What Does "Lingerie" Mean to You?

If we mentioned the word “lingerie” to any person, we can assume that they may think of lacy, frilly, revealing clothing that is worn for mere minutes before it is being thrown all over the bedroom. It’s the stuff that we primarily see women wearing that is supposed to get men who are attracted to women SUPER wound up.


Thinking of lingerie in that sense isn’t wrong. The technical definition for lingerie, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, is “women’s intimate apparel.” Once you think about this definition, the obvious loophole is that “men can wear this stuff, too.” So the definition there has already changed, since it’s not strictly just for women.


After breaking down that wall, we then have to think about whether or not traditional “lingerie” would be attractive for women who are attracted to men. Would they enjoy seeing their boyfriend in that sort of apparel? Or would they rather have him wear something on the more masculine side? Would it still be considered lingerie even if it’s not feminine?


A lot of these questions were spurred by this one picture from the internet:




We know it’s not a definitive statement, because every woman is going to think differently about what sort of clothing will attract them to a man. However, it got us thinking about whether lingerie can really be condensed into just one standard of clothing. Because lingerie is primarily meant to arouse a partner, why WOULDN’T a suit be considered lingerie for some people? If it turns them on in the bedroom, why not have their partner wear a suit and have them consider it as “lingerie?”


Unless wearing other types of clothing for sexual arousal is mostly considered “fetish”…but then is lingerie just a TYPE of fetish? Or does it just belong to its own category?


As you can see, this has become something puzzling to our brains at XDress. However, we would like to know what you all think of this! What do YOU consider “lingerie” to be? Is it primarily the frilly, feminine clothing that we think of first? Or do you think it’s broadened out to be so much more?


Have a wonderful day and happy XDressing!


Team XDress


Really enjoy reading the comments. Lingerie to me means expressing my sensuality. I love the feel and look of beautiful lingerie on my body. Seeing my silhouette in a long sheer nightgown is so arousing, stimulating and uplifting. It looks beautiful on both sexes. It calms me and takes away any stress I have at the end of the day.

John October 03, 2021

I am a hetero-sexual straight male and I have grown to love lingerie. For me though I think of lingerie as totally things worn under clothing thoguh I also see it as loungewear in the privacy of your home.

Also I do see lingerie as something sensual. I don’t put it on to be sexy by any stretch of the imagination but rather because I like the silky feel of it. I would never by lingerie that is cotton or anything other then soft satin or silk like charmuse.

I also see lingerie as something that tends to show your privates in one way or another either do to the see thru nature of it or simply the thinness of it, or the tightness of it along with its thinness.

I also enjoy speghetti strap lingerie. I don’t have a good reason why except I guess it is less on. I don’t like wearing a lot of clothing to bed and would never wear any lingerie that is long sleeved for sure. I like the older bodysuit’s that xdress and bodyaware had more then the new rompers though I don’t mind the new rompers either. But I liked those body suits that was speghetti strapped based with most of the bare back being exposed. It comes fairly close to just wearing underwear except of course it covers the from but not as much the back which is exactly what I like.

The reason I like the rompers is because of the sensual feel of it as is true with the speghetti strapped bodysuits. I would tend to wear the rompers however in colder weather since it covers more of the body but given the thinness of these I see these as lingerie as well but not to the same degree as the bodysuits, teddy’s. and others.

I am not really big into straps, high heels or stockings primarily because they don’t seem to me as something that is soft, silky and sensual to the feel. I am not really looking at lingerie as something that would arouse anyone though I am aware it can and does but for me lingerie is more or less loungewear or sleep wear to be worn in the privacy of your own house, room, or if you perhaps had a lingerie party.

At any rate in long lingerie for me is thin soft body clothing that thinly covers private parts and is sensual but certainly shows the shape of those private pars or at least can.

