A Perfect Day


Close your eyes and fantasize with me about your perfect day.  What does it look like?  How does it begin?  My perfect day is waking up and as my eyes open I see that I am wearing a white Butterfly Nightie.  I love the delicate lace and sexy mesh.  I throw back the covers as I excitedly start my day.

I look through my lingerie drawer to find the perfect bra and panties to wear today.  I decide on the Champagne Pink Ruffle Bra and matching tanga. Since nothing is sexier than fishnet stockings, I pair it with my Frilly Garter Belt. I finish my lingerie with my Satin Zipper Corset.  I will never tire of the way it feels to have it tighten around my waist as I lace it.

After I am dressed in my lingerie, it's time for my makeup. I apply my foundation and powder and finally my blush, which is a perfect pink. I love bright red lipstick, but there's nothing I love more than dark eyeliner and mascara on my false eyelashes. 

I savor every moment of my makeup routine. Finally, it's time to get dressed.  I almost feel sadness knowing I am covering up my cute lingerie... but the sadness turns to a thrill as I slip into my black Satin French Maid Dress. This is my favorite maid outfit that I own because I love the cute ruffles and the intricate criss-cross ribbon up the front. I pair it my white Lolita Petticoat to give my maid dress an extra frilly appearance.  

Lastly, I finish my look with a pair of my black Risque Pumps. I love the shine and the feel of the tightness as I fasten the buckle around my ankle.  

I spend the next few moments gliding through my house as I clean here and there.  I savor the sound of my stiletto heels clicking on the hardwood floors.  I can't help but getting distracted by every mirror I see.  I gaze into my reflection and I see a beautiful french maid and it gives me a thrill I've never experienced before.  

It's time for a light lunch and tea, so it's time to dress up again!  I feel a pang of regret as I start to slowly unzip my french maid dress. I watch it fall to the floor and I am again in front of my closet wearing nothing but my heels and lingerie as I pick out what to wear next. I choose my pink Little Miss Muffet Tea Dress and I unfasten my fishnet stockings from my garter belt and choose a pair of white stockings instead. I keep the petticoat as I love the way my dress gets an extra level of girliness from the lacey layers.

I change my high heels and slip my feet into a pair of white Mary Jane platform Shoes. The white patent shine is a perfect match to the delicate pink ruffles and bows on my dress.  

I sip my tea and I smile at the lipstick traces on my teacup.  It's the little feminine things that are sometimes my favorite. I sit and savor this moment and I never want it to end.  I reapply my lipstick after my tea and I find myself staring into the mirror and seeing a beautiful and happy girl looking back at me.  

My perfect day is winding down but there's still time to finish my day with another wardrobe change. I reluctantly unzip my tea dress, take off my high heels, unfasten my white stockings from my lacy garter belt, and strip off my bra and tanga...but not before selecting my last outfit for the day.  My feet and legs are a little sore, but I savor the feeling as it is a reminder of spending the entire day in heels.  I slip into my Sparkly Black Sleep Camisole and matching Tap Short.  

I am sleepy and happy as I climb into my bed as I look back on my perfect day... and dream of tomorrow... which will be another perfect day!




A perfect day for me would start with a trip to a nude beach. Sunbath, swim and cocktails followed by a nap. Dinner by the ocean in a frilly sundress and some XDress panties.

Scott November 04, 2020

You are so right
Cant wait till fall comes soI can wear my thigh highs and tights
Its really sexy to see my polished toes thru the stockings
Add some peep toe pumps and i m in heaven

Stevie July 29, 2018

Hi Stevie! There’s nothing like the shine of pink polish in stockings, is there?

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight July 25, 2018

Hi Dave! It must be fun to pair such extreme examples of two genders. You sound very confident and comfortable in blurring gender lines.

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight July 25, 2018

Dear Dave
I appreciate your comments
The masculine femme contrast of what I do is hhe key to why I like panties and bras on my masculine frame
I personally like my toes polished, once I polished them I couldn’t stop

Stevie July 24, 2018

I don’t have nearly the same wardrobe as many others here, nor do I share all the various proclivities, but I do enjoy starting my day with a bit of excitement nonetheless.

