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What Do Women Think About Men’s Panties?

Posted on 05 October 2017

OK, what actually are men’s panties? Are we talking about the conventional boxer brief? Here at XDress, we don’t do boring and to us, men’s panties don’t have to be plain and simple. Men’s panties are fun, lacy, silky, and everything in between. So, what do women think about this? We’ve come to realize that so many women don’t care. Not only do they not care, they actually enjoy the quirkiness of it all. Women want to make their men happy and if her man is happy wearing a sexy lacy number, then why not? It’s time to break the typical rules on men’s panties, and here’s how:


1. Give Your Man Some Unique Gifts
We all know that gift giving is one of the most difficult things in life, the sheer panic and instant stress that happens as soon as one foot enters the shop. Even if you know the person really well, it can be so hard. A great idea would be to invest in some unique gifts for your man. A gift you know that no one else is going to give him. If you’re married, reenact your wedding night with a frilly garter for him. Not married? A bit of role play is always a bit of fun! There’s also the option to go for a bra for men. Yes, we know most women can’t wait to take off their bra at the end of a long working day, but many men love wearing them and a smooth satin bra is going to feel smooth against his chest. Whatever unique gift you decide on, you’re sure to both reap the benefits.


2. Have Fun
Lingerie isn’t just about something you stick under your clothes because you have to. It’s about having fun! If you’re a woman, do you have fun dressing up for your man in lace underwear? We bet the answer is yes. You feel good and you look great. You have fun. Switch it up a bit with some lace panties for men. Lace is arguably one of the best fabrics going, especially for underwear. It’s sexy, bold, daring, kinky and it’s for men and women! However, life doesn’t have to all be about lace; there are plenty of ways to have fun with your underwear. How about some funky socks and short shorts for men? Match it up with a leotard, or mix it up with your own combination of patterns, designs and fabrics (the more creative, the better). Whatever your style, remember to have fun and enjoy it!


3. Stop Listening to Others
People are opinionated. Whether that be the gobby bloke who lives at the end of the street, the media, or a work colleague, they just are. Whilst it’s true that everyone is entitled to their opinion, it doesn’t mean we all have to agree, or that their opinions should influence the way the rest of us think. If you’re a man who enjoys wearing underwear traditionally deemed as feminine, or you’re a woman who supports her male acquaintances who like to wear said panties, that’s great. At XDress, we fully support your decision to live your life the way you want to and like we said before, if you’re worried about what the females in society think, they’re a lot more open-minded than you probably originally anticipated. If you do come across someone spouting off a load of abuse, ignore them and continue to BE YOU. Plus, it’s none of their bloody business anyway!


We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. If you’re a woman, what are your thoughts on men’s panties? Would you let your boyfriend or husband wear lace underwear for men? If you’re a man, how does wearing these undies make you feel?

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  • steve kubisiak: October 20, 2017

    The first time I wore panties, my girlfriend gave them to me to wear. I wore them all day at work and couldn’t stop thinking of her.

  • Danielle: October 20, 2017

    My boyfriend has more “man-panties” than ever! He loves to try them on for me and let me pick out which panties he will model next. I couldn’t be more turned on or proud of his feminine side. It only proves that a big, strong, tattooed, chopper riding, 6 inch lifted Chevy Silverado driving man can wear lingerie and not be ANY less powerful. We are extremely sexual and do whatever is necessary to keep things hot in the bedroom. I love how his backside looks in all the pretty panties when it’s a pegging night!!

  • James Chamberlin: October 19, 2017

    I am all for men wearing panties and bras if the man and their spouse enjoy having him wear them!

  • Roland: October 17, 2017

    My wife calls my sexy undies my Fundies. She reaps the benefits of me feeling sexier wearing them. I’m 65 but don’t carry near that age. Wife’s who have an issue with it are that way because society says don’t it, mostly the religious society or their parents influence. I’m buying more including garters and camis. Life is too short not to live it to the fullest.

