Getting to Know You!

At Xdress we continually look at ways to better serve you. One way we can better serve you is to know who you, the customer, are. Below are a few questions that will help us understand a little about the folks we love to serve. Please be assured that Xdress will in no way use this information for any purpose other than getting a better sense of our customer base.

Thank you so much for helping us get better acquainted and for sharing your valuable opinions with us. We at Xdress appreciate your response!

Thank you!

Angie ❤️


I love your outfits but unfortunately I am a big man and sometimes shop big women’s like women within I love lavender would like to see items in 3x and 4x I wear 28w in womens

John Rymer (SherryAnn) June 05, 2018

Your store is my favorite place to shop! ( on line )
For me, cross dressing isn’t an attempt at passing as a woman in public, but rather feeling feminine and good about myself. For most of my life it was a secret desire, now it’s my reward and fulfillment to feel sexy without any shame. Your clothing selections are very feminine and just what I’ve wanted. It’s a big bonus that they are designed to fit a male body while providing the feminine look and feel that I enjoy. I wear a veriety of your bra and panties on a daily basis whether at work, home or play. I know even if nobody else does!
Thanks for all you have available and please keep more coming. I’d like to see more bras that hold silicone or foam pads available for daily wear.

Jamee June 05, 2018

Models should be more diversified racially.

Richard Maxim June 05, 2018

I’d like to see more blouse skirts and shoes. Thanks for asking

Doug June 05, 2018

I’d like to see more blouse skirts and shoes. Thanks for asking

Doug June 07, 2018

I’ve looked at the male models here, page after page. When I am wearing lingerie, I fall into a sexy, soft and womanly roll. I like to be as cute as can be. When I see the male models in thigh highs, they don’t show sexy. Show more shapely legs, less manly shaped. They should look softer, smoother, a bit bigger and the pictures should be only, if possible, from the top of the leg, down. Toenails painted or french tipped. I wish I could model your thigh highs, I have very sexy and almost perfect legs. My best feature. I would love to send a picture or two in my thigh highs. Just my opinion.

Brian Johnson June 05, 2018

i find that the regulars of r/Femboys and femme guys in general would be much more suited to modeling your products. i’d try to bridge the gap.

Jan Novák June 05, 2018

Love it. 59. And still dressing

Stevi June 05, 2018

I am hoping for more nighties. The models are really cute. I prefer more feminine. models . I have been wearing panties since I was 10

Holly June 05, 2018

If you’re in the market for new models, I happen to be experienced in the medium and do all my own makeup. If you’re interested, I’ll send photos.

Daniel/Charlotte June 07, 2018

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