Why I Wear Lace and Satin Panties

Part 1: Why I Wear Lace Panties

A good friend of mine asked me why do I enjoy wearing lace underwear (or panties if you prefer). After my smart ass response to him saying, "Who doesn't like lace in all the right places?" I stopped and had to think for a moment. After what seemed like an eternity, which turned out to be 10 seconds in reality I had my answers. First, I told him how it was breathable and feels so soft against my skin. Men's underwear should breath shouldn't it and why shouldn't it feel nice? Next, I explained how I love the feminine side it brings me. Why do I always have to be a man’s man? It’s like a mini vacation from society’s norm and I need this from time to time to recharge my soul. Finally, I said to him 2 simple words "why not"?  I am comfortable in my masculinity, I love it, and so does my spouse. 


So again after an eternity (3 seconds) my friend turned to me and said, "Your wife loves it?" I nodded to him, scribbled down the XDress website address, slipped it to him across the bar, finished my beer and took my lace covered ass home to my waiting wife. He now has more pairs then I do.



Part 2: Satin, my secret love.

So I love the feel of satin. Can't deny it and to be honest I don’t want to. My first experience wearing satin was a pair of pajama bottoms I got for Christmas one year when I was in high school. They were black with a drawstring waist and I remember slipping them on after a shower with no underwear on, and Wow! They felt amazing! The silky feeling against my skin and the way that the satin made me feel. That memory to this day is ingrained in my mind as one of my fond memories. It’s funny the things we remember sometimes. It wasn't until years later though that I tried my first pair of satin panties. My girlfriend at the time (now wife) and I were playing (you get the idea) and she passed me one of her satin thongs and said jokingly, "I want you to wear this." I sheepishly tried to hide my excitement, but once on it was undeniable that I really liked it. We had mind blowing sex that night and I felt so sexy and not the least bit embarrassed.



So that started my hunt into finding my own satin underwear, and that’s when I came across XDress. I bought just one pair to start to see if this was just a passing phase, but I soon discovered how much I loved wearing them on a regular basis. The fit, the feeling, and just the overall sexiness I feel from their satin underwear is something that I have found to need while working a high stress job. It’s my shameless little escape for me and helps to recharge my soul. Satin feels so good and whether its panties, bra or cami I really do love it.



Stay sexy my friends,


XD Blogger


This is a topic thatI can relate to due to my fondness of wearing nylon and lace lingerie and especially panties. For me the softness and sheen of nylon tricot lingerie heightens my sensuality and my femininity. The addition of pretty lace on my lingerie enhances the experience of dressing in women’s undergarments.

The existence of lace on my nylon lingerie makes me feel and look very feminine and alluring. I simply adore lace on the hips of my panties, on the bosoms of my bras, camisoles, teddies and nightgowns, on the hems of my full and half slips, and on the tops of my thigh highs.

Wearing nylon and lace lingerie transforms me emotionally and appearance-wise into a shemale-like persona. It excites me sexually and makes me want to share these exhilarating moments with a person who finds me desirable and is clad in darling nylon and lace lingerie.

Roxanne January 05, 2021

I myself love satin, satin panties, and shiny satin full slips. I enjoy women who are into it also as just lounging or as a sexual enhancer. I love being masculine in them or allow the wife to take the part of being in control if you know what I mean. I would do that for her or any of her friends what ever she asks.

Chris October 10, 2020

Why? Why not is the better question! The feel is probably the most electric thing about wearing them. Instant sex appeal and prowess.

Scott September 24, 2020

I have found that wearing sexy lace panties really turns on my lady friend and me. Love all kinds of see through lace panties.

Paul November 19, 2019

James B, I completely understand your situation! I don’t know if you’ll see this – I just discovered XD’s blog – but I hope you do!

Of course sex with men is okay! As we married guys get older and our wives lose interest and drive (and we lose sexual interest in them, though we still love them), it’s natural for us to find comfort with each other!

My boyfriend (yes, he’s married, too) and I have been comforting each other and having sex often for a number of years now. I’m the one with the deeply feminine psyche, and have been collecting and wearing cute, sexy panties for most of my life. He’s the bold, aggressive, 100% masculine alpha male, and you can imagine how ecstatic I was at reading an email from him, shortly after we met and became intimate, “Babe, have you ever thought of wearing panties?”


The next time we were together, I wore panties for him! I probably don’t have to tell you what happened to me! I doubt I have to tell you who’s the top and who’s the bottom in our relationship, either! Giggle! Since that first time, I’m in panties ALWAYS when I’m with him, and usually in much more – bras, garterbelts, thigh-highs – anything that’s sexy, lacy, flirty, and feminine! I love them, and he loves me in them! He, of course, is all man, and wears a jock, boxer-briefs, or nothing! And that’s the way I like him!

