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Just returning from a holiday has got me thinking about the idea of when you take that well deserved, much anticipated, and planned vacation, how about letting your femme side go on a holiday too.  Now, I do know that you take yourself with you wherever you go but embracing the opportunity to fulfill that desire to really dress up and “go out” when you are somewhere else, and not so close to home.

My SO and I have talked about this off and on, and I still have not pulled the trigger when we have gone away.  Now, I did under dress the entire time when we were away, and in the evening, the satin and lace chemise with matching panties was great for lounging and hopping into bed.  But, what about the idea of the blossom panties, bra, garter, stockings, then a dress, or skirt and top, and go out for a walk downtown, or head out for dinner and a night out on the town? 

Georgina’s latest blog about confidence really comes to mind here.  Now, I completely understand dressing up and going out in your own town.  As a professional where I live, I would never take the opportunity to dress up and go out due to societies views on such, and the impact that could have on my business.  I cannot see that turning out very favorable.  Although, Halloween is a great opportunity to have the experience under the guise of a costume.  Funny how that works when you think about it. 

Now that people are getting out and traveling again, and we have all been aching to venture out to bask in tropical climates, stick our toes in the sand, listen to the surf, and have cultural experiences, would you take your femme with you to enjoy the same?  Let’s pretend that you and your SO are heading to a tropical destination where you know there will be minimal interaction with other people while you are there.  You would get up, have coffee and breakfast in your hut on the water, you would then go for a walk on the beach, maybe read a bit, and then need to go out into the town or village.  You need to go to the market to pick up some things you need, or shop to see the local fare, then go out for lunch at a local restaurant.  You head back to the hut, lounge around, maybe a cocktail or two, and then get ready to go out for a nice dinner.  Then after that, head back to watch the sunset and enjoy the evening together.  Knowing all that, what would you pack in your suitcase? 

Knowing the opportunity that running into someone you know would be the same odds as winning the lottery, no one else knows you, and you know you want to, would you let your femme side free? Would you seize the opportunity to have that experience that you have been looking for all this time?  Would you take the opportunity to do make-up, nails, and your favorite outfit? The red satin wrap dress?  A short skirt and maybe the garter showing for a little risqué look?   Would you just under dress knowing that only you and your SO know your little secret?   If the opportunity presented itself, and you could dress up, what would you do? 

Again, as Georgina discovered, it took confidence to go out in public, and for others, the furthest they will get is their living room.   Put yourself in the hypothetical situation that I created. What would you do? How often would you do it?  Would it give you the confidence to do it more?  As mentioned, my girlfriend has brought it up many times, and in this last trip, there wasn’t the opportunity, (we were staying with friends, trust me, it would have been awkward), but I do like the idea of it. When I do, I will let you know.  Love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers to your traveling femme,



I’m looking for this when I will have the opportunity. My actual fiancé, first girlfriend I shared my collection of heels right after our first kiss, is very open mind, sometimes a bit too much open. She encourages me to be myself, and we went to a masked ball with me wearing a dress, the sex after that party was the most intimate and intense sex I ever had. I work with tourists, I visit some idyllic places worldwide, I’m creating courage enough to enjoy this side of myself by myself since she not always there with me.


Leo July 15, 2023

I often bring a dress, heels, wig, and makeup with me when I travel. That’s almost the only time I go out en femme. When traveling with my wife though, not so much. She hates it.

R. July 06, 2023

One reason I love skimpy panties in the hot summer when out and about is that they are so much more comfortable and cooler to wear than traditional men’s boxer briefs, which I find so sweaty.

Jason July 04, 2023

Just go home from vacation! I did my toes before I left! Neutral pale pink sheer color ! No issues! Wore panties though stealth ones whole time! Felt great ! Felt natural! Felt myself

Stevie July 04, 2023

I regularly wear lingerie and my girlfriend is always encouraging. Last year we went on a lovely vacation staying in a remote villa with its own pool. My girlfriend suggested that I try out wearing one of her bikinis while relaxing and sunbathing around the pool, and I happily obliged as we had almost complete privacy. Over the course of the holiday my tan lines developed quickly (I tan pretty well) and clearly showed what I had been wearing in the sunshine, with unmistakable bikini top and thong tan lines. I loved the look of my bikini tan until it faded after our vacation. I’d like to do it again!

