Getting to Know You!

Getting to Know You!
At Xdress we continually look at ways to better serve you. One way we can better serve you is to know who you, the customer, are. Below are a few questions that will help us understand a little about the folks we love to serve. Please be assured that Xdress will in no way use this information for any purpose other than getting a better sense of our customer base.

Thank you so much for helping us get better acquainted and for sharing your valuable opinions with us. We at Xdress appreciate your response!

Thank you!

Angie ❤️

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I’m really enjoying the blogs and seeing the lingerie models. With that said I’ve noticed all models are young and beautiful but I know I would like to see older models (50’s and 60’s) as well as I think you have a lot of older males that are interested in your offerings.

Also … it would be nice to find more “classy” lingerie such as long flowing nightgowns on models and available to purchase.


I love the fact that you do offer a lot of panties in the sheer, see-thru fabricks. ( I have just placed an order for three(3) panties that are sheer.) Would love to see more orange colored panties with perhaps black lace trimming on legs & waist. Just like John Rymere, I too love the color lavender. As mentioned earlier, I too would love to see more inventory. When finding some items that we want, it is so frustaing to see that they are out of stock. However, I have always been notified when a new supply has arrived.
Purple, lavender and lilac are so hot! Colors that are hard to find in panties/lingerie are orange, yellow, periwinkle. Would love to send a snap shot of my motorcycle as I would love to wear panties that match the color of my bike! BTW, I did order them sheer yellow panties in your inventory.


Great site but a few ways to improve:
1. More inventory: Seems like you sell out quick and do not have restock quickly.
2. More styles: Great offering but VS still has a broader selection
3. More colors! More colors!
4. Matching sets for men and women.
The rest is GREAT! Thanks! Especially like the blogs!


Am so happy that I found your site. I am a sissy and love your clothes!!


I found your site long time ago but just now got the crave to go forward with my femininity and buy a bra
I’m 40 years old and hope that the L size items will be available very soon.
The models are very sexy but it could be nice to see your items also on “regular” and older models


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