Choosing Your Femme Name

Choosing Your Femme Name

Last Monday, Caitlyn Jenner, dressed in a silky, ivory corset, made her much anticipated debut as a woman on the cover of Vanity Fair. “Call me Caitlyn!” proclaimed the Olympic gold medalist we once knew as Bruce. Within hours, #CaitlynJenner broke the internet. People around the world applauded her new look, more importantly her new name. Many twitter followers were quick to point out her use of the letter C instead of K. After all, she was married to a Kardashian and she is the father of the Kardashian litter, I mean, brand. What gives?


In a CNN news article, it was revealed that Jenner went back and forth between the names Heather and Cathy before settling on Caitlyn. She ultimately chose Caitlyn because it is believed to be an Irish name meaning “pure,” echoing Jenner’s new found freedom of being her authentic self. Tissue, please!


So, now that I’ve exhausted this trending hashtag even more, I’m interested to know what your femme name is? How did you choose it? Does your feminine alter ego even have a name? Do you care? Let us know in the comment section below. Again, our comment box is now streamlined. No need to sign up or login in and you are more than welcome to stay anonymous. Your secrets are safe with us!

Finally, here are some quick tips on how to choose your femme name:

1. Simply add a vowel.

This is an easy fix! Add “a” to Carl and you get Carla. Add an “i” to the end of Jack to get Jacki. Get it?

2. Keep your first initial.

Another easy fix! Turn Brandon into Briana or Kevin into Karen. David into Dana, et cetera.

3. Take the name of your childhood pet and add it to the name of the street you grew up on. Something like that.

Foxy Lady Coal. No joke! Totes adorbs, right?

4. Reference celebrity names.

My favorite house wife is NeNe Leakes and my name begins with “Ni” so that is how I came up with NiNi Sparks which then evolved into Sparx. Clever, right?

5. Tell your Mom to give you a unisex name next time!

Okay, this one we can’t do anything about, but people with unisex names have it easy. Paige. Sydney. Joey. Holly. Ryan. Not fair. Some mothers sense greatness from the get-go. You’re so blessed, Rupaul!


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When my wife and I were pregnant we considered both male and female names for our baby. I really love the name Gwendolyn. When we had a son, I decided to take the name for my female self. I love using Gwen. Boyfriend loves it too.


Hello. There is so much beauty on the Xdress website. Every day I discover something magical. So today I found the news. Find yourself a new name… and now I came up with a name for my second part.. Andreana… Bars. Sounds great and magical. And I will bear this beautiful name with special joy. After all, with a male name … something is wrong … Thank you and hello to everyone. With love, your Andreana Bars.

Andreana Bars

Sydney would be my choice. She was the first SO that accepted me and our relationship was fantastic because of it. We traded panties and bras. She wore my clothes, I wore hers. She was a special person and although we are no longer together, I remember her fondly.


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