but sadly the latter is not for sale on this site, I started wearing panties when I was 20 and still do now (almost 50), me wife still finds it a bit strange after all this time but buys them for me :), I just can’t resist the great feeling.

Dolf May 12, 2018

Pink is super sexy. Love to wear pink panties under a very tight and short skirt. The small glimpse of pink is hot. I also love to wear my pink tutu. Super sexy hot.

BiBrian May 11, 2018

I love pink as well
Pink underdressing is sexy hott and empowering. Pink was originally a man color anyway

Steff May 10, 2018

I think my love for pink began at the age of 5 when my mom purchased a pink shirt with a blue bow tie for my Easter outfit. It continued when my mom switched my sister and my bedrooms, which my new room was painted pink! I’ve continued to wear pink over the years. It is funny how many people make comments about a man wearing pink! ( if they only knew the color of my panties and bra!

Paul May 09, 2018

Hands Down my favorite color. More than half of my panties are pink. I JUST LOVE PINK. I have always worn pink panties. I will say the very first pair of panties I ever owned were pink. Over the years I have added pink to my everyday wear. I have white hair (yes, I am older) and once I was told that pink went nice with my hair color I felt that was the license to go PINK. Today I have pink in almost everything I wear. Not necessarily every item every day but plenty of pink. Pink sneakers (mostly pink), pink laces, pink footies, pink jerseys, sweaters and whatever I feel comfortable in. Did I say nighties.

Keri May 08, 2018

The majority of my panties are in the color or shade of pink. Wife loves me in pink and our favorite phrase is “pink panties”. Can never go wrong with the color pink. If you are bold enough and proud enough to wear panties than why not pink. XD is my favorite place to buy pink panties. The quality and fabrics are the best.

OpenPantyWearer. May 08, 2018

I agree with the blogger pink is great. to wear I have bra and pantry that I love to wear all time thank you for your story

sidney. dent May 07, 2018

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