How many panties is too many?

How many panties is too many?

We don’t think there is an answer. One's panty collection is never complete! There are so many different styles and designs of panties available, and it's hard to resist adding to your collection. Different occasions call for different panties. Let's go over panties for different occasions below. 

  • Gym panties: Bikinis, thongs, and especially micro thongs are a good choice for the gym. They're comfortable and breathable, and they won't show through your workout clothes. 

  • Work panties: Every style is a good choice for work! From satin cheeky panties, bikini styles, hipsters or thongs. Thongs are comfortable and they won't show under your work clothes.  

  • Date night panties: Satin lace thongs or cheeky panties are a good choice for date night. They're sexy and stylish, and they'll make you feel confident. 

  • Sleeping panties: Satin panties are a good choice for sleeping. They're soft and comfortable, and they'll help you get a good night's sleep. 

  • Special occasion panties: Lace satin thongs or satin cheeky panties are a good choice for special occasions, such as a wedding or a night out. They're unique and eye-catching, and they'll make you feel glamorous.

These are just a few ideas, and the best panties for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Experiment with different styles and materials to find what you like best.

Here are some additional tips for choosing panties for different occasions:

  • Consider the style. Bikini, hipsters, and cheeky panties are all good choices for everyday wear. Thongs and g-strings can be a good choice for special occasions, as they're more revealing.
  • Consider the fit. Make sure the panties you choose fit you well. They should be comfortable and not too tight. Unless that’s your preference. 

With a little planning, you can choose the perfect panties for every occasion. How many panties do you own? 


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I, like most contributors, have many panties stored in my panty draw. X dress produce such delightful designs, colours, patterns they are almost impossible to resist. Wearing these gorgeous panty’s is now an everyday occurrence. The question each morning or evening is which one’s do I choose. Making my choice is, in itself, a pleasure.
Love xdress!


I have been wearing nylon panties since being a teenager. I started wearing both sisters & moms all nylon panties. I finally landed a job that required me to wear a jump suite that had NO pockets on the rear.
Therefore, panty lines would be very visible. Normally out in public, it would not bother me if one could see my panty lines. That is when I realized that the only solution would be to wear a thong. At first, I could not stand that dental floss going up my butt. After a couple of weeks, I finally got used to it and it didn’t bother me. Fortunately, I no longer work there and was able to get rid of all of my thongs.
I love bikini’s, string bikini’s, hip huggers and hi cut nylon panties.


Feeling so good to be confortable and attractive for my boyfriend. Réveils my feminine part and in agreement with my sexuality when he Takes me
Cannot be in the bed passive without thi underwear that reveal my genuine nature


One can never have too many panties! I have around 3 dozen and wear them everyday, including to the gym. My GF tries to find matching ones she can wear which is always fun, although it’s a bit harder because there aren’t as many places like xdress for guys as there are for girls, but that’s improving too. And l really like lounging around in lingerie after we both get home from work. Have fun!


There is no such thing. Panties in all sorts of colours, styles, and of course preferably in satin. My girlfriend says that I have too many, but is all in when the new xdress line is available. Having a matching satin panty and bra set everyday is wonderful. Totally appreciate xdress for making lingerie for men, as some that are made for women don’t quite fit like we would like. Great blog!


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