Getting to Know You!

At Xdress we continually look at ways to better serve you. One way we can better serve you is to know who you, the customer, are. Below are a few questions that will help us understand a little about the folks we love to serve. Please be assured that Xdress will in no way use this information for any purpose other than getting a better sense of our customer base.

Thank you so much for helping us get better acquainted and for sharing your valuable opinions with us. We at Xdress appreciate your response!

Thank you!

Angie ❤️


I’m really enjoying the blogs and seeing the lingerie models. With that said I’ve noticed all models are young and beautiful but I know I would like to see older models (50’s and 60’s) as well as I think you have a lot of older males that are interested in your offerings.

Also … it would be nice to find more “classy” lingerie such as long flowing nightgowns on models and available to purchase.

John September 27, 2021

I love the fact that you do offer a lot of panties in the sheer, see-thru fabricks. ( I have just placed an order for three(3) panties that are sheer.) Would love to see more orange colored panties with perhaps black lace trimming on legs & waist. Just like John Rymere, I too love the color lavender. As mentioned earlier, I too would love to see more inventory. When finding some items that we want, it is so frustaing to see that they are out of stock. However, I have always been notified when a new supply has arrived.
Purple, lavender and lilac are so hot! Colors that are hard to find in panties/lingerie are orange, yellow, periwinkle. Would love to send a snap shot of my motorcycle as I would love to wear panties that match the color of my bike! BTW, I did order them sheer yellow panties in your inventory.

Ron December 02, 2020

Great site but a few ways to improve:
1. More inventory: Seems like you sell out quick and do not have restock quickly.
2. More styles: Great offering but VS still has a broader selection
3. More colors! More colors!
4. Matching sets for men and women.
The rest is GREAT! Thanks! Especially like the blogs!

Scott October 02, 2020

Am so happy that I found your site. I am a sissy and love your clothes!!

Jane January 07, 2019

I found your site long time ago but just now got the crave to go forward with my femininity and buy a bra
I’m 40 years old and hope that the L size items will be available very soon.
The models are very sexy but it could be nice to see your items also on “regular” and older models

Yaniv January 07, 2019

I love your lingerie and your gorgeous models. I believe there are a number of us—those who have more “mature figures” (LOL)—would welcome a wider selection of silky nylon full-brief, waist-high “grandma panties.” I love your ling

I love your lingerie and your gorgeous models. However, for those of us whose twink days have evaporated into thin air, it appears that, at least in the panty department, we’ll need to stick with such retro-classics as Vanity Fair Ravissant and Lace Nouveau panties that fit comfortably around our waists and cover our ample derrieres. For whatever it’s worth, I’ve been hooked on panties since I was fourteen, having to sneak them from my mother and sister until I had the guts to go out buy my own lingerie.

DON August 11, 2018

Thank you, Greg, for your input. I appreciate the thought you put into your post. All input is valuable, as Xdress strives to better serve such wonderful customers as you!

Fond regards,

Angie July 05, 2018

i cannot stand!!!!! the skinny malnourished guy you’ve shown, I like a masculine looking regular build or muscular, I like attractive or everyday looking regular guys-noooooo twinks!!!! the twinks make the lingerie look like this shy away from this site due to him wanting to feel comfortable with his choice of underwear. I’m a gay man,but don’t consider what I do as crossdressing! I’m simply a gay guy wanting to wear gorgeous sexy silky lingerie, I also wish you’d show the thigh high stockings more often, it would show consumers what they look like with the panties and help add to your items sold as a add on instead of just panties-win win! lastly,its important that you show guys with women in the modeling of the garments-again,that helps a straight man feel comfortable in his brave choice,but why do you not ever show two men posing together in romantic scenes? I feel your gay consumers are taking a back seat to the glamorization of crossdressing,straight scenes and twink fetish. hope this helps

greg June 27, 2018

Thank you for your comments, Larry. Your input is very important to us. Like you, I love lace and see-troughs. Xdress does a very good job on that, and I am covered in lace – panties and bras. If you want to feel femme, this is the place! Again, thank you for your input. This is very important to Xdress.

