Ahhh, Shopping!

Ahhh, Shopping!


Greetings, my dear readers. I hope this blog finds you well and in some nice lingerie. I got to thinking about the advantages and challenges involved in the different modes of shopping in which we can engage. There are basically three ways to shop; online, brick and mortar and hard copy catalogues.


Hard copy catalogues are pretty much going the way of the dial telephone, but I have found a nice Capri set and a pretty nightgown in one of the catalogues we get. I found the experience pretty flat, and overall the lingerie was pretty boring. I think it is designed for an older set of ladies, with a lot of granny panties and bras that would probably deflect a speeding bullet.


The internet is ideal for those of us who are shy about our inner femme. There is such an array of nice lingerie out there. We are fortunate to have XDress and Body Aware, who specifically cater to us of the femme persuasion. Thank goodness for XD and BA! There are also some nice ladies sites out there. When looking at the customer reviews on a pair of ladies panties, you’d be surprised how many of the reviews are done by males. We number more than you might think. The upside of  the internet is you can shop in complete privacy with no risk of unintentionally outing yourself. One of the risks is the issue of fit. You can’t try it on. To further complicate the matter, what one store considers a size large can differ greatly from another store. You just have to learn by experience.



One thing I really like about the internet is in the shoe department. I have large feet – size 13. For those of you that don’t know, in order to find the right size of women’s shoe, add two sizes to your men’s size. If you are a size 9, you would be a size 11 in women’s shoes. Doing the math, you can see that I am a size 15 in women’s shoes. You don’t just go to the local shoe store to find a women’s size 15. You won’t find them. I can, however, find size 15 online, and I have several pair, from boots, to sandals, to loafers, and of course Mary Janes. Also shopping for shoes online spares you the exposure involved in shopping at a brick and mortar.

Speaking of brick and mortar shopping, there are advantages and challenges there as well. First the challenges. The obvious challenge is outing yourself without intending to. There are ways to deal with that. If you are married to a gg who is supportive of your cross dressing, she is your cover for shopping. My wife and I love to go shopping and we have the closets and drawers to prove it! We’ve gotten to the point that a new skirt means you have to donate one to the charity shop. A new pair of panties? Find an old pair to throw out. Such a nice problem to have! One of the up sides to me personally is just the thrill of being in the store with other women around while I’m shopping. Also, you can feel the texture of things and some things, like women’s jeans, you can try on, eliminating the problem of proper fit.

If you are either not out to your gg or single with no relationship, you can use a trick that I used before I was out to my wife. As with most of us, I started by secretly underdressing. When there was a pair of panties I just had to have, I would also pick up a birthday or anniversary card for my wife. Ah, I’m shopping for her, not me. One time I was doing our grocery shopping by myself at Wal Mart and threw a nice pink lacy pair of panties in, thinking they would be lost among all the groceries. Wrong! The clerk scanned them and said, “I’ll bet you’ll look cute in these.” I just smiled, thinking anything I said would just dig the hole deeper.



The pre-Christmas shopping season is a pretty safe time to do both under and outer wear shopping, as everybody is buying things for others. Pretty safe time to get that skirt and blouse you’ve been wanting.

One of the things my wife and I love to do is hit the thrift shops. You’d be surprised at the quality outer wear you can find if you just look. Men’s shopping is pretty straight forward – shirts in one area, slacks in another. With women’s shopping, it’s more like a hunting expedition. Everything is everywhere. You have to take your time. I have skirts and blouses from higher end labels that I got for cheap. One thing that I don’t get is that some of the thrift shops sell used panties. Really? That is so gross. Would you wear panties previously owned by a total stranger? Not this gurl!

So, I’ve rambled on long enough. How about you – what are your experiences and preferences in the wonderful world of shopping? Please share your thoughts with me, as I always love to read your postings. Until then, let’s get out there and go shopping!

Fond regards,



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Hello everyone, I hope you are well. These pandemic times have served to keep me at home and enjoy my feminine side. I loved discovering your site and being able to exchange experiences and read the comments about everything that involves our well being. From a very early age I was wearing lingerie, at first I was shyly shopping in malls. As I grew and had more economic capacity, I started to buy in a lingerie store, which has all the brands I use. At the beginning with some description. At some point the owner asked me if it was lingerie for me? I assumed it was, I didn’t like men’s underwear and I felt more comfortable with lingerie. Contrary to what I thought, she thought it was great and we became friends. Today she calls me herself when the new collections arrive, save me what I like on sales. I have to say that it is a unique experience in which I feel fully a woman. I hope to buy Xdress one of these days! Stay well, stay safe. Francisca.


I just went pantie shopping with my wife for the first time. I have just recently told her. It was really nice not to hide. When we used to go shopping I would pretend that I was looking for her but now I can look for us both.


Shopping is becoming a lot easier these days as training at various department stores has accepted the LGBTQ market openly. I guess they have to since brick and mortar retail is dying a slow death! VS is very open and supportive as are some of the larger department stores. Sizing is an issue for some items but most can be found, especially for me since I am a medium build/athletic cut frame. Panties are the easiest find but the fit is not as good as XDress unless it is a Hipster or Cheeky. Pencil skirts and blouses are also rather easy to find. The hardest is probably shoes. I do wish XDress had a retail brick and mortar though!


Hello,ladies I have discovered when I am at the register. I ask the sales clerk for a gift receipt.It relieves all the stress and creates that euphoric experience…………Stay Beautiful


I’m a man who loves men in lingerie and I love taking guys shopping in public. It’s so much fun making suggestions about what will look the most feminine on him and asking salesgirls for advice on fit and style. I also love how it telegraphs that the person who looks like a man in public is actually my girl. Outside of the thrill of shopping in public, I really just love buying sexy lingerie to dress my “girl” in and will more often buy online for the ease of having it shipped to me, the price and broader selection. Everything on xdress is so hot I would love to buy all of it for someone.


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