Body Hair and Crossdressing: Do They Mix?

Body Hair and Crossdressing: Do They Mix?

After almost a year of working here at XDress, I feel like I’m really getting to know many different things about the crossdressing community. I’m learning general preferences when it comes to outfits, the daily life of what a crossdresser might be, and the overall culture of the community. However, there seems to be one topic that I see is quite polarizing, as I’ve seen people who love it and people who think it’s just got to go. The topic? Whether or not to keep body hair while crossdressing.



I can see why either would be a good thing. Shaving the body hair will create a smoother look, which would make you appear more like society’s typical woman. The thick areas of hair could detract from the overall aesthetic of trying to look like a woman, especially if that’s what the goal is. It feels very “masculine” to have a lot of body hair, so I honestly could see why someone would say that crossdressers should be hairless.



However, I do also see the argument for why keeping body hair while crossdressing could work. People have commented that the masculine nature of the body hair against the femininity of the women’s clothing ends up being somewhat of a turn on. It gives that “man-in-a-bra” look a whole new meaning, really making the masculinity apparent against the feminine clothing. It’s a very unique way to explore that kind of expression, because it shows a comfortability with both masculine and feminine expressions of their identity.

So I do see the arguments for both, and I feel that I, personally, have no preference when it comes to body hair with crossdressing. I can see why someone would prefer one to the other, but overall, I see the value in both. Smooth looks more feminine and matching to a woman’s features, but leaving the body hair can make for an attractive mix of masculinity and femininity.

But most of all, we want to know what you think! Do you prefer body hair or no body hair while crossdressing? Should people only do it one way, or is both ways acceptable? Let us know in the comments!

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Manscaping is essential! I like waxing personally! Lasts about 4-6 weeks and is affordable.


I would certainly recommend the latest trend for Sugaring as the best option for silky smooth hairfree skin. Shaving is very temporary and can lead to razor bumps with stubble again after a day or so; waxing is downright painful and by breaking the hair causes many unsightly ingrown hairs. Sugaring gently removes hair in the direction of growth from the root and lasts for 4-6 weeks and over time leads to a degree of permanence. Sugaring is great for all over hair removal and check your local studios for availability of Manzilians if that is your thing !! Great information and blog articles are available at (Sugaring Cane UK & Ireland)


I prefer the smooth hairless feel of my own body and that of my crossdressing lover. When we are wearing nylon, silk or satin and your hand moves from the material to the naked shin and back, it’s a real turn. Just slipping on lingerie and it glides over your hairless skin feels sooo good and there is no hair to distract from the look and feel.

Vicki (VIC)

Alway hairless I cross dress to make myself feel more feminine and body hair really detracts from that feeling


Please all, live and let live . We all want acceptance for self. Me I like the contrast of male female together. Sometime I’ll shave the chest hair when I m wearing a bra for the look it gives. But we should let everyone have their way!


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