Believe in Yourself!

Believe in Yourself!

With each passing year, our society has become more and more advanced in its understanding of gender and individuality.

The first thing we have come to realize is the main differing factors; gender expression and gender identity. For some, presenting themselves as feminine through their clothing choices is an expression of who they truly are within themselves, a female. For a lot of others however, choosing to dress feminine is merely a preference. Whether it is for the softer fabrics, prettier colors, sexier styles, or any number of other reasons, it's a harmless choice that an individual should be able to make without judgement from others.

June is a month that reminds us that individuals like us exist, and only continue to multiply with each rotation of the sun. In fact, we have existed for as long as humans have walked the Earth, and humanity simply continues to evolve in its concepts of coexistence and tolerance. What an ignorant society once deemed as gender roles, is now an obsolete concept that is no longer applicable. Women can change tires, men can do the laundry. It's absolutely astonishing to me, a 24 year old, that such ridiculous concepts were ever truly a part of our world.

The same can be said for the expectations about how each gender can present themselves. As soon as clothing became a luxury everyone could afford, there were no rigid guidelines for men and women to wear opposite styles. I implore anyone that has trouble accepting crossdressing to merely look at the fashion of the medieval, Victorian, or American Revolutionary eras. Men wore silk, camisoles, wigs, heels and stockings. How could we go from such a free society for hundreds of years, to lose all that progress and become so judgmental? It's exclusively the result of societal stigmas that were put in place by those that do not represent all of us, the people that do not conform to others ideologies.

Pride Month model with flag

The first true step we have taken towards progress just began in the recent years, with the rise of Pride Month and those that are of a different lifestyle to no longer be viewed as anything less than just another human living the one life they have on this Earth to the fullest. To be your purest self is how we must always live, for living any other way would be to live by others' rules and fear of their rejection. What we must realize is to be accepted in this world, we must believe in ourselves and who we truly are. To be confident in your non-conformity is the fastest way to influence others' acceptance of you.

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this wonderful time of transition in our society, because it's been far too long that men like us have lived with guilt and fear. The concept of crossdressing is no longer taboo to those close in my life after their exposure to me, and that is a feeling I hope we can all experience.

Sometimes all it takes is to be exposed to a person with a different lifestyle and way of thinking to influence acceptance of those who might be reluctant. After all, we deserve the same respect and love from others as anyone else does.

As a personal example, I once received severe and harsh ridicule from my in-laws for my choice of dress. The revelation of my cross-dressing was one that caused doubt in my ability as a man to be the perfect son for their daughter, for they feared I was not "what a woman usually wants". Now, it's a year and a half later. The people that once judged me for my appearance alone, have come to accept me and understand its nothing more than a style choice. I am still fully capable of satisfying a woman's needs, even while wearing high heels. If you believe in yourself, others will come to as well. Never fear being yourself, and don't ever let anyone condition you to. That's all for my thoughts this time, but what are yours?

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I so much enjoyed reading this column. I am glad to know that I am not the only one here who likes to cross-dress, feels feminine, and is gay.

Bruce Olsen

Hello everybody! It was fantastic discovering X Dress and your blog. Realize that after all I’m not alone on this journey, just like me many have my taste. I am gay very feminine in intimacy. I had 3 boyfriends and I was lucky that everyone accepted and encouraged me to be myself. Everyone encouraged me to wear lingerie on a daily basis and in private. I am currently in a relationship with an older person who is 15 years older, aged 62. We met at a dinner with friends, it never crossed my mind that I liked X Dressers and it was some time ago that I told him and to my astonishment he was delighted. Today he is the one who encourages me and offers lingerie and puts me in what he wants me to wear every day. Not all of us are as lucky but I think that in the future things will change for the better. Kisses Francisca.


It is interesting to read the different feelings guys have for wearing men’s lingerie. I am a masculine gay older man. I have no desire to be a woman or dress as one in public, and I sure couldn’t pass as one either. I simply love wearing beautiful lingerie that certainly looks 100% feminine in private at home. I enjoy cute bras for men too. Since no one has to know, I can wear my panties under my jeans all day. I love the feel of satin and lace on my body. I have worn regular men’s nylon undershorts for years. XDress offers an awesome selection of gorgeous lingerie for men. Wearing them does bring out a feminine side in me, so common in gay men, however expressed. It creates a safe balancing comfort zone. So, outwardly, I can be 100% masculine, but wearing lingerie make me happy and relieves some tension and stress.


It’s nice to see that society is starting to be accepting of who you are as a person. At a very young age, I loved wearing my mom’s lingerie and dressing up to be like her at the age of 11. I would put on her clothes, jewelry, and makeup. It felt so good to feel like a girl at such a young age. I would wish every night, when I went to bed, to be a girl. When I woke up, I would be disappointed that I wasn’t a girl. Dressing as a girl made me feel so good, but had to hide it from my mom and my brothers growing up. As I got older in my teens, I would buy women’s lingerie and wear it whenever I got the chance. In my early twenties I met my wife, we would swap underwear. I loved wearing her satin panties. I would wear them quite often and loved how they looked and felt on me. Right before our 11th wedding anniversary, I came out to my wife that I was bisexual. I started to shave my entire body and have kept it that way ever since. I love how my body feels and looks being hair free. My wife loves my smooth body also. She is so supportive and to this day, we are still happily married. Last month, I told my wife that I loved to cross dress and once again she was very supportive and allowed me to start building my feminine wardrobe. I ordered several lingerie outfits, shoes and bought several new panties. Eventually one day, I would love to get a feminine makeover and go out as a woman. Life is too short, so just be you, your feminine self and enjoy life. You should not have to hide who you are.


Love, John


Hi Since I was young I had a thing for girls underwear, the feel colours , I thought I was abnormal , I began a few years ago buying the odd pair of mens underwear with flowers or pink trim and I came across this site . After ordering a pair from bodyaware I loved em , wearing satin pants my heart would race so much , I felt feminine sexy and free . I would love nothing more than to spend 24 hours as a woman then go back to being myself a straight guy . I would get up shower , put on my beige skirt heels satin pants , make up jewelry wig hand bag the lot and pop to the coffee shop , then do some girlie shopping, that evening go out with my girlie friends for a drink and talk about men , get chatted up at the bar and bring the guy back , and in the morning go back to being my myself and it being just a memory to cherish X Mitch


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