Position Title: Social Media/Marketing Associate
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite food: Chorizo
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Woman crush: Beyoncé
Man crush: Tyler Hoechlin
Favorite TV show: Because I can’t just pick one…The Walking Dead and Hannibal, and Stranger Things (oh, and Sailor Moon)
Favorite movie: The Help
Favorite book: Uzumaki (it’s a Japanese horror manga about spirals…creepy stuff.)
Favorite music genre: Indie Rock, and Korean Pop
Emoji that best describes you: 😬
Personal interests: Writing, blogging, playing video games, being a wanna-be hipster.
Cats or Dogs: Dogs, without hesitation


I'm sure many of you have seen Jeff in our latest makeup tutorials lending us his beautiful and glowing face. When he isn't having his occasional beauty debut at XDress, he is our full-time Social Media/Marketing guy for both XDress and BodyAware. Jeff is the master-mind behind creating all of our wonderful social media content for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well as answering any of your questions and comments.  




A typical day for Jeff starts with checking emails and messages from customers through our social media channels. Yes, he is the one responding to all of you guys and gets to read some of those naughty remarks, but we know that just means you guys are excited about our products and models. Jeff also gets to take part in scouting for models and reaching out to influencers who love underwear just as much as we do! 



A large part of his day goes out to creating and scheduling social media content. This requires some editing, creativity, and a knack for writing catchy captions. Throughout the day, Jeff posts the prescheduled content that he had created the day before. If it wasn't for Jeff, XDress would not be the same. His dedication to the brand and his awareness of what our customers love has created a platform for us to be able to communicate with you guys and provide you all with our one-of-a-kind products!



When Jeff is finished with scheduling social media posts, he gets to work on blog posts for the week after we come together as a team to generate some ideas for what you guys would enjoy reading and even watching. By the way, Jeff LOVES writing and story telling. This is what he had originally majored in while attending college and continues to pursue his passion for writing through his own blogs and YouTube videos. 

About every other month as an XDress team, we get to go off-site for photoshoots, where Jeff has the responsibility of taking photos and videos of our behind-the-scenes shenanigans and iconic sexy moments you guys love so much! He then is able to post these photos on our social media accounts and create a behind-the-scenes video to our YouTube channel for all of you to enjoy. 



Since Jeff has been with XDress for a little over a year now, I had to ask what he enjoys most about being a part of XDress.

"I enjoy getting to use my creativity for the benefit of the company and getting to see us grow as a company with our social media following. Also finding innovative ways to get our name out there!" 

We really do appreciate all of his creativity and masterful ability to manage all of our social media accounts, which I will tell you is quite a large task in itself! 


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I love everything you do and appreciate it. Love the videos I am getting ready to order some more Spring Fling brief. Love the flowers and the fabric I especially love the pouch. Keeps the dick and balls in place. They hang just right. Wondering what else you would suggest for me , as I also want to try other things. I want to order something in lace. Can I be so bold As to ask what your favorite lace panty is to wear. I have been wearing the flower brief for several years now .you ran out of them at one point, but now I see they Re back I am
Going to order 10 pair so I am well stocked
Hope yo have an awesome day . Thanks so much for your help

Nelson Hill

Thank you Jeff!


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