Costumes as Everyday Wear (and Vice Versa)

Costumes as Everyday Wear (and Vice Versa)

Nowadays, people seem to want clothing items that are a bit more multi-purpose. If we’re able to use it more than one time, or if it has more than one use, then we’re more likely to spend our hard-earned money on it. Since Halloween is right around the corner, and most of us are thinking about what our next big costume will be, we’re all most likely in that same boat of “I don’t want to pay so much money for something I’m only going to wear once!” Luckily at XDress, we have several dresses and outfits that you could wear as a Halloween costume that would also go well as an outfit you can wear on any ordinary day! Here are some of our dresses that can work both as a costume and as every-daywear.



As an every-day application, our Darling Maid Dress can be worn around the house to get some cleaning done, or to wear as an after-work treat to just unwind and relax. However, if you throw some cute wings on with it, and get yourself a bow with some heart-tipped arrows, you’re now the cutest cupid around! We always see cupid as a baby in diapers, but why not create your own spin on it with a cute, pink dress? It’s definitely something I would do!



As an every-day garment, our Cosplay Cutie Dress is already versatile, as it's something you could wear on a nice evening out to dinner, or even on just a casual stroll through the park. With the right application of make-up, and a long-haired wig (which you can now find in the wigs section of our website!) you’ve now become the baby-doll made of dreams! This would be such a fun costume to do as well, because it’d be so easy to play the part of a child-like doll, or to even make the make-up a bit spookier to make it look like more like a haunted toy. The possibilities are endless, with this one!



Pairing our Teacher's Pet Uniform with a wig styled wild and crazy like an anime character could turn you immediately into a schoolgirl right out of a Japanese cartoon. However, with a more tamed-down wig (or keep the wild one, if it floats your boat) you could put a denim jacket over the outfit, add a black beanie and some black combat boots, and you’ve got yourself a 90’s inspired grunge outfit that shows off your edgy flair. You could wear this to a rock show, a night out on the town, and anywhere where you’d like to show the world a little piece of your grungy attitude.



These are just a few of our ideas for how some of our “costumes” could be used as regular outfits! How do you like to make use of your costumes for everyday wear, and vice versa? Let us know in the comments!

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Perfect time of the year for this discussion. Love the new French Maid outfits that XDress has on their website and a perfect time to break it out! Purple or black is the only question? Other cosplay is batgirl or Wonder Woman! Also not the perfect time of year but just a summer dress with bra and matching panties underneath would be a good way to go. Love them girls in their summer dresses!


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