Bo December 07, 2020

Lingerie is just so sexy! To me it is a great part of loving the body. As we get older, men and women, tend to put on a few extra pounds or develop stretch marks. Lingerie covers those blemishes and makes you still look great! Now, I have been a fan of women in lingerie for many years! They look awesome in it. I was into panties but did not go down the men’s lingerie path. Still thinking about it as it does look sexy.

Scott August 16, 2020

LLevo ya muchos años usando lencería pero ahora al final mucho más y tengo 67 años, comparto con mi mujer que unas veces la acepta más o menos, pero claro empecé con bragas y ya tengo mi lencería propia, con medias, ligueros, bragas y sujetadores en los colores blanco, negro y rojo. Así mismo bodys y saltos de cama preciosos. A veces en casa los llevo todo el dia y mi mujer lo sabe y hay dias que lo acepta y otros que no, pero lo vamos llevando, lo que si es cierto que a veces compramos juntos en las tiendas y le pedía opinión de lo que me gustaba y no tenía reparos en que me comprase bragas y asi luego pasamos a las medias y ligueros y los sujetadores al final he comprado yo solo porque ella por ahi no entraba, pero bueno al final poco a poco va aceptando que es mi gusto aunque con algún que otro disgusto pero repito lo vamos superando. Creo que el hombre tiene el mismo derecho de usar lencería que ellas usan patalones, corbata o trajes; pienso que el futuro es que sea todo unisex y no se bautice ni ropa ni lencería eso de mujer o de hombre. Eso ya pasará a la historia en breve.

I have been wearing lingerie for many years but now in the end much more and I am 67 years old, I share with my wife who sometimes accepts it more or less, but of course I started with panties and I already have my own lingerie, with stockings, garters, panties and bras in the colors white, black and red. Likewise bodysuits and beautiful bed jumps. Sometimes at home I wear them all day and my wife knows it and there are days that she accepts it and others that she doesn’t. It is true that sometimes we buy together in stores and ask my opinion about what I liked and had no qualms about buying me panties and then we went on to stockings and garters and bras. In the end I bought them just because she didn’t fit in there, but well in the end, little by little, she accepts that it is my taste, although with some other annoyance but I repeat we are overcoming it. I believe that men have the same right to wear lingerie as they wear pants, ties or suits; I think that the future is that it is all unisex and that neither clothing nor lingerie is destined just for women or men. That will go down in history shortly.

Juan May 03, 2020


I wear lingerie in my daily life, for a long time. First because I like it, I feel very comfortable and my femme side is more exalted. My boyfriend loves that I look good every day, he often asks me to put on a pair of underwear that he likes and I think it excites him during the day to think how beautiful I look for him. And when it comes we make love intensely. For me lingerie means sensuality, secrecy and love!

Nuno January 24, 2020

I wear lingerie, panties, because it excites me and arouses those that see me. Which is my reason to wear intimates…!!

Fran January 03, 2019

I ve said the same for years
If it mine and i m male AND I m wearing male lingerie h

Stevie November 03, 2018

To me lingerie is lounge wear. Whatever that is for you. For myself it only starts with panties and goes to infinity from there. Sometimes it is eye shadow. I know that sounds ridiculous, bare with me. You wear eye shadow. You wear lingerie. Easy. Now, if I buy my “lingerie”, and I wear said “lingerie” and I am a male. How is it that I am wearing womens clothing?
Another discussion, just saying….

Aloneous October 31, 2018

I agree with all the comments……….the feel of lingerie gets me very excited. Pics of men dressed in panties, bras and thigh highs/nylon and pumps are too much…..also get me excited. The pics on this website of men are great, it won’t be long before I do some shopping.

Jack Harris October 26, 2018

I have had a thing, love, passion for lingerie all my life, I started young because of mom n sis. I love to dress n play in it in private now as wife doesnt accept it anymore, panties at one time was fine n fun. So now my collection of panties, bras, robes nightgowns and swim bikinis are my go to things. Im married n str8 , but love a little fem time to return my sanity n reality to a neutral point. I do often sleep in these things but that leads to less/little sleep, hehe. If you want to wear something soft n sexy, do it.

