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Today's topic will be about the wonderful world of hosiery, and all the amazing options there are! First, it is important to understand the history of hosiery.

The genesis of hosiery began in the very early days of the Roman empire, in which it has been recorded that the Romans used leather or cloth to cover their lower body parts. Throughout millennia up until the 20th century, hosiery remained popular for both men and women as a simple way to keep the user's legs warm. In addition, it became a fashion accessory as many colors and types of hosiery became available.

Since the 1990s, there has been a decline in the popularity of hosiery amongst women, as workplace dress codes changed, and trousers became more popular. During this time, however, hosiery has risen in popularity amongst men steadily since 1999. With the advent of the internet, online hosiery retailers have reported the majority of their sales are to male customers.

Now onto the fun part! There are many different types of hosiery. This includes pantyhose, stockings, fishnets, bodystockings, compression hose, and knee highs. They also come in a wide range of alluring colors, black and nude shades being the most common. My personal favorite is a pair of satiny black pantyhose.

Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I progressed to wearing pantyhose shortly after I began wearing panties. Their soft and silky texture, as it was with panties, was the main reason I was so attracted to them. The first time I slipped on a pair of hose was truly sublime, as they just felt amazing to wear.


After I discovered them, they quickly became my favorite garment to wear. In my very early adult years, I would wear pantyhose underneath my pants so I could experience this delicate texture all day. Furthermore, seeing my beautiful girlfriend wearing them was just as euphoric, and I am quite fortunate that my girlfriend incorporates them into her daily wear.

Stockings were my next progression from pantyhose, accompanied with a garter belt, of course. This combination is undeniably the most alluring and ultimately feels the most exciting to wear. For me though, I still prefer pantyhose for daily wear as the compression they offer helps quite a lot from any bulging when I wear skirts or dresses. I also have poor circulation, and pantyhose significantly improves my blood flow. If I am wearing a particularly loose-fitting skirt or dress, however, then stockings are a perfect choice.

Next, I experimented with fishnets. The materials fishnets are made with are typically more coarse, so they are my least favorite type of hosiery to wear when it comes to comfort. As such, I usually save wearing fishnets for special outdoor occasions, such as concerts. Their open, diamond style knitting allows for better breathability compared to pantyhose/stockings, making them more ideal for hot climates.

One of the great things about hosiery is that due to their thinness, they can be easily layered offering a whole new range of fashion options. One of my personal favorite combinations is to wear a pair of red pantyhose and a pair of black fishnets over the top, which is my favorite color combination. It's also an incredibly gothic look. You can imagine with the plethora of options in both style of hosiery, as well as color, the possibilities for hosiery combinations are infinite.


It is important to note that there is a certain finesse that comes along with wearing hosiery, specifically in how they need to be cared for. First, this involves how to properly put them on. You will want to ensure you care for your fingernails, as a split or jagged nail can easily snag hosiery. You then want to roll them all the way up in your hand, place both thumbs inside, and roll it up to your ankle or knee, then repeat this process on the other leg. While you slide them over your thighs, you will have to shimmy your legs to ensure that the hosiery is evenly distributed throughout your whole leg. Wearing hosiery can quickly become irksome if you put them on unevenly, as they will put unwanted pressure and pinching on specific areas.

Next, washing them. Hosiery should be washed after 3-5 uses, as they tend to store a lot of bacteria caused by perspiration. Hosiery should always be hand washed in lukewarm water, as putting them in a washer risks them being easily torn. They should also be air-dried. I usually put them on a hanger on a shower rod and let them dry overnight. This is especially important with stockings, as putting them in a dryer will ruin the silicone / elastic band that holds them up.

Another fantastic thing about hosiery is the fact that they have many practical uses for men, aside from just their fashionable aspect. Horse jockeys, hunters, soldiers, motorcyclists, and football players all wear them for added heat or protection from various elements. So as it stands, hosiery should not be considered at all taboo, as they offer so many benefits for any and all who wear them.

This concludes my thoughts and tutorial on hosiery. What are yours? I would love to hear your stories! When was the first time you wore hosiery? What are your favorite types?

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I started wearing pantyhose when I was a teenager love the fill and look when I wear them. I have many color and style .💘 thigh high mostly with a cute skirt and top match bra and panties with pair of heels
Thank you for the blog sidney

sidney November 07, 2019

Men’s underwear, both Long and Short, are usually boring colors: White, Grey, Blue, Black, etc. Plus, my Body gets “Too HOT” in them. I once was “Rejected” from donating Blood, because my Temperature was too high. Darn! My Long underwear was the culprit. Now, I always wear: Panties, Tights, Pantyhose, and Stockings, under my Pants, when it’s COLD outside. They keep my Legs WARM, but not “Too Hot”, and feel, Oh, So Wonderful! All day long, too. I think that you know what I mean, there. I’m addicted to wearing what I wear: Panties, Tights, Pantyhose, and Stockings. And, I’m proud of my addiction!

ASPIEMAN November 07, 2019

Do tights and leggings count? I started wearing leggings years ago (not in public yet, maybe someday) in concert with leotards; love the look. I find myself wanting to experiment more with leggings since they have become a fashion trend. Of course nothing is more feminizing than a bra, panties, a garter of some sort and stockings. So great to see men have these feminizing options available.

John November 06, 2019

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