Do's & Don'ts: Lingerie Selfies

Do's & Don'ts: Lingerie Selfies

We know that when you put on XDress Lingerie you feel your darn best in it. On occasion, you even have to take a selfie to savor that moment. However, taking the time to prepare beforehand goes a long way when it comes to taking the ultimate lingerie selfie. Because of this, we wanted to talk about a couple of dos and don’ts. We know that you want to just take a picture right away, but trust us! When you apply these dos and don'ts and keep them in mind, your selfie game will be top-notch every time!


Before taking that selfie, do check your surroundings and clean-up. Don’t let little things in the background distract you from the lingerie you have on. Pick out an area that is minimal and not overly cluttered. Sometimes the best photos are those that are taken in front of a mirror where you can see yourself taking the photo. Since we talked about cleaning up, do take that Windex and wipe your mirrors clean so there are no streaks. Taking the time to set up and make an area comfortable for yourself makes all the difference. Also, do take your selfie in an area with plenty of light to get a clear photo of yourself!



Now, for how and where you are taking your selfie! Do try out various angles and take a series of photos. A self-timer is always a great way to capture yourself hands-free to get that full-body shot you want. This is your chance to get creative. Don’t limit yourself to just taking pics in your house. Sometimes it’s fun to get your picture taken by someone else or out in a different location. Do try accessorizing with a pair of heels or even some pantyhose. Even a bit of lipstick can sass up your look! When you're needing a bit of inspiration, do check out magazines or even social media accounts of influential models. This will get you thinking and inspired to create your own shoots. What ever it is you want to add, go for it and give it a try!



Here is the fun part you have been dying to get to the posing! Do show off your panties by popping your booty a bit and arching your back. The same goes for when you are wearing a bra, be sure to bring your shoulders back to lengthen your torso and accentuate your chest. Don’t stop at just one or two photos. Maybe you want a couple of different detail shots of just the side of your hip in your new panties, or the back detail you love so much of that lace bra. Try out various positions: sitting, laying down, or even candids. Don’t give up on getting a photo you are proud of and most importantly, do have fun with it all!



Do you have any tips for when you take your selfies? Let us know in the comments! 

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Love these photos! I couldn’t take a good selfie to save my life!


Love those pink panties he’s wearing in the bottom picture. Are they available? Great butt in the top pic in the green thong also!!


If XDress had a customer photo gallery (photo submissions subject to review before posting, of course), I would be delighted to see my selfies on your site. I don’t have a chiseled physique like many of your models, but I stay fit and trim and like the way I look in panties, and the occasional bra.


If you’re going to post your pictures online sometimes it’s better to turn off your location (GPS) on your camera phone.


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