5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Cross Dressers

5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Cross Dressers

Gift giving season has arrived, which means planning for said gift giving has begun! Or, if you're like me, you just came to the realization five minutes ago that Christmas is in a month. (Yikes!)


If you’ve recently come to know any men who cross dress, it can be a difficult time trying to figure out what to get them. It’s a culture all in its own, but ultimately, their wish list isn't radically different from anyone else's! If you have a man you’re shopping for who you know would love some cross-dressing related items, here are some ideas to help you out!


1. Home Laser Hair Removal 


Despite how attractive beards can be (lord knows I love ‘em on guys), sometimes they can just get in the way. If the cross dresser you know is looking to get a more smooth, feminine look for their ensemble, these could be perfect to give! They can be pricey, but the price is almost nothing compared to getting them done in a specialist’s office. The one in the picture is the Silk’N Flash&Go, which is moderately priced compared to other kits. This is definitely a "I love you a lot" kind of gift.

2. Panties


Panties, of course! I’m sure you can never have too many pairs of these. Luckily here at XDress, we have tons of different styles to fit every preference. Not only that, but they're made to fit to men's bodies, which would perfectly contour his beauty with a feminine edge! Browse our store to find the perfect panties for the guy you're buying for. We’re having a sale right now until December 1st, so if you shop now, use the promo code GOBBLEUP15 to get 20% off of your entire order!

3. Ipsy Glam Bag


Subscriptions for makeup, food, clothing, and other various items are quite a trend, these days. The Glam Bag by Ipsy is a makeup subscription where you get a makeup bag (that has a different design every month) with several makeup, beauty, and skin care items! It's at a cost of $10 a month but all the items in it value a grant total of $50 or more! That's a ton of stuff! This could be great for the cross dressers in your life who love trying new looks with makeup. However, the only downfall I’ve heard about it from a friend is that the makeup items feel like a “my first makeup kit” set, with some cool beauty products sprinkled in. So this would be good for someone who loves to hoard makeup, or for someone who's just getting started with it!

4. I <3 Panties Sticker


What fun is it identifying as something if you don’t have some items to celebrate it? This sticker that I found on cafepress.com would be a cute little knick-knack to get someone who loves the feeling of some soft panties. Wherever they want to put it, it can be a nice way to show their love for crossdressing! There’s also some bumper stickers, coffee mugs, and t-shirts on the site with similar sayings on them, so feel free to get crazy in there! Just don't go broke. I don't want to get blamed for that.


5. A Dress


The mother of all gifts, I’d say! Getting them a dress to really celebrate that inner femininity would be the perfect way to make their holiday. Convenient enough, we also sell several dresses that would satisfy their desire! Browse our dresses to find the perfect one for them, or…if you’re like me, find the one that you think they’d look the best in. It’d be a win-win situation, right? (Psssst that sale I mentioned earlier applies here, too! Promo code GOBBLEUP15. 20% off. You know you wanna do it.)



We hope you enjoyed these recommendations! If you cross dress, what kinds of gifts have you gotten in the past? And if you’ve shopped for cross dressers, what sorts of ideas have you come up with? Let us know in the comments! Sharing is caring, after all. 

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My favorite gifts are panties. Any style, any color. I receive a lot of gift cards which I find boring! I received a Manscape Groomer which was a very good gift but I had to tell the person that is what I wanted.


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