A Guide to Mixing and Matching Lingerie

A Guide to Mixing and Matching Lingerie

If you’re one for trying something new with your lingerie, we’ve got just the guide for you! You may not always find the right size in a matching bra or panty. However, if you really love that set then, you must have it! Perhaps you can get just the bra or just the panty. We say go for it and add it to your collection! More than likely there is something you already have in your underwear drawer that’ll go wonderfully with that bra or panty. We have a couple of handy tips for you to get your mixing and matching skills on in a fashionable way! 


Mixing and Matching Colors

The easiest way is to try to match up the hues of the panty and bra. If you are someone who has more neutral colors, black tends to be easy to match up. If it isn’t looking quite right, perhaps the colors of the trim may look more like a bra or panty you have laying around. Typically, we can get more wear out of a bra than a pair of panties. So it’s best to keep in mind what color panty you would match up with a bra you have while making a purchase. When you find a panty you really love, we’d highly recommend buying various colors of that same panty. Then you’ll have more of a chance of having a bra at home that goes well with the new panties you just bought.



Mixing and Matching Prints with Solids

Lets say its one of those days where you have a pair of panties that you really want to wear, but its difficult to find the right bra. It’s always fun to play around with the textures or have a certain feel to the ensemble you want to go for. Perhaps you’re wanting to feel a bit more girly and frilly, so you can pair two of your more frilly items together such as this white Normandy Lace Bra and the Champagne Pink Ruffle Tanga happen to have a similar waistbands and texture. Or if you’re wanting a more sporty feel, The Ray of Sunshine Bralette paired with the Beautiful Blooming Panty will look sleek from the black contrasting trimming of the panty and bra. For those wanting to go all out, put those two favorite prints together like we did by pairing The Mesh Blossom Bra and The Space Grunge Mesh Brief. Since the two are mesh, it'll feel as if you are wearing the same garment on top and bottom! 



Playing with Texture and Prints

Prints can be tricky to handle, but there are many fun combinations waiting to be discovered. It just takes a little bit of thinking outside of the box and connecting the similarities in the garments. Take this Cherry Picking Bra and Lace Frills Brieffor example. Both are playful pieces with similar tints of reds and pinks. Since the Lace Frills Brief has more texture it compliments the bra and makes the cherries pop even more from the pink in the brief. There is a similar concept for The Funkadelic Bralette For Him. For the bottoms we chose something with a little bit more coverage that comes in white to match the white trim of the bra. The Normandy Lace Boxer also happens to have a similar zig-zag pattern at the opening of the leg carrying out the theme of the bra in a more subtle, but noticeable way.



Now it’s your turn to create something from your underwear drawer. Are you someone that likes to mix and match your bras to your panties or do you prefer to stick to having a matching set? Let us know in the comments!




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I love to mix and match! I do it all the time with my XDress purchases. The different combinations make the products bought more versatile! Black Hipster panties and the Red Bra, Blue lace panties with the yellow lace bra and black stockings! Be fun, be creative! Women do it all the time with mis-matched undergarments! I just wish XDress offered a broader selection of colors.


Hi guys! I’m Andrew! Sometimes I like to wear a red lace bra with my black lace thong and the black stockings! In my opinion, it is very sexy!


Looking for a black bralette and boy leg panties prefer bra with cross over straps

Ydale hardman

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