What to Wear to Bedtime

Greetings, dear readers. I have a topic I’d like to discuss, and I’d love to have your input. First, let me tell you a story. (My apologies to Moody Blues, but the title just seemed to fit.)

Anyway, back to the story. All of my adult life I have slept in the nude. I know – TMI – but trust me, it fits into the topic. Several years ago we had a really cold and dry winter, and our central heating system sucked what available moisture there was right out of the air. I am blessed (or cursed, depending on your perspective) with sensitive skin. The sheets were itching my skin like crazy, despite moisturizing before I went to bed. I complained to my wife that I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep because of the itching. She went to her closet and said, “Here, try this.” It was a satin night shirt. I had the best sleep I’d had in several weeks, and claimed that night shirt as my own.



A couple of weeks later, my wife was away from home on a business trip and it occurred to me that if the night shirt worked so well, maybe a nightgown would be even better. There is a little women’s boutique that my wife and I like to shop in, and I’m pretty sure the owner knows we aren’t just shopping for my wife. I went to the boutique and asked the lady if she had any nightgowns in extra-large. She showed me where they were. There was a very pretty one, pastel yellow, with a nice lacy yoke and lace on the hem. It was a wonderful satin. I took it to the desk and told her it was for me because of my itchy skin, and that my wife’s satin night shirt inspired me. She didn’t blink an eye, other than to say, “Well, who knows? You might set a trend for other men.” I thought that was pretty cool. I slept wonderfully in my pretty nightgown. When my wife got home from her business trip, I told her what I’d done. She said she was very proud of me for going to the boutique on my own and ooohed and aaahed over my pretty night gown.

Years later, I now have six satin night gowns (three given as gifts from my wife) and a very pretty baby doll (also a gift from my wife) in pastel pink satin with spaghetti straps and a chiffon overdress. From there, I discovered the delight of satin robes. You can find a couple of very pretty satin robes here at Xdress – one is the Satin Peony Robe and the other (my personal favorite) is the Supreme Satin Robe.



From there, I went on to discover the comfort of satin tap shorts and the Glistening Satin Camisole, again from Xdress. They are very comfortable sleep wear, and look great. One hint – if you order the Glistening Satin Camisole, get it in a size larger than you usually wear, as loose sleep wear is more comfy.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. What I’d really like to know is what your preference is, regarding sleep wear. Do you wear PJ’s? Or do you prefer nightgowns? Or perhaps baby dolls? Or, are you one of those people that prefer to sleep au naturel? I’d love to read your input!

Yours for a good night’s sleep,



Satin, anything satin. They slide on the sheets and feel great on the body. I love the feeling and it is one that is not easy to explain just how good they feel.

Scott September 23, 2020

The two hours before bedtime and breakfast time are my favourite times of day when I’m sleeping alone. My favourite nightie used to be the Apres Noir Midsummer Night’s Dream (long discontinued), a gorgeous babydoll in gold satin and chiffon (no matching panties, alas!).

Now I have a long purple satin gown and robe, both lavishly trimmed with black lace, plus a baby pink babydoll with matching knickers bought online and cost a bomb, but are worth every penny. I have purple satin bloomers (lined with satin) to go with the long nightie. I wear marabou stiletto sandals in fuschia or purple, in two heel heights (high for for evening and low for morning). I love walking around the house and hearing the sound of my heels on the wooden flooring. The outfits are completed by knee-high hose (with the long nightie) and thigh-high stockings (with the babydoll). I cannot imagine sleeping more comfortably than I do in these lovely outfits. I feel fantastically femme in both.

Paul November 04, 2019

In the winter I love wearing my fleece Ariel footy pj’s! I was 9 years old when My Little Mermaid came out, and Ariel was (and still is) my favorite Disney Princess! Of course in warm weather I’d die if I wore fleece jammies to bed, so I wear regular panties, or a cool My Little Pony nightie I had made on Etsy, sans panties :)

Tommy July 24, 2019

I have one of those “good news and bad news” stories. The good news is that my first “fun” sleepwear wasn’t anything I swiped from my mother or my sister. It was my own stuff. The bad news is that I was wearing it much later than I was supposed to! When I was 9, we were cleaning and straightening out our basement and going through boxes of old things. In one of the boxes were my diapers and plastic panties from my infant and toddler years. My parents were probably saving them in case they had another boy. As it turned out, their next and only other child was a girl, so they had to buy the lace-ruffled panties for her. More about that later! As soon as I had a chance, I hid the box in my room under the bed.

