Behind XDress: Michael!

Favorite color: Green 

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper 

Woman crush: Miley Cyrus

Man crush: Ricky Rubio

Favorite TV show: Mad Men

Favorite movie: Reservoir Dogs

Favorite book: Shades of Grey: The Road to High Saffron

Favorite music genre: Alternative Rock

Emoji that best describes you: The 'speak no evil' monkey. 

Personal interests/hobbies: History, video games, basketball, hockey, reading, and shredding guitar.  

Cats or dogs: Dogs


There are several cogs in the machine of XDress that serve such an important purpose in making this company run smoothly. Without the designer, we wouldn't have unique items to sell, and without fabric cutters and seamstresses, those designs wouldn’t come to life. After the items are made, they’ve got to get out to the customer somehow, right? Well, for that, we have our wonderful shipping department, which also acts as our customer service team! In this segment of Behind XDress, we’ll be focusing on Michael, one of our resident underwear packers/customer service representatives!



A typical day in the life of Michael starts with answering live-chat messages that came in during off-hours! Yes, that’s right. He’s the guy answering all of the chats that you send on our website! He’s always happy to answer any questions you may have, and always with a smile on his face!


After getting some insight from him, the question he most often receives is about how the items you order will be packaged! Here at XDress, we understand that being a crossdresser isn't always an easy thing to tell people, so we respect your choice to keep it private by offering discrete packaging with no logos or labels indicating that it came from a men's lingerie company. Luckily we have such a gentle soul like Michael to calm your worries with how will you receive your orders!



The next big task on Michael’s to-do list, along with the rest of the shipping team, is fulfilling the orders that come in! It includes looking through our large warehouse of items for the orders on each sheet, taking them out of stock, and packaging them carefully to be shipped out in the afternoon! 



The last big task on Michael’s daily to-do list is to sort underwear shipments that we get in from local manufacturers. He has to sort them out, count them according to color, size, and style, and then he helps with getting them organized onto our shelves. Sometimes there’s a lot to sort through, and without him and the other shipping team members, we certainly wouldn’t be as organized!


Though those are his biggest tasks, some other things you can find Michael doing around the office are gift wrapping orders, emailing customers back about order inquiries, and any other tasks that need to be done around the warehouse! He does so much for us, and we're definitely glad to have him around!


With all of these different tasks that Michael has, he's definitely gotten a very different experience as a customer service representitive than he has at his previous jobs. He says that, "the customers in general seem to be much more friendly and understanding. My previous job was with a corporate retail store and the difference is night and day!" Shopping for men's panties must just bring about a certain zen to the customers, eh? But that's just one of the many reasons why we love 'em! 


Through all the excitement of getting to handle all of the items and chatting with all of the customers who love our products so much, what would Michael say is his favorite part about working here? 


"All of my fantastic co-workers! As well as the casual and fun atmosphere."


Aw, what a sweet guy! We definitely keep it fun and casual here, and we're glad here's here to contribute to that atmosphere!


What do you think would be your favorite part about working in the shipping warehouse/customer service team with us? Let us know in the comments!

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It would be wonderful working with a staff who is so accepting and understanding. My contact with XDress customer service has been extremely helpful. I have spent years in customer service, shipping, and receiving and would love to have the opportunity to work for XDress on a part- time basis at the Scottsdale facility!

Paul March 17, 2019

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