Dean October 17, 2018

I agree with melissa and dave
Its only fair that we have options for sexier choices to fit our mood and personalities

Stevie October 16, 2018

Lingerie means I can be free to enjoy my feminine side. Though I have to in private, married, wife wouldn’t accept my fem feelings. When I dress it’s not just sexual. I feel whole. Confident. I talk to gurls of same interest and would luv to play girlfriends. I wear silk briefs under my male clothes almost all the time and sexy bodysuits when alone or when out under my clothes. Thank u for this forum to express self. It’s helpful

Melissa October 09, 2018

I agree with Michele. My preference for wearing lingerie doesn’t mean I have to be any less of a man. Its how I express myself and while I won’t force it upon those who aren’t into this sort of thing, I also know there are some women who do like this and I can still be confident and dominant for a woman. Lingerie is definitely worn to be flattering even in its most comfy and basic form rather than lots of mens underwear which tends to be utilitarian.

Dave October 08, 2018

I am a straight woman who ADORES seeing straight men wearing stockings and suspenders. Heels too. My personal bent doesn’t extend to bras. I identify as submissive in the bedroom, and I still love being dominated by a man. I don’t see his wearing stockings as being in any way feminine, feminising or in any other way emasculating. This is how I see it: If a man’s masculinity or sexuality can be “threatened” by lingerie, then it wasn’t very strong to begin with, was it! A real man who is confident in himself can wear anything, even stockings and stilettos, and still be as masculine and dominating (for me) as always. And that confidence, that sureness of oneself and one’s sexuality, THAT is what is so very, very, brain-meltingly sexy to me :)

Michele September 28, 2018

Stevie I saw your post asking if Angie was still doing blogs. I agree Angie is missed and we hope still around. Loved seeing Angie’s notes after some of the posts.

Keri September 19, 2018

Wow Paulie
How did you get to that point with your wife?
what a great place to be;
So jealous
Due tell your stoty!

Steff September 18, 2018

I love fem lingerie. It’s an escape and comfort level that helps me through the stresses of the day. I wear panties 24/7 and lounge around the house in nothing else with my wife. We are comfortable in panties and bras and stockings together. It brings us closer as a couple and more open to one another. We enjoy shopping and trying on lingerie for one another. I guess you can say fem lingerie plays a role in our relationship. So yes … lingerie to us is fem lingerie with lace and flowers and pinks and lavenders. It’s sexy and comfortable. But most of all it’s us.

Pauley September 18, 2018

I read the comments from keri and dave
Loved the perspective
Lingerie does create a feeling a suggestion of sex and sensuality

As for the purse i carry a man bag and get comments at work but I dont care its very functional as well as subtlety feminine

I feel good in an xdress panty bra set legs shaven toes in pretty polish my femme jeans and man bag light make up

I m me and i love and accept myself

Stevie September 14, 2018

Guys have become much more liberated since I was a teen. That is wonderful to see happen. XDress and other web sites have been a huge plus.

Most may think of LINGERIE as a feminine item but we know that is not exclusively true. I am old enough to have seen women become more liberated when they burned their bras and stopped wearing girdles. In those days girdles and bras were referred to as corsetry/ Today the word corsetry has nearly disappeared. I wore my share of open leg and legged girdles when younger. Trust me they were not comfortable. However, as a crossdresser you were very much aware of wearing them. Today I see men enjoying the benefits of being liberated. XDress lingerie is certainly a part of that liberation. Let’s keep on moving forward.

As a side note. Yesterday I saw two guys walking together. Both carried handbags or purses. One was more fem than the other and his shorts, footwear, top and hair were all very feminine. It was wonderful seeing them so comfortable being themselves and not concerned if anyone noticed or cared. For all I knew they may have also been wearing XDress panties. Oh my.

