A Girlfriend's Perspective

A Girlfriend's Perspective


Having grown up a good Catholic girl and experienced mostly traditional sexual encounters throughout my adulthood, I knew it would be taboo for me to be enjoying the sinful behaviors of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race.  I simply wanted to see the transformations – the makeup, the undies and dresses, and absolute sex appeal. Never in a million years did I think my interest in men wearing women’s clothing would lead to anything but thoughts and video viewing.

When I let my male massage therapist know I was interested in him, long nights of texting and phone conversations ensued.  During one of our lengthy conversations, he felt safe enough to ask me if I had ever seen a guy wearing panties. After much discussion and a lot of brevity on his part, I received a couple of sexy photos of him in satin and lace bottoms.  I wasn’t sure at first what to think about it. Sexy panty selfies are difficult to take … and the Catholic school girl (turned Teacher) was shouting at me at the top of her lungs to STOP! I needed time to process the pics but I also knew I needed to see them on him in person to actually be able to decide if this was something I would be ok with.  

As my mind started to process what life would be like with a man who enjoyed wearing lingerie more than I did, I began to embrace it.  Instead of thinking of it as negative, I began to look at it in a different light. If it makes him feel sexy, who am I to say it’s wrong? Who am I to judge how he feels in it?  I liked the way RuPaul’s gurls looked, why would this be any different? 



Knowing he was going to be away on a 10 day holiday and it was my busy time at work, I wouldn’t see him for close to 3 weeks.  It was at this time he sent me a link to XDress. I did end up placing an order for Royal Blue Lace Cheeky Shorts and had it sent to his address with hopes that I would be the lucky girl to see what they looked like on him!

During his trip, we spoke via Face Time for at least an hour every night and I got to see more than just the pictures of him.  Via video I got to see his 6’1”, 220 lb frame wearing satin and lace panties. It was definitely different than seeing stills but I knew I had to see (and quite frankly, feel) this side of him in person.  Even though I wasn’t judging his fetish, I still wasn’t quite sure if I would be able to enjoy it as part of my life.

When he returned from his holiday, we finally made plans for me to go to a football game with him.  After the game, we went back to his place where he made an incredible meal for me. We enjoyed great conversation, fantastic food, and wine.  He invited me to stay the night and after the 3 weeks of texting and long phone and face time conversations, I felt comfy doing so. (The thought of being able to see him in his panties had excited me all week – I wasn’t passing up this chance!)  



The telltale moment of whether I would be able to accept this in my life came when he stood at the end of the bed in just his panties… I breathed a sigh of relief as I was finally able to see him in person, for the person that he is. I saw a softer side of him and the energy felt good.  Did I mention he looked fricken SEXY as hell!! I think the slow introduction really helped me let go of any inhibitions I may have previously had.  

Since that night, our lingerie collections have both grown a great deal and though we live two hours apart, we see each other every moment we’re able.  We text each other every morning and evening and throughout the day when possible. Our conversations often go to what we’re wearing underneath our clothing and what we want to do with each other the next time we’re together.  

Enjoying this together is incredibly freeing for both of us.  It has helped bring out some of the masculine sides of me I tend to hide and I feel it will only continue to bring us closer together.  

I look forward to hearing any comments you may have!

Lots of satiny hugs!  


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It’s good to read a woman’s perspective on this subject. I’ve had a lingerie fetish for many years. I’ve been fortunate to have been with two girlfriends that allowed me to “dress-up”. I think that men should be able to wear sensual, sexy lingerie. It shouldn’t be a “taboo” thing. Everyone should all be free to indulge in their own sexuality. Hopefully, if this is your desires, you will be able to explore it with a willing partner. I also enjoy lingerie shopping with woman. Thanks for this blog.


Oooh Angie, we love being matchy matchy! Wearing matching bra and panties (colorwise) is a big turn on. I LOVE being the only one who knows what’s under his clothing and Definitely enjoy sharing the intimacy that comes with it.
I also enjoy the surprise I sometimes get when I don’t know!
Lotsa satiny hugs!


This was a fantastic read! I applaud you for your openness and honestly and glad that the two of you have found such a wonderful medium to enjoy your intimate life! Thank you for sharing!!!


TA, thanks so much for posting your blog from the female perspective. You and your sweetie were very wise in taking it slow. It was the same for my wife, but she really got on board. In fact, today we are wearing matching panties and bras. It really adds a special depth to your relationship. I can tell you that our marriage took on a new and very good dimension when I fully revealed my feminine side to my wife. Like you, it also brought out the more masculine side of her, and we totally enjoy that as well.

Kind regards,


Haha ha. It’s funny really how completely weird we are when it comes to nice clothes. It took a long time for me and my wife to get used it. But now it is just normal. In other words it isn’t unusual. It is just everyday stuff! We both love really nice clothes and underwear. Particularly on me! I really hope other guys can get to where I am. Bras and nice knickers are just normal everyday stuff. I certainly feel a whole lot healthier mentally and feel terrific physically.


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