Do You Remember Your First?


When I was five or six years old, I remember secretly raiding my aunt’s closet to play dress up. Her favorite decade from her youth was definitely the 70s. From bell bottoms to fringed dresses, the only thing missing from her collection was a disco ball. Really. It’s as if my aunt was best friends with Donna Summer herself, or the cast of Saturday Night Fever partied in her closet nightly. Adele Dazeem, anyone?


In all that junk of retro fashion, I always found myself drawn to her pink and gold strappy three-inch heels. I remember they hurt a lot and were quite uncomfortable. Walking in them was another story. Pain and stumbles aside, I remember having a rush of happiness. It’s as if each stride made me feel taller, prettier and more confident.


If you google the word nostalgia, it defines it as having a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Although, I rarely "sissy that walk" these days, every time I see another little boy playing with all the colors in the crayon box, I think back to this moment and smile. And let’s face it, with all that’s going on in our society today, it’s important to think happy thoughts and believe in fairies, right?


Do you remember the first time you started coloring outside the lines? Whether it was your first "girl toy" or your first lingerie purchase, comment below and tell us your story.

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I was 13 my first time. It was completely by accident. I was getting dressed in a hurry, and accidentally grabbed a pair of my cousin’s white cotton panties thinking they were my tighty whites. It wasn’t until I went to the bathroom later that I notice the Victoria Secret logo on the front that I realized I was wearing panties. It was a few years before I would go full into buys my own panties and thigh highs.


I don’t remember exactly how old I was, around 8 years old, maybe younger. I had gone to take a bath and as usual locked the door. My mum had hung a pair of her panties over the tap to dry. A red lace bikini style panty. They were still slightly damp, but I had this instant compulsion to put them on. I undressed and slipped the panties on. They felt fantastic, so sexy, obviously a little large, but still, one of the greatest pleasures of my young life, I was standing there enjoying the sensation of wearing panties for the very first time.

After a few minutes, my mum knocked on the door, and asked to be let in. I could have taken the panties off, I had plenty of time, but unlocked the door and stood there still wearing them as she walked in. I was a bit embarrassed, and begged her not to tell anybody. I promised I’d never wear them again. I took them off, a bit reluctantly and handed them to her.

I kept my promise, I never wore the red lace panties again, in fact, I never saw them again. I did wear every other pair she owned at one point or another while I was still living at home, I even wore bikini bottoms when I couldn’t find panties to wear. One time I tried a bra, which felt weird, other times I wore pantyhose, suspenders and stockings which were great, but it was the panties which were my favorites and still are to this day.


Justin, just like you, I too was about the same age when finding out how much I loved panties. Also like you, I love putting on a pair of panties just out of the clothes dryer. (hang-dry is better for the life of the panty but I can always buy more) and your stepmothers panties are also my MOST favorite coloe..purple!


The feeling I got when I first tried on women’s panties was a rush I have never forgotten!
So damn sexy!


For me it started when I was 5-years-old. I recall snooping through my mom’s underwear drawer and I liked how nice the panties felt in my hands. Soon I started wearing them at home and at school. My favorite pair was a black satin bikini with a little embroidered rose on it. As I got older and grew bigger I was able to fit into my mom’s pantyhose and other lingerie, just in time for puberty! Once I had girlfriends I’d sneak into their lingerie drawers and experiment some more. All of this was in secret. Then a few years into my marriage I started to drop hints to my wife. We would take a lot of trips and I would purposely “forget” my underwear and ask to borrow a pair of hers. She never seemed to really get into it, but more recently I’ve been more open and honest about what turns me on and it’s been nothing but positive results! Life is too short, be yourself.


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