Are You a Sissy?

What would you do if you could be a woman for one day? Would you play the role of a submissive housewife, keeping the house up to par and making sure all the household chores are done with the utmost care? Maybe you would undertake all these duties while wearing a sexy maid uniform? Would you obey your partner’s every demand and order, striving to be the best little subservient housewife you could be?


Is being a woman for a day one of your fantasies? Maybe you don’t want this fantasy to end. Would you rather wear a dress and heels than a suit and tie? Would you rather be sexy and dolled up than look masculine and rugged? Do you enjoy role playing and secretly have a closet full of sexy dresses, lingerie and costumes? Are you more comfortable wearing makeup than going through your day without? Are you infatuated with erotic humiliation and have a fetish for BDSM?


Do any of these indecorous behaviors pique your interest? If so,I may have described your fantasy and/or lifestyle. Are you a sissy? Let your inner sissy shine through!


I am a sissy in private. I love wearing panties, thongs mostly. I have a lady Doc. so I wear them there. I have nylons, garter belts, wigs, and, Mary jane heels. I walk around with them always, outside under my man clothes. Inside I am always practicing my woman thing. One of these days I will let go. But for now I will just thank X-Dress for making quality pretty lingerie for men like me. Thank you very much.

Joseph September 02, 2020

Sissy update! After trying out a whole bunch of fun underwear and a bit of the other side in terms of makeup and playfulness… I realized that it just wasn’t for me. I’m back to my usual ways and usual clothes. Eventually it became evident to me that I was using a fetish to hide some of my true feelings in life and after a while I got strong enough to handle them without any distractions. Thank you Xdress, it has taken a long time for me to see the light but I’m getting there.

David December 29, 2019

I think that your site, amazing products and relatively discreet shipping has helped me a lot with my sissy transformation. I used to slip on a pair of panties under my regular clothes but lately I am branching out and trying more daring items and behaviours. I’ve found that the soft fabrics feel best on completely smooth skin. The emjoi epilator for men is especially helpful as well as the post epilating spray called Kalo. Your satin and lace nightie has pretty much pushed me over the edge in terms of wanting to be in ‘sissy’ mode most if not, all of the time (for now anyways ;). I can hardly wait to get some heels, a wig and a dildo (practice, practice, practice!)! Thank you so much Xdress!!

David July 29, 2019

I’m working on it but haven’t told but 4 ppl

Robert April 02, 2019

Let me see
If u mean submissive xdresser then yes
I read a book called
Help I think I m a Sissy
Helped me define myself
Being a Sissy can be a lot of fun!

Stevie July 23, 2018

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