I to carry a purse. Not a man bag but a purse. It does take a little nerve at first but like most things you do become more relaxed with time. I feel liberated when I do and I feel outward expression on femininity may help others that feel the same way to join in.

Great Blog and some interesting posts.

Keri September 14, 2018

Lingerie – from the French for “linen” and meaning women’s underwear and nightclothes – is as arbitrary a concept as having a masculine or feminine noun in some languages (Spanish and French for example). When I say “underwear” many people think of a masculine pair of boxers or briefs, but when I use the word “panties” we tend to think of feminine styles alone. It sort of goes hand-in-hand with women having their own word for homosexual – lesbian – but the word we use for men – gay – equally applies to all genders. There is a functional limitation of language in that some terms are used as an umbrella and others are specialized.
If you want to use the term “lingerie” to mean something specifically sexy or enticing to a partner, then the definition is as varied as the proclivities and fetishes we all have. Lingerie could be handcuffs, garters and stockings, or bathers from a 1920s beach scene… The word then cannot have a universal definition.
For the purposes of this post and its questions however, I’ll answer from my own relative perspective and say that my culture has given me the definition that “lingerie” encompasses the styles, fabrics, and fashion generally meant for women with the intention to cause physical, emotional, or mental arousal – whether that be for the wearer or the viewer. Do I agree that the preceding definition is adequate or all-encompassing? Not at all. But that’s my stance on a lot of the cultural norms I live between, and if I want those norms and definitions to change, I have to be willing to smudge the lines and overflow the boxes things are put in. I love wearing a suit, I also love wearing panties. Sometimes just a birthday suit is enough for the occasion. The end result is a broader term for what “lingerie” is and how it can be used and a choice to vote with my lexicon and refer to anything worn to arouse as “lingerie”.

Dave September 13, 2018

“Lingerie” to me is definitely associated with sex, and doesn’t really relate to underwear worn everyday…either by women or men. Sex can be more fun with sexy clothing as a foreplay, and this applies to either partner who is wearing something lacy, sexy, and racy.
But in my humble opinion many items can qualify as “lingerie” that are not necessarily frilly and lacy…I sometimes wear a leather tool belt and tools (and nothing else) and my wife loves it!
Conversely sometimes we play role reversal and I will put on a bra, panties, garters and stockings and strut around on 4" heels…my wife loves to dominate me when I’m all dressed up in traditionally feminine attire (thank you XD!).
That being said, lingerie is for men and women alike, and provides a way to create all kinds of sexual enjoyment.
So can a business suit be "lingerie? Of course, if that’s what turns you and your partner on!

Brad September 10, 2018

Lingerie means everything to me, I can’t stop thinking about, wanting and looking for it. I search for lingerie while wearing something and then playing. At stores I search out lingerie to find something I want to wear. I am a LINGERIE-AHOLIC

Dean September 10, 2018

Lingerie is a hot item that gets men all excited, either seeing it on a man or women, & especially wearing it and looking at yourself, feeling the satin lace against your skin.

Jack September 10, 2018

Hello team Xdress
I hope Angie hasn’t left us

Lingerie what does it mean ?
Well all of the above
It is the frilly lacy sexy clothing traditionally related to women.
However, based on our new acceptance of gender ans non binary eg. male female, other (with all due respect) for instance I m gender fluid

Now it should mean “ intimate apparel”

When I think of lingerie I don’t think of tighty whiteys or plain panties of every day wear. It has a sexy connotation to it although it could include the plain underwear as well.

With the growth of xdress and bodyaware, male lingerie does and should exist
Even if its it just panties/manties for the hetero make men should have access to and the ability to wear lingerie

Miss You Angie


Stevie September 07, 2018

Cant wait to the responses
It means sexy lacy sensual and it’s definitely for men too
We can feel sexy and good with lingerie

Stevie September 07, 2018

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