It’s that time of the year to impress and look your best, whether it's for a holiday party, or just for yourself! This Holiday Party look that we'll be showing you incorporates the classic winged eye and a bold red lip. This is a simple, yet put together look that will accentuate your eyes, and bring attention to those lips! The thought of applying eyeliner can be a bit daunting, but with a little bit of practice and our tips, you can easily master this winged eye look. Below are the products we will be using and can be found in our Makeup Section on XDress.

For the Eyes
Guyliner for Men in Jet Black
5 Color Eye Palette in Chocotini
For the Face
Perfect Glow Blush in Cinnamon Roll & SeaShell


Jeff will once again be our beautiful model! To start, we had applied our Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation in Sand to create an even base and defined his eyebrows with our Indelible Brow Automatic Pencil in Brown. We then highlighted and contoured his cheeks with the Bronzer Powder and the Perfect Glow Blush in SeaShell for the highlight and Cinnamon Roll as a blush. For the finishing touch we applied our Crème Lipstick in Cranberry, which has a glossy and smooth finish. 


One aspect to keep in mind prior to applying eyeliner is that eyeliner can look different on various eye shapes. Therefore, we do advise to play around with the thickness and shapes of your eyeliner. Essentially, the method is the same for starting and finishing a winged eye. If the eyeliner looks a bit smudged, don’t worry! You can go back in with a q-tip or even your finger to get rid of any smudged areas to start the wing over if needed. Like we said, this may take a bit of practice! 

*PRO TIPS* Keep your eyeliner sharp for best results. Also tug a bit with your finger to flatten out the skin of your eyelid to help create a smoother application. 



Step #1 Create a base by choosing a neutral shadow to apply all over your upper eyelid. We used the first and second neutral shimmery shadow in our 5 Color Eye Palette as a base all over the upper eyelid and the inner rim of the eye. We used the fourth shimmery brown color along the lower rim of the eye to create a slight wing for some definition.



Step #2 Start applying a thin line with the Jet Black Guyliner from the inner corner of your eyelid and go along with the curve of your upper lash line. The line should gradually get thicker in the middle and become thinner for the tip of the wing. Also, stretching the eyelid a bit with your finger to flatten the skin from the corner of your eye would help to create a smoother application with the eyeliner. Once you reach the edge of your eye start creating a diagonal angle upwards. The tip of the wing should end half way between the crease and eyebrow. Once you are at the tip of your wing, go back inwards with your eyeliner, thickening the outer edge of the wing while leaving a thin tip. Meet the liner in the duct of your eye, keeping the line thinner towards the inner corner of the eye. This will also help to darken the wing and go over any rough areas. Repeat as needed until you get your perfect wing. 



Step #3 For the finishing touches, line your lower inner waterline with a bit of the eyeliner to create a smolder to your eyes. To do this, pull your lower lid slightly downwards so your lid is away from your eye and tilting your head downwards lightly glide the eyeliner once or twice over the waterline. Lastly, apply the Lash Excellence Mascara for Men to your upper and lower lashes. If you have thinner lashes, a pair of Guy Lashes would do the trick, and really make your eyes Pop! To do so, just apply some glue to the rim of the lashes, let the glue dry for 5 seconds, and follow your lash line to adhere the lashes. Another coat of mascara can then be applied to join your lashes with the fake eyelashes. 



Have you ever tried a winged eye or will this be your first time applying eyeliner? Let us know in the comments below or if you would like to see any other looks from us!

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I am all for guys and makeup. When I was younger, say thirties and forties, I was introduced to makeup for men by a Clinique rep. here wasn’t much makeup around for us guys in those days. On my second visit he took me to the women’s side of the counter and said “who’s going to know?” I managed to keep the makeup as subtle as possible as not many were wearing makeup then.


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