Behind XDress: Tess, The Designer!

Behind XDress: Tess, The Designer!

Favorite color: Teal

Favorite food: Laduree Rose Macarons

Favorite drink: Any Dark Fall Beer

Woman crush: Emily Browing

Man crush: Clive Owen

Favorite TV show: Mad Men

Favorite movie: Princess Bride

Favorite book: Steven King's Eyes of the Dragon

Favorite music genre: EDM-Electronic Dance Music

Emoji that best describes you: 😁

Personal interests: Knitting and cooking!

Cats or dogs: Puppies all the way!


As a creator of fine underwear designs, what sets us apart from the competition is the incredible attention to detail. From our talented designers, experienced stitchers, and highly specialized machines, the dedication to well-constructed garments and their personal touch makes all the difference.


At BodyAware, we count ourselves lucky to work with talented professionals that make such beautiful, high quality products. And these designs all start with Tess, our head designer! Here's what a day in her life at XDress looks like. 


First, she molds cut-outs into a rough design, and then uses a magical machine called a digitizer to transfer the digital templates of these cutouts to her computer.



Then, she digitally fine-tunes the designs, turning the rough shape into a pattern that looks much more like panties and bras. 



From there, she creates a tech-pack, which gives more detail on how the garment should look for the front and back. This is what she sends off to our stitchers so they know what they have to do to craft the garment.



Tess then prints the markers, which are the final "stencils" for the underwear designs which is what the stitchers use to cut out the right amount of fabric to be sewn into your beautifully constructed undergarments!



And in between all of the hard design work that she does, she's also sending out underwear samples to other manufacturers for collaborative purposes, helps the stitchers in the warehouse, helps pack some of the underwear for shipping, and even comes with us on photo shoots! She just does it all!


She always cranks out such beautiful designs, and we fall in love with each and every one of them! So what gave her the inspiration to start designing? 


"I was always interested in art durning middle and high school. During a home economics class, we had to pick out a pre-made pattern from the crafts store and make it. While making my garment, I realized how inacurate the pattern was. My teacher said there is a way to learn how to create patterns from scratch. From that moment on, I was dedicated to making patterns and clothing that fit well."


She's so valuable to the company because of that dedication she has to making garments that fit the way they should! Her constant inspiration on designing our items is what keeps our customers coming back, and the work she does here shows just how much of a leader she is when it comes to fashion design. 


Since she designs all of these fantastic items herself, we just had know know what her favorite part was about working here! 


"My previous positions have all been working for large corporate companies. It is refreshing to be in a family style business that is so open minded!"


Open-minded definitely does describe us! We're happy that she's a part of our crew, and we couldn't imagine having a better designer.  

What do you think you would enjoy most about being a designer at XDress? Leave us a comment! 

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Looks like a great job! I would love to consult on upcoming fashions or designs!


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