Fond regards,

Angie June 18, 2018

I really enjoy your site and love the clothing items you have to offer. As far as the models go I would like to see some that aren’t so musceled up. Softer feminine lines would be great. Make it more like real life crossdressers. I simply love ruffles and lots of them. I love thigh highs with ruffled tops and garter combinations. I love see through materials that let you see but still keep things covered. Heels are a must for me. I would like to see some models a bit larger then average. A lot of us are that figure and we could judge how things would look on us if you had some models like that. Thanks for the opportunity to let me say the things I have been wanting to for ages but didn’t have the platforn to do so.

Larry June 17, 2018

Again, I thank you all so much for your input on our models. There is a lot of diversity on what you would like to see, in terms of the models. All of this input is pure gold, regarding our ability to better serve you. Keep that input coming!


Angie June 13, 2018

I think your models are just about there to be honest, I don’t really like to see musclebound guys, I kinda like the idea of a couple of guys with chest hair but has to be groomed (nothing from the 70’s, lol).
I like Hollys suggestion about nighties, personally I’m a gay guy but not effeminate and wear lingerie for the same reason women wear it I’m guessing, it makes me feel sexy and I enjoy wearing pretty underwear. Love your Blogs by the way :-)

Andy June 11, 2018

I love being in panties every day and dressing totally when i can… sweet femmy me. Satin- silk – nylon… so yummy and sexy

Mark June 11, 2018

I love the models that you have but i would like more twinks
slender young thin guys.I have been wearing panties since
i was 13 (my sisters) love pink

Ray June 11, 2018

First, thanks XD and BA for giving guys the opportunity to express themselves in a wonderful and different way…to explore fun and fantasy in new and exciting options.
Your models are handsome and display clothing well, their lean and muscular physiques look great in feminine fashions. However, I myself am a mature guy in my 50s who has worked hard and Strength trained all my life, and still carry my 6’-0" 220 pound muscled frame pretty well. I wouldn’t mind seeing more models like myself to better guage what the fit of the articles might be like for me. Having diversity in your models may help some of us decide what bra, panties, stockings or shoes would go well with our particular atributes, be it tall, short, round, or thin.
Just a personal preference, but I think shaved models display clothing best, and smooth legs show stockings and shoes most advantageously, and thongs, tangas and g-strings look best on a smooth butt.

Brad June 07, 2018

I love shopping at your site the chose of panties bra and hosiers are great model show well. I thank you

sidney June 07, 2018

Thank you all for your responses. Xdress appreciates any and all input. The more we hear from you, the better we are able to provide for that special femme within!


Angie June 06, 2018

I’m a straight manly guy in reasonably good shape who enjoys your panties because they are more comfortable than mens and also because they make me connect with my normally buried feminine side.
Regarding the models, the dichotomy of masculine muscular guys wearing soft, feminine lingerie appeals to me because that’s the way I see myself (though I don’t look quite as good, unfortunately) and helps me select the items I think would look nice on me. A little more diversity would be fine but I would like to see you keep some of the current types of models.
Lastly, a thank you to XD & BA for making the best underwear I’ve found. Traditional men’s underwear annoyed me so much that I usually didn’t wear anything at all. Now I’ve got lots of panties and wear a pair almost daily.

BC June 06, 2018

Love your store love your chose of panties. The models shows products very well.would like to a bigger chose of shoes .thank your on line store

sidney June 06, 2018

Thank you Marsha! ;)

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight June 06, 2018

I want to see variety
Some of your customers are hetero panty wearers some are full on xdressers tryin to pass sime are femme some are manly
Keep a variety because allof us shop here and we love it
The clothes make us feel good
Some of us feel sexy some feel femme

Stevie June 06, 2018

More sizes especially larger
His n hers matching
Models not so muscular – not all of us are homo I’m hetero so prefer normal or fem models not ex firemen calendar models
Like to see more frilly and silky materials bodysuits and rompers

Phil June 06, 2018

The models at Xdress cover the model preferences very well I think. As I have indicated before, I prefer the models to be smooth and feminine looking. A couple are gorgeous in my view.

Keri June 05, 2018

Love when Hannah blogs.

Marsha June 05, 2018

I’d like to see more full cut panties, yes granny panties. Maybe sheer w lace n ruffles

Jeff June 05, 2018

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