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Greetings dear readers. I hope this blog finds you well and dressed in something pretty. I was chatting with David (the owner of XD/BA) and he gave me an idea for a topic. I’d like to have some fun today, and hope you will join in as well!

Cinderella’s fairy godmother loaned me her magic wand so I could have my perfect day. I waved it, and it worked! Now for one day I can be openly in public wearing anything I like and do all the girly things I want. So, let’s see what my perfect day would look like.

I’d start the day out with a nice fragrant bubble bath. I don’t have to shave my legs, as I have them waxed regularly. Next, I’m going to moisturize and apply a nice perfume – probably Cachet (one of my all-time favorites). Next, I’ll apply foundation makeup and then have my wife do blush, eyeliner, and mascara (she’s a lot better at that than I am). Following that, I’ll put on matching Xdress satin panties and bra, followed by a light weight above-the-knee skirt; probably light pink, with a white bell sleeved blouse. Next, beige Mary Janes. I’ll wear my blingy wrist watch, a coral bead necklace, and silver ankle chain.



All dressed up and, yes, somewhere to go! My wife and I will go to a nice restaurant for brunch (part of my perfect day is sleeping in, don’t you know). We’ll have eggs Benedict and Mimosas (orange juice with champagne). We’ll have a marvelous chat and talk about fashion and discuss the ensemble we’d like to wear for evening wear. Having paid for our brunch and receiving a compliment on my outfit from the waitress, we are ready for our favorite part of the day – shopping! We have already discussed our evening outfits, so we are ready to rock and roll. It’s off to the mall we go!

The first thing I need is a full slip, as I know I’m going to wear an evening gown. That was easy – one down and bunches to go. My wife finds a very sexy panty and bra set in pale lavender. I like it so much I find my size and get a set as well. I want to make sure the bra fits, so the sales clerk does a bra fitting and finds the perfect fit for me. She asks me if I want to keep it on, and I tell her no, because I’ll be wearing it this evening with the evening gown I hope to find. I put my Xdress bra and my blouse back on, and off we go. Our next stop is outerwear. 



The first evening wear we find is a skirt and top for my wife. It is knee length and navy blue. The top has bell sleeves and a cowl neckline. She looks smashing in it! After 30 minutes of hunting, I finally find my evening gown, and it is the bomb! It is soft lavender, with a nice flounce in the lower part, flouncy sleeves, and a cowl neck, like my wife’s top. It is nicely fitted at the waist, with a gold belt. Next stop – shoes! We have agreed that we need strappy sandals, as we are going to have a pedicure and want to show off our toes. We both find what we are looking for – my wife’s sandals are navy blue and mine are lavender. Nice match to her skirt and my dress. My wife mentions purses, and off we go again. My wife finds a nice little evening purse that matches her outfit and it has a beautiful gold chain for a strap. I decide the gold chain strap is just the thing, so we find me one in white.

By the time we finish shopping, we are exhausted, so we head for the spa. Here we get massages a little time in the hot tub, and then into the pedicure/manicure section of the spa. My wife gets navy blue polish and I find a polish that matches my sandals. We also have some artwork applied to our big toes. My wife chooses palm trees in silver glittery polish and I choose crescent moons in glittery light pink.


This day has gone really fast, so we hurry home to dress for dinner. My wife looks fabulous! In my long flowing gown, I look like I’m ready to go to the opera. Off we go and have a wonderful dinner, complete with a very nice bottle of wine. There is a live band in another section of the restaurant, so we go in to dance for a while. We both get hit on a few times, but we only have eyes (and hearts) for each other. We don’t dance very long, as it’s been a long but fun day. Off to home we go.

After we cleanse our faces, brush our teeth and all that maintenance stuff you do before bed, we both slip into lovely satin night gowns, collapse into bed, and fall asleep in each other’s arms. The day is a complete success – thank you fairy godmother!

Okay, that’s my perfect day. Now, let’s have some fun. I’m going to pass the fairy godmother’s magic wand to you.  Tell us all what your perfect day looks like. Get those keyboards rattling – I love to hear from you!

Fond regards,



What a wonderful topic Angie! Here is my perfect day.

I start the day by taking a shower with my beautiful girlfriend, and we wash each other’s bodies while swooning over the smell of the soaps we apply to each other. I do not have to shave anything, since I did it all the night before.
Afterwards, I start blaring Heavy Metal on my surround sound like I do every morning, and start my daily routine. I apply Mango hemp lotion to my entire body, and immediately feel refreshed. While my girlfriend applies her makeup, I pick out my outfit.

I choose black stockings, and clip them to my black satin garter belt. I then put on my black satin bra, and appreciate the silky feeling of the lingerie gracing my body. Then I choose my skirt and top, a combination I favor over dresses. I choose a knee-length black faux leather skater skirt. For my top, I wear a black scoop neck blouse, with chiffon bell sleeves. For accesories, I pick out a belt with silver chains and rings, and a black lace choker with obsidian jewels. For shoes, I choose black studded heels.

Now that my outfit is complete, I enjoy some Peach tea while I wait for my girlfriend to finish her makeup. Once she is done, I have her apply my eyeliner. Next, I apply black lipstick while my girlfriend chooses her outfit. She decides to wear a black satin bodycon dress, fishnets, and black gloss heels with a red lucite heel. To complete her look, she chooses a black lace duster and black lace choker with red jewels.

Once we are ready for the day, we go out for an early breakfast and indulge in bacon, waffles, and mimosas. We have an amazing conversation about our plans for the day, the outfits we want to wear, and the things we are going to do to each other in private. After our breakfast, it’s off to the salon for mani/pedis. I choose to get both my toes and fingers done in black polish, while my girlfriend chooses a beautiful burgundy. Now, it’s time for lunch. We go to a sports bar, and order wings, fries, and beer.

Next, it’s time to go shopping. We are going to a heavy metal concert in the evening, so we look for appropriate concert wear. I am thoroughly satisfied with my lingerie I am wearing, so I decide to look for a new skirt first. I find a plaid gray/black pleated mini skirt, which is absolutely adorable. For my top, I find a slightly cropped vest with victorian lace, statement straps, and a low neckline that looks perfect with my skirt. I then look for shoes I can stand in comfortably for a couple hours. I find faux leather platform sandals, which show off my pedicure perfectly.

My girlfriend finds an even sexier outfit than me, as she has the body to show it off. She finds a black fitted vinyl skirt, and pairs it with a mesh crop top. Her top perfectly shows off the adorable lace bralette she is wearing underneath. For her shoes, she finds knee high vinyl boots to complete her look.

Now that we are done shopping, we have an hour to kill before we need to go to the concert. We decide to go a beautiful secluded spot by a lake, and partake in some of the Devil’s Lettuce. We start joking around with each other and can’t stop laughing, and before we know it, it’s time to go the concert.

We have tickets for General Admission, and push our way to the front. The bands we see are Tool, Slipknot, Slayer, and Gojira. Each band plays for 45 minutes, and my girlfriend and I lose ourselves in the best music genre to exist. After the concert, we still have a lot of energy.
We go home and take off our clothes, leaving just our lingerie on. Again, we blare heavy metal on the surround sound. We then enjoy a bottle of wine together, and conclude the day with incredibly explicit activities. After finishing, we complete our nightly routine together and put on our silk nightgowns. My girlfriend lays in my arms, and we both fall into a deep, peaceful slumber.

Nathan July 03, 2019

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