Anon June 14, 2023


I loved the theme of the blog, just like Kiera and Georgina, I usually always have my feminine side in mind when I go on vacation or on business trips, I manage to take that level to a higher level and I am totally a woman. The first excitement is packing and what to take and preparing the various toiletries for the beach and for the night. Like many of us, for various reasons, professionals, family, friends and colleagues, we cannot express our female side so openly. I limit myself to wearing lingerie, bra and garters under the suit or more casual clothes. When I travel or on vacation, I try to push the limits a little, while still feeling comfortable, as always I wear a lot of lingerie with more spring colors, light blue, pink, orange, yellow, aqua green and I like to wear lighter and fresher clothes in linen or cotton, shorts and pants, with some transparency and a low waist so that the panties can be seen. At the beach last year I dared to wear a bikini, it was a unique sensation, I love tanning and enjoying the sun and bathing in the sea, it was an unbelievable feeling. Let’s enjoy the holidays get out of this turmoil and enjoy life.

Francisca June 14, 2023

Kiera i feel you on that! I m not passable and don’t try to b; but love pushing the envelope ! Heading to Europe just got a sheer pink pedicure at the salon!

Stevie June 13, 2023

When I travel with my wife I always dress in woman’s androgynous fashion. I love the look of cream and white linen shorts or pants with cute sandals with French painted toes. Men’s fashion has made inseams shorter and shorter the last few seasons but I love showing off too much shaven and tanned thighs. I also love to wear lingerie that could possibly be seen under lighter colored clothes. The other thing I truly enjoy is being able to wear a bikini bottom and getting a delicious tan line… I am not passable and don’t try to be, but pushing the limits of being comfortable is such a turn on for both of us.

Kiera June 10, 2023

What an interesting idea
I m usually more open about my flip flops and polish
And my nightwear on vacation
But never a dress
I d like to try stilettos and skinny jeans


Stevie June 08, 2023

I think that would be an excellent way to get out. Will have to try it on my next vacation. Thanks for the idea.

Jim June 06, 2023

Sounds positively delicious and wickedly naughty! Please sign me up — I so want to do this I love panties and lacy veils…

Larry June 06, 2023

Yes. I am more often skirted than not anyway in day-to-day living. But when we’re in Hawaii (which culturally is much more open on gender), I ALWAYS show more satin and skin and more flow and flounce. As a happy man, I don’t have a taste for passing or even make-up; but I do love soft, fluid clothes – on vacation or at home. Thanks XDress!

John June 06, 2023

What a lovely thought WB! I’m with you all the way here, share all of your desires and concerns. It really is such a big step. My first “mini-outing” was in the twilight, and wasn’t any great distance or time at all, but just doing it broke through the big psychological barrier. Since then I’ve had the good fortune to meet a sympathetic lady, who is also searching for her real self-it was a completely random meeting, but we got talking and later on she said she has occasional lesbian feelings but is scared by them. I was underdressed with breast forms on, and told her so, and the conversation developed. She actually asked me if I would like to be her girlfriend for a couple of hours, just to see how she would react, as long as we were well away from places we might know people. So we went up to a retail park far enough away-we went separately as we were coming from different directions, but what an experience! I was fully dressed-shortish black skirt, blouse, heels, earrings and wig, over black lingerie, including my satin XDress panties. The most scary part was getting out of the car in skirt and heels in broad daylight, and taking the first few steps. It was a real “deep breath and just go” moment! We met in the car park, browsed a few shops and had a coffee. Just sensational! We’ve since been there again, and we’re enjoying it, but like you I couldn’t do it nearer to home, for me that would be too great a risk. The big advantage you have is your SO-having someone to literally hold your hand is worth more than you can imagine-trust her and yourself, and go for it! Life sometimes takes surprising turns, and they can be very positive. The difficult part is bypassing your inherent caution-but boy can it be worth it! Good luck on your travels! Georgina

Georgina June 06, 2023

Great blog WB! I am not passable but love my femme side! I think this would be a fun excursion and a wonderful way to express yourself! I love the thought of it and think I may try it. I do travel a lot for business and do wear skirts and leggings and blouses when I go out as there is minimal opportunity that I run into someone I know but and so this is not that far off that path. I think the skirts and garter would be great start and my SO would love it as she loves it when I wear it around the house. Of course, anything XDress puts out would be a wonderful thing to wear! Panties and undergarments are a must daily but I like the idea of spicing it up on vacation!

Scott June 06, 2023

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