Since discovering XDress (my boyfriend acquainted me with the site = that tells you all you need to know!), I’ve added significantly to my feminine wardrobe. LOVE wearing bra-and-panty and cami-and-panty sets! When I join him in bed and he makes love to me in my lingerie, he makes me feel like a supermodel! All my sexy underwear amplifies my interior femininity, and feeling my man on me and in me is an ecstasy I can’t describe!

Nick June 27, 2018

luv your lace panties, wear them for special times and moments of intimacy, they fit nicely on my nice round bum which is always pleasurable to my lover, thanx xd for the great times.

j April 11, 2018

I have been wearing panties most of my life I also enjoyed wearing leotards and wearing nighties I love to experiment with makeup and plucking my eyebrows. I try and look as feminent as possible.I have been a customer for a long time.

Holly March 09, 2018

You guys are wild, I ‘ve been looking this site all over and have purchased cami’s, shorts and its such a big deal for me to go running in rip stop booty shorts but I sure am looking forward to “accidentally” bumping into some babes when my new shorts arrive. Now after seeing so much fun attitude, when the Summer rolls in why shouldn’t I soak up the sun and show off in my new gear? Its going to be fun when I’m out jogging, thanks for the encouragement

KennethTeale February 24, 2018

I love looking a guys wearing bras and panties !!! I am a member of MWB (MEN WEAR BRAS)…I am a natural 46b/c, so I need a want to wear a bra !!!

PaulaPlaytex January 17, 2018

Lace and satin are my stress relief as well
Its for me
My secret
My naughtyness
It sexy
I feel good
I like the way i look in the bra and panty sets as well
Add some heels and nail polish and i m a “brick” if you know what i mean
Love your clothes and your site

Steve January 06, 2018

Ok my story getting my first pair satin underwear my gf I see her sexy lingerie she wears gets me hard as rock when I see her she bought me my first pair satain thong bodysuits by bodyaware one day on sat my day off it was snowing playing videogames she surprises me these two bodysuits. I say for u babe give me little show she no for u babe I want u wear them I was shocked case material and colors were femine periwinkle and pink shimmering pink like ballerinas wear i asked which one u want me try first I want u wear the pink. I said ok stripped she said shower first I want u shave all ur pubes hair body hair leg hair arms everything. Soon I shaved used shower gel my facial hair too . she said ur finished yet I said not yet puzzled looking at my shimmery pink bodysuit I was scared and shy put on in front her soon I slipped the leg openings of the suit I was excited I became aroused big time my bulge was staring material soon I put on but thank good this thing had pouch for my bulge . I looked myself mirror stared my ass my muscles this suit showed off esp my legs. All my assets soon my gf yelled hurry up I came out the shimmery pink shineed in lights. My gf had a workout leotard on I said what’s that for I said she said we gonna workout in home gym I said like this . she said after u worked up sweat then we can have fun ill give u a e a treat. We worked out weights we did ballet yoga stretched out alot after my work out my outfit covered in sweat went my room she kicked off my shoes she kicked her off pushed me to the bed . she said I want to have sex u I said ok . she took hers off I tried take mine off she said leave it on I like u in that after that we had amazing sex then she changed into Anouther bodysuit she said put ur periwinkle on ill wash ur shimmering pink lets put movie and relax. We did just that. Netflix chilled out in our outfits in covers . fun experience in my satin bodysuits the material hugs ur bulge big time there fun ur gf. And feels great .

Annon January 03, 2018

Wow I’m in the right place! My wife has no drive or desire for me. Can you imagine how that makes me feel. So I have searched my mind looking for anything that might stimulate her. As well as stimulate me as well. So glad I found this site as well as other men in my situation. And also, after not being serviced in such a long time I have expanded my mind that sex with other men is ok, And have no guilt for my desires . I am human. And need the affection and the ability to express myself sexually. Don’t get me wrong! I completely love my wife. But I need an outlet for my emotions and sexual desires. This is exactly why I am here. And I understand why men are driven here and evelope theirselves in the "a La femme " pleasures.

James Bixler January 02, 2018

Love your take on lace and satin. I love the felling, if it makes you feel sexy, go for it. I own both, mine are for self pleasure but that’s me, donning the panties my heart starts racing, my old dick gets hard, I get camera and take pics of myself. I should say I’m married and have no sex life from wife so I do what I got to do. So get something fun and sexy, put it on and enjoy, love yourself and smile.

Dean December 27, 2017

You have so well described the whole experience for me. I too am comfortable in my masculinity, but like you, I’m in a high stress occupation. Allowing the feminine side of me to come out is the break I sorely need from having to wear my alpha male face during the day. Satin and lace are a drug-free stress reliever for me. I underdress in panties and bra under my power suit during the day, and the feel of the bra reminds me that Angie (my femme self) is with me. Like you, my wife loves my crossdressing and has probably bought more of my skirts and blouses than I have. We are both pretty lucky guys! Thanks for your post. Angie

Angie December 24, 2017

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