  • Ivo: October 15, 2017

    I absolutely love what you do and sell, but…

    You say “if you’re worried about what the females in society think, they’re a lot more open-minded than you probably originally anticipated.”, now, I haven’t seen any researches in that matter that could confirm the quoted sentence. I know, that the majority of women (about 95% or even more) actually do not like the idea of seeing either their man or just any man in lingerie traditionally associated to women. They love to see a man that is rough and hairy etc, not smooth-silky-skin male who wears frilly lacy lingerie or a pair of stockings with heels. They just don’t feel safe and secure with that kind of man and they absolutely think it’s “gay”. I also know it somehow gives them an impression of living with a lesbian not with a man they once knew, it puts them off you know. Women (aka the society, because anything related to fashion is controlled by women) are not ready for this, it’s like intruding into their territory. So what happens when they see a man in that kind of lingerie?? They laugh out loud, and no man wants to be laughed at, ridiculed and joked about, believe me. I have a lot of female friends and many through my wife and whenever this kind of subject has come up in talks you can actually see and hear and even feel in your heart that this is something they absolutely hate. So, if you want to live in loneliness, go ahead and try it out. Maybe that is why there’s so many “gay” men out there or men who are forced to only secretly rock this female lingerie when their wife is not around, hidden in the closet? Noone wants to live alone, absolutely no man wants to live alone as men are driven by testosterone constantly looking for ways to get laid you know. Should we choose the lacy way this would not be possible anymore. And because of that, this is considered a fetish. Anything related to this word – you’re on your own. Another comment I have picked up is – there used to be men out there, now there’s only women with dicks, insecure men who can’t decide whether they want to be male or female. That is unfortunately the truth of how women think.

    I’m one of those men who would like to try something new, out of the ordinary, nice and soft lingerie but I can’t do that – I just don’t want to lose my wife. Men are forced to stay away from this field because it gives an impression of a fragile man (because the lingerie he wears is fragile) Imagine seeing a man saying oh sh.t there’s a run in my stocking…

  • Cortney HH: October 15, 2017

    This subject was what i would call taboo up until about 4yrs ago. I had no idea what to thiink the first time I saw my now husbasnd in panties. It didn’t take long before I saw the benefits of this. He felt sexy and slightly feminine and it turned our sex into something that was nothing less then immaculate. It’s increased from occassionslly to almost everyday, but what more does girl want than two wardrobes of panties and an excellent shopping partner.

  • Dean: October 12, 2017

    I love to wear lingerie, my wife and I are same size so I would buy her something cute and sexy and then I could wear it too. Panties, nighties, bras, teddies what ever I could find that made my loins tingle when I saw it. She hates g-strings so I would purposely buy a set with one and she would tell me to wear it. She has bought me panties for me and I love her for it, and have worn the out and for my own special private time/play. I do love a little feminine type of panty of any kind of fabric, and I do love the items you have her.

  • Dustin Nichols: October 10, 2017

    My wife likes it when I wear panties and gets turned on by it. Before we discovered sites like this one, she would have me wear hers out and about.

  • ray: October 09, 2017


  • Steve mercer: October 09, 2017

    Thank you so much Have a Man Panty Day take care. Thanks again

  • Steve mercer: October 09, 2017

    Just made my first order many more to come With my Wife s help and can’t wait till it arrives I am so Excited my Wife has to calm me down

  • Thom Williamson: October 08, 2017

    I love buying and wearing lingerie. Have for years. Xdress is a great place to buy for the first time or time after time. It’s a little less intimidating than VS and the lingerie is always sexy and exciting. Love waiting for my package to arrive and try on my new things. Go ahead take the plunge into sexy panties.

  • Michelle: October 07, 2017

    My boyfriend single handedly changed my opinion on what men’s panties could be. I was intially caught off guard, but it didn’t take long (or much of an open mind) to realize that an appreciation for feeling sexy, attractive, and wanted belongs to no one gender.

    I love my boy. I love when he feels sexy, but more, I love knowing it was me that helped make him feel that way – Thanks to you, XDress!

  • Jim S: October 06, 2017

    Wish more women were as encouraging or least as understanding as your post indicates. I’ve found they are a very small minority. With one woman, she was fine with panties, small bras. When I got larger ones with breast forms, she was out of here.

  • David: October 06, 2017

    About 20 years ago I was looking at some satin panties in Victoria’s Secrets magazine. The colors just jumped off the pages. I did not know they were satin and I thought why can’t men have the fun of buying and wearing fun panties. Why should that fun be limited to women. I will admit I felt the same thing about silky nylon panties and had acquired 4-5 over the years. I loved the silky feel of them and wearing them at home.

    About 2 months later I got my nerve up and walked into Victoria’s and bought my satin panties. Two were copper and green so I would not be noticed in the locker room and for a more feminine look I bought Ivory and pink. Since then I was given 2-3 pairs of panties with lace and I was really excited how much more feminine and pretty they were. Now 95% of my panties have lace. Probably at least half are 100% lace

    I love wearing stockings with garter belts as well but do not have many opportunities to wear them.

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