Bras vs. Bralettes: What's The Difference?

Bras vs. Bralettes: What's The Difference?

Bras can be more complicated than just wrapping a piece of fabric around your chest. For girls, especially, it’s such a process to find the right cup size, as well as finding out what type of bra will keep the chest area more comfortable, while still holding everything in place. There are bras with under-wiring, bras with padding, sports bras…just so many types of bras to choose from! However, when it comes to men’s bras at XDress, we tend to offer traditional bras, as well as something called a “bralette.” What are the differences between these two types of bras, you might ask? Let’s talk about it!


Traditional Bras




You’ve most likely seen traditional men’s bras all over our website, and bras like it for women pretty much everywhere. They’re usually formed to fit around the breast, can have under-wiring, and may also have padding for adding a bit more size and roundness to the breasts. What’s nice about men’s bras like these, especially the ones on our site, is that they have inserts so that you can add some silicone enhancers! They allow for a little more freedom to customize, and because they're the most common type of bra, they usually have the most variety in styles!





Bralettes, while still acting as underwear and forming around the chest, rarely have any clasps or under-wiring, and fit much more like a sports bra! The bralette itself is usually made with more fabric, so it tends to cover more of the chest area, almost bordering into being a crop top. They’re less restricting in the breast area, which allows for a more comfortable fit. Because women’s bralettes are designed ideally for smaller chested women, they can also be a more ideal as bras for men!


Though I’m sure it’s nice to have that molded fit and support of a traditional bra, a bralette could be a good way to keep things cozy and comfortable with sporting a sexy bra. We offer many different designs for both traditional bras and bralettes for men, giving you so many options when it comes to building the most impressive bra collection!


Have you tried bralettes, yet? Do you like them more or less in comparison to a traditional bra? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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I can see where Taylor is coming from. Bralettes would be an easier first attempt at bras for crossdressers. When I was young and just starting out they had beginner bras for girls. For the most part no cup just the bra look if you will. I began there. The trouble was that a 28" or maybe 30" chest was the largest they had. Maybe by the time I was 14 or 15 they no longer were large enough for me. Having an older sister helped and she had grown into a 32B bra and thus so did I. It was so exciting going out and walking around and even going to school with a bra on. No padding or stuffing of course. I left that for alone time. Wearing bras could be and was dangerous. So easy to get caught. It never happened but I was in constant fear that it would. Wearing panties was far less risky and so I wore them as often as I could.


I think bealettes are rhe better starter options for men first xdressing. Then they can cozy into a trad. Bra h


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