First thing I do after a few stretches in bed is throw back the covers and take a glance at my body – usually wearing my Xdress Chantilly Lace Short – and give myself a quick appreciative feel. After that it’s up to my morning rituals and dressing for the day ahead. Sheer Glistening Brief under my clothes as I walk the dog around the block then back to put on my gym wear for a workout session. It’s thrilling to know I’m wearing something sexy while doing squats or bench pressing and nobody else is the wiser. It’s wearing something so starkly feminine that brings out my more masculine side – I never feel more like a man than when I can see my body’s femininity highlighted.

Then it’s off to work – since I work at home I can walk around the house with nothing more than a Strut Thong on. Once the wife gets home it’s going out for drinks, maybe some dinner – unless we make Manhattans at home…

Ultimately, my perfect day is a both a blend and stark contrast between my masculine and feminine sides; always playing with the boundaries of how I feel and what side of the blurred gender fence I need to stand on. It ultimately comes down to feeling charged up and chasing the energy/electricity of feeling truly myself in the moment. My boundaries and interests are more tame than many, but more risque than most. It feels empowering to have a sexy secret.

Dave July 23, 2018

Hi Rhonda! Thanks for sharing! You sound like you have a perfect way to spend your day!

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight July 18, 2018

Hi Kristie! I agree! What is YOUR perfect way to start your day?

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight July 18, 2018

What a lovely subject and so well done
I always start my day with stockings and garter belt or one of my vintage OBG, I love the way they feel when I tuck my natural 34 B in and look on the mirror. I usually dress in the mornings in office attire as a secretary and spend some time at my desk I am always in 6 in heels unless I’m casual mode which I am at the present short shorts and halter top and 6 in wedge sandals My evening attire varies depending on what I am doing if I’m lounging around the. House it usually is a red nightie and red ruffled panties or the same in pink.
It is pure pleasure to enjoy being femine and having so many choices in all the clothes and colors on a full time basis.
Thank you for the Wonderfull job you so for the trans and crossdressing community
Best Regards
Rhonda Whilling

Rhonda whilling July 17, 2018

All of these stories sound like a wonderful way to begin a new day!

Kristie July 17, 2018

Hi Keri! Picking out your panties is a wonderful way to start any day!

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight July 15, 2018

Every day is a perfect day when I slip on my panties. All business and all male on the outside. However on the inside all female. As I eye a pretty girl in the mall and she catches my glances. I say to myself, yes I am looking at you and admiring that pretty dress, skirt and blouse, makeup and hair. Maybe that pretty lace bra showing ever so slightly through. And yes I am looking at that very good looking male. Is he wearing XDress panties and a bra? I like the way he walks, holds his hands, open his male purse and OMG his shorts are a little tight accentuating his manliness. He spots me looking and smiles, winks and I am busted.

A perfect day indeed.


Keri (Scottsdale) July 14, 2018

Hi Sydney! Why stop at heels that are four inches? ;) A red dress sounds like the perfect dress for a fun day!

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight July 14, 2018

Hi Stevie! Thank you for sharing your perfect day! There’s nothing like a matching bra and panty, is there? I love the sound of heels clicking on hardwood floors…

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight July 14, 2018

Dear Hanna, love your story. My greatest day starts in a white nightie with white pinup panty. Then it is into black breast-form bra, black panty. with black thigh high and 4 in heel, red lipstick and matching nail polish. Then its on with little red dress. Love to read all your blogs, thank you, will keep up on life story

Sydney July 13, 2018

Wow what a great day
For me its a day alone to wear my black bra and panty
Paint my toes blood red
Wearmy skinny jeanns white blouse and strappy wedges
Clicking all over the house

Stevie July 13, 2018

I can’t wait to hear about your perfect day!

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight July 13, 2018

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