Well, you can probably see where the story is going. A day or two later, when everyone else was either watching TV or otherwise preoccupied, I undressed and started trying on my diapers and plastic panties. Most of them were way too small for me by then, of course, but I found some all-in-ones, plastic on the outside and flannel on the inside, that would still fit me. The elastic leg bands had to stretch a little more than they had the last time I’d worn them, and this time the coverage was skimpier, you might say bikini style! I loved the feel of my panties and knew that my best chance to enjoy them would be to sleep in them – or even lie awake in them, which sometimes was even better! Each night, as soon as I was sure everyone else had gone to bed, I changed out of my pajamas and into my panties. The rest of the night was pure bliss! I think my parents may have gotten suspicious as to why, all of a sudden, I was ready for bed without them having to get after me, and why I even seemed to even be excited as it got close to bedtime. Until then, I was usually watching TV late at night and they had to make me turn it off, go to my room and go to sleep. Being 9 years old, I was several years away from the age when I could become sexually aroused, but the enjoyment of lying under the covers and running my hands all over my panties was no less real. As a toddler, I had worn them as underwear, but now I was enjoying them all by themselves. The tight fit might have even added to the excitement, making them seem to be a part of me. The only word that could even remotely describe the feeling, which I didn’t have in my vocabulary at the time, was euphoria! It was hard to concentrate at school or during any other daytime activities when all I could think about was what was waiting for me when I went to bed!

It was only a matter of time before my mother caught me. I don’t know whether she was cleaning in my room and found the box or actually saw me wearing the panties. She could have, of course, if she looked in on me and lifted the covers while I was asleep. All I know is that she gave me some grief about wearing my baby stuff and threw the whole box out. I thought that would be the last I’d see of any diapers or plastic panties, but something else worked in my favor. Since I was still having trouble with intermittent bed-wetting, she decided on the best way to address it. Since I obviously enjoyed wearing plastic panties, she decided to buy some that would fit me better than my old ones. Wherever she went to get them, they were out of the boys’ kind in my size, but had a huge overstock of the girls’ styles, which they marked down to half price or maybe less. They didn’t know when they’d be getting more of the boys’ kind, and my mother wasn’t going to wait for them. Long story short, I ended up with about a dozen girls’ plastic “rhumba” style panties, with lace ruffles around the leg openings and all around the front and back. The panties were a variety of colors, white, pink and other pastels, but all of the lace ruffles were white. They had some other “girly” touches as well, like bows and rosebuds. I’d seen girls wearing very similar panties when I was in kindergarten, occasionally catching glimpses on the playground when they were on the swings or climbing the jungle gym or monkey bars. Sometimes I even saw a girl lifting her dress and showing her new panties to the other girls. Since then, I had carried a secret desire to wear them, along with other girls’ items. I don’t think my mother knew that she was helping me to finally experience that dream!

When she brought me the panties, I had to try to act like I was bummed out about having to wear them. As much as I wanted to take them to my room and try them on, I hid my excitement as well as I could. At least this time I didn’t have to hide the panties or wait until everyone else had gone to sleep before I changed into them. Of course, I did have to wait until then before I could take off my pajamas and enjoy the panties by themselves. I was amazed at how well they fit me, and loved running my fingers through the lace ruffles that went all around it, as well as the ones along the leg openings. They had some extra room inside, but that was because they were designed to wear over diapers. Unlike my toddler panties, my new ones didn’t have the flannel lining, and I found that I enjoyed the feel of the plastic even more. Around the time I started wearing them, I was going through a number of changes. Sleeping in the panties and running my hands over them started to become more pleasurable in ways I hadn’t yet experienced. I soon found that I couldn’t stop rubbing and caressing the front of the panties with one hand and the crotch area with another. Many nights I’d fall asleep that way, the next morning waking up to find what I later learned was a wet dream. It wasn’t long afterwards when I found that the panties were wonderful for masturbation. The first time I ejaculated was while wearing them, and I thought they were what caused me to go through the changes in the first place. They would have occurred anyway, of course, but I always associated them with the panties. Every night, I couldn’t wait to change into them and experience total ecstasy!

I eventually wore them over several kinds of diapers. When I found I could snugly fit into the largest size of girls’ GoodNites, they turned out to be the perfect companion to the panties. As I got further along in cross-dressing, I included them with whatever else I was wearing – a school girl skirt and blouse during the day or a babydoll nightie for sleeping. I’m still amazed at how diapers and plastic panties can be a bummer if you’re wearing them because you have to, but they’re so enjoyable if you’re wearing them for fun!

Rich May 20, 2019

Paulina i got the 2 nighties they feel great run a little large. This is a great blog I m glad youre here
Wear something pretty today

Steff May 06, 2019

I love the wonderful XDress blogs! I also enjoy going back and revisiting past postings. This one I needed to reread since XDress has introduced two new nighties, the floral mesh and the satin and lace! They are both beautiful and I will be ordering them today, one of each! I have been sleeping n night gowns for many years!

Paulena April 29, 2019

I’m man have big Man Boobs, I love my big Man Boob’s. I also love wear Bra’s and Panties. Sometime i love wearing lingerie. I’m big person wear plus size Panties and Bra’s. Do this website plus size Panties and Bra?

http://dosworld.wordpress.com/ December 23, 2018

Any other types , other than thongs?
Do you still have male undies
I have a few for certain occasions.

