A Stunning Transformation!

A Stunning Transformation!

Excuse my ignorance on this issue, but when my SO and I first started dating, I was uncertain as to whether a man could dress as a female (which I am) and not be gay or bisexual.  The societal ‘norm’ of growing up in the western world in the 80’s led me to believe there was a simple answer.  I have since learned the two are not necessarily related and the answer is not always as easy as it appears.  

The look and feel of satin and lace has always made him feel pretty – even as a young boy trying on his sisters’ panties.  Having repressed that part of himself for 40 odd years, allowing it to reawaken has come with much growth and self-awareness.  What makes one person enjoy this and not the next is an unknown, … and does it really matter?  What I wish for everyone is the freedom to be who they truly are.

I have always encouraged my SO to be true to himself – whatever that may look like.  Sharing his enjoyment of wearing women’s lingerie and more, has given our relationship a new level of connection.  He had agreed early on in our relationship to wear a dress and makeup for me – that was a beautiful evening.  I had tried several times after this to encourage his dressing up, but to my disappointment, he decided it was not something he cared to do.  I accepted this although I would ask every now and then just to be certain. 

Finally, in November of this year, he decided to share all of himself with me and to share that he wants to wear women’s overwear.  This was incredibly difficult for him to share and I feel privileged and blessed to be the one he shared this with. I understand the uncertainty and fear that goes with this as there are so many what if’s … What if she doesn’t understand?   What if she doesn’t accept me?  What if others find out?  There, potentially, seemed to be so much at stake…

I was uncertain he would ever feel open enough and wasn’t sure he actually wanted to, though when I asked my SO if he had chosen a name for his feminine persona, it didn’t take long for him to share … Amelie.  Her name means ‘hard working’ and is soft at the same time. It truly represents two aspects of him/her that I have come to know and care deeply about.  

Amelie and I recently went for an overnight experience at a spa/hotel where we both experienced the relaxation of massage chairs and pedicures.  It was the first time she ever indulged herself to experience this bliss.  With my encouragement she had her nails painted with sparkling red gel – we enjoyed the experience and continue to enjoy the look of her feet.

After the pedicure, we went dress shopping and found several items that made her feel pretty and sensual.  I saw her softer, more feminine side appreciating the satiny flow of the dresses as she tried them on in our hotel room.  She did a little catwalk with her XDress glossy satin rosebud bra in denim and the matching panties, plus a black garter with fishnet stockings prior to modeling each chosen dress.  

Once we chose a dress for her to wear for the evening, she agreed for me to complete her transformation with a natural foundation, smokey eyes, a deep shade of lipstick and a small amount of rouge.  She looked stunning!   We spent the evening with wine and Indian cuisine discussing what the future may hold.

Lots of Satiny Hugs!


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This is a great article. I have the same feelings, and love dressing as a woman. it is a softer feeling and more relaxing when I am wearing women’s clothing and letting my mind wander. thank you David


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