Behind XDress: Kat!

Behind XDress: Kat!

Position Title: Lead Production Associate

Favorite Color: Lavender + Mint (It’s an equal love for the two)

Favorite food: Anything vegan!

Favorite Drink: Lavender lattes w/ soy milk

Woman crush: Billie Lourd (Chanel #3 from Scream Queens)

Man crush: Jorma Taccone

Favorite TV show: New Girl

Favorite movie: Across the Universe

Favorite book: Don’t really have one? #iaintsorry

Favorite music genre: Indie vibe and classic rock

Emoji that best describes you: The cat heart eyes emoji

Personal interests: Women’s boudoir and fashion photography, harmonizing to songs in the car, selling clothing on Depop.

Cats or Dogs: Kittens, especially my cats Dan and Bernie Sanders.


After working directly with Kat for almost a year, I believe that everyone should have a Kat at their place of work. She’s the most bubbly person, always approaches tasks with positivity, and knows how to have fun at work without sacrificing productivity. She does so much for the company, and she definitely brings a fresh, creative eye to all of the projects she cranks out for us.



Kat’s two biggest responsibilities are photo editing and video filming/editing. After our product shoots, our product photographer gives us the flash drive full of every shot he took, and we bring that back to the office for editing. She does the editing needed to make sure that the underwear looks just as good as it does in person, and then uploads it to our website for the world to see! Right after we have product shoots, there are usually several shots to touch up, which we usually need edited as soon as possible because the product is available to sell, but just needs the picture on the website. She’s usually editing like a mad woman for the next few days after our product shoots, and those are usually the days when it’s quieter in the office; she’s just focusing so hard on making those products pop!

The video projects have been a recent thing for Kat, as she is in charge of filming and editing all of the product videos we have been putting out. She’s essentially the producer, director, editor, and occasionally, the actual star of the video! She picks out the products to film, helps the model figure out what to do in front of the camera, and occasionally writes scripts for the videos, when we need them. Check her out in one of the videos here:



Since video editing is a fairly new thing, I decided to ask Kat what she’s enjoyed most about the process of becoming acquainted with video editing/working on our product videos.

"I’ve been in love with photography for years, but film has been such a new and exciting adventure for me. I’ve been learning a lot about all that goes into making a video, like the different camera settings and the editing process! It’s also given me this realization that everything that is in front of the camera will be picked up, so if there’s a small mistake, you can’t edit it out as easily as a photograph. It’s definitely a completely different artistic realm. Doing videos for BodyAware has given me the inspiration to make videos of photo shoots I do outside of work, too, which has really been helping me become more well-rounded as a photographer and it brings my photography to life. At BodyAware, we’re bringing underwear to life and creating a new way to experience our underwear before (and after) you purchase it!"

Aside from those two main responsibilities, Kat occasionally does our editorial photography, which ALWAYS turns out so well! She does photography on the side, so she has plenty of experience capturing beautiful images. Here’s a look at some of the photography she’s done for us, as well as some behind-the-scenes shots of her doin' her photographer thing. 



She also runs our Depop store, which is what we use to sell used underwear samples (yes, worn by models!) and other pairs of underwear that we can’t sell on our main website. She takes the photos, edits them, uploads them to the shop, and manages all of the orders that come in through it. She’s like our own, personal store owner within the grand BodyAware scheme!



With all these big responsibilities that Kat has, I just had to ask what her favorite favorite part is about working here.

"The community. I’ve been surrounded by such incredibly diverse, talented, and accepting people. We love to have lots of fun, embrace each other’s weirdness, and most of all, tell way more adult jokes I’ve ever heard in any professional environment. We’re not just a small business, we’re a family!"

We absolutely love having her here, and her infectious enthusiasm definitely keeps us driven to keep loving what we do. Like I said before, every place of work could use a Kat. She’s helpful, encouraging, and always approaches her projects with such an optimistic curiosity. It’s definitely hard for us to imagine working here without her! 

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