XD responds: Yes we still design and make male undies- see bodyaware.com

Steff December 14, 2018

Love to wear panties and love the way they look as I’ve been told i have a nice ass and look good in them, especially the thong types, I fell very sexy and who ever I’m with also loves them to!!

ed December 10, 2018

I love your article a clothing. I’m a bit unique. I’m a pseudoHermaphrodite with male dominance. With breasts, I don’t sleep well without some kind of a bra to support them else I wake up with them sore in the morning. And a bra is a necessity during the day else they rub on my stomach as I walk. I’ve begun wearing satin night tops that have a built in bra and they’re wonderful, but I have to be careful as my wife tolerated me but never really adapted to 37 years ago. It’s like don’t look don’t tell. I have a supply of bras and panties but always ready to augment it. I currently wear a 38C bra so you can understand so of my difficulties as a man

Fred November 26, 2018

I started wearing panties several years ago, because of the improved comfort. Now I’m addicted. For a long time Vanity Fair was my favorite brand. Now I’m looking for something MORE feminine. I guess I’ll start searching your styles next………….

Frank November 15, 2018

Dear Angie
You are so right
The urges may peak and valley butbthey never go away so we that are gender fluid need to accept and enjoy

Stevie November 14, 2018

Ryan and Kurt, you are speaking my language! I absolutely love satin nightgowns and the lovely slinky feel of them on my skin. Enjoy your lovely nightwear. TWZ – I hope you are able to achieve your dream of wearing dresses and lingerie. It is truly luxurious, and if you are gender fluid like me, it is a need that won’t go away. Good luck, my dear sister, and I wish the best for you.

Fond regards,

Angie November 08, 2018

So sexy. I desire so much to have a sexy dress and lingerie for men

TWZ October 23, 2018

Overall my absolute favorite thing to wearing is a long elegant satin nightgown! The fabric feels great while trying to fall asleep in bed and I feel so sexy walking around my house with the skirt of the dress flowing between around my legs. In the warmers months I do usually switch to my collection of satin nighties and satin robes. I’d love to see Xdress experiment with satin nighties!! <3

Ryan October 18, 2018

Good heavens I wear a satin Chemise or long satin nightgown every night with a generic nylon hipster pantie. About 4 years ago she bought me a long pink satin nightgown for Christmas. I tried for years to wear mens satin PJ but nothing worked and was not comfortable. Now I have a few nightgowns and dont feel right if I go to bed without a nightgown on. Works for us.

Kurt Chrestenson October 17, 2018

Keri! So nice to hear from you. You are so sweet, and thanks for your kind words. A suggestion to you and Stevie, since you both like wearing panties to sleep in, consider trying out satin tap pants. They fit loose and look and feel great! While you are at it, don’t forget to try out a nice satin robe.

Fond regards,

Angie October 10, 2018

Hi Angie
Since i cant wear pantyas much as I want i do wear them to bed; i have to wear them whenever i can

Stevie October 09, 2018

Hi Angie,

I can’t imagine not wearing panties to bed. I wear panties and a nightie every night. I tend to wear my panties a little on the looser side Every morning I wake somewhat excited if you know what I mean and the panties and nightie feel so good. Love your posts Angie. You are a doll.


Keri October 09, 2018

I love the comments we are getting on this topic. I’m with several of you – the weather is turning cooler, and it’s time for longer nightgowns (definitely satin or silk). As far as wearing panties to bed, what it your thinking on that? I prefer not to wear panties to bed, as everything is free and loose. Wearing a bra to bed? Not for me, although I love them during the day. Your thoughts?

Fond regards,

Angie October 08, 2018

I’ve worn panties 24\7 for many years. At night I like to wear a long nylon or silky nightgown. In summer though its a silky camisole and. Panties I love the feel of something silky on my body.

Danni October 08, 2018

Men’s boxers, or tightie whities, and a tee shirt… it’s what the wife approves for now, but when she’s away I’ll play. The satin cami, and panties felt so good I didn’t get much sleep because my heart was pounding so much with excitement! Next I’ll get the baby doll nighties! I have some cheap ones I bought from Amazon, but I really like the quality and style of Xdress, and the fact that they are made for men.

Samboner October 07, 2018

Paul, donna richard all great comments. We are not alone! We are different than “mainstream “ but we are normal ! We have the freedom to wear what we want when we want; we have the right to feel something from our clothing. Lingerie is sexy makes you feel good it’s pretty and relaxing to wear…so rock on my fellow xdressers we havd the right to be free

Stevie October 06, 2018

in summer I wear baby doll with panties as it getting to fall wear long night gowns. all are satin or silk with lace. and some night just bra and panties never miss a night

donna October 05, 2018

I sleep in a night gown most nights. My preference is for long gowns, though I do have knee length and baby dolls. I do prefer satin, nylon, or chiffon.
I have a couple of X Dress robes and love them!

Paul/ Paulena October 05, 2018

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