Now that Spring has Sprung, we decided to create some new colorful bundles of old favorites! First off, we made the Pop of Color Tights Bundle in three variations. A 3-Pack of the Pop of Pastel Bundle with the pink, purple, and blue tights, the 3-Pack Vibrant Garden Bundle featuring the red, green, and orange pairs of tights, and a 6-Pack of all the colors if you can't choose just one. 

These bundles have been quite popular so if you no longer see your size, let us know by clicking on the link below the 'Add to Cart' button after selecting the size and color you would like to request. As our customer, this will also give you a chance to save and stock up for the future as well as adding some variety to your hosiery and underwear drawer. 

For our undies, we have created the Solar Flare Panty Bundle of all three of our neon Solar Flare Thongs. These undies are so comfortable since they are made out of our super stretchy nylon fabric with a smooth pouch design along with a contrast fold-over elastic around the legs and back of the thong. For the time being, we have plenty of these babies so that everyone can snag one!

Another fun 5-pack is our Days of the Week Beverage Bundle & the 2-pack Weekend Panty Bundle. These cute undies feature a hashtag of a day of the week/weekend matched with a beverage related phrase which is printed right on the bum of our super soft rayon TLC Brief. Perhaps one or two of your favorite drinks appears in these panty bundles! 

Let us know in the comments below which bundle you are most excited about and any bundles you may want to see in the future! 


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These are perfect for the gym! Or a night out with a skirt!


I love wearing the colorful panty hose to my workout and luv the looks i get at gym! Thanks xd


Love the pop of colar pantyhose been using them for a week now lo and love love love how they show everytging


i luv wearing the xd colorful tights especially in pink with my mini skirt and thong panties, thank u so much for your inspiration, luving it.


I just love the colored tights above I myself have over 400 pairs in different styles and colors that I wear daily. Tights and pantyhose is a great fashion item along with the many benefits of wearing


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