Are Your Panties Really "Women's Clothing?"


I once saw a drag queen named Willam Belli pose an interesting point to his peers about this idea of men wearing "women's clothing." When one of his peers said something on the matter, Willam stated that they're not actually women's clothing because he bought them with the intention of wearing them, therefore the clothing isn't "women's clothing." I thought this revealed some inherent beliefs a lot of us have about "men's clothing" and "women's clothing" and whether or not there really is such a thing, despite what society would tell you.


I mean, of course, the term "cross-dresser" implies that you're someone who dresses in clothes of the other sex. So in that regard, you're technically wearing clothes that don't pertain to your assigned sex (well, at least society's crummy views of what men should wear). But once you buy "women's clothing" to wear, is it really "women's clothing" anymore, since it's a man that owns them?


I feel like we think of this because of what society has deemed acceptable for men and women to wear. Though women have some wiggle room as to what shirts, pants, and shoes they can wear while still appearing feminine, men's fashion rules are much stricter and can border into the "cross dressing" or "feminine" category very quickly. Prints that are slightly more feminine in nature are starting to become more mainstream, but of course, they're on button-up shirts that distinctly look like "men's clothing."  Masculinity is just too fragile for its own good, wouldn't you say?


It just boggles my mind that, as a society, we made it so important to put genders upon certain articles of clothing. I get the identification part of it, and how it probably seemed like a good idea at one point so that misgendering someone wasn't a problem, but we're in a totally different time, now. It seems pretty limiting to make some pieces of fabric that happen to look frilly and lacy only something that women can wear and feel sexy about. It's as if women are the only people who can appreciate expression through clothing with lace and frills! Come on, society. Get your logic together.


However, if you REALLY want to get deep about this, what would become of the term "cross dressing" if we became a society that accepted genders dressing in clothes typical for the other sex? Would it just be a non-issue? If everyone could do it and it was just an accepted part of the current state of fashion, would there be a need to identify as a crossdresser, anymore? I'd like to think that one day, men can just wear dresses and panties and people just treat it like the norm. Only in an ideal world, I suppose...


So with all of this in consideration, it's hard to think of this concept of "women's clothing" still being regarded as such when men can own them, too. I know the sentiment behind it is that it's clothing that has a more feminine expression, thus it feels like it contrasts the masculine form. To me, it just seems like we've come too far to give a gender assignment to what is ultimately some pieces of fabric. We're all capable of expression in different ways, and labeling clothing as just for men or women feels too restrictive with how much the world of fashion continues to transform.


So what do you think of the idea of "women's clothing" being so strict to just women? Do you think it should be less strict, or is the clear distinction helpful for when it comes to expressing yourself through fashion? I'm looking forward to these comments, for sure!


I’d love to know why you insist on calling this crossdressing. By your post you suggest that men who buy things that are designed for women is crossdressing. HOWEVER, you design clothes that are actually for men. So none of us who have bought your clothing are actually crossdressers.. right?

Duncan June 29, 2021

Panties are panties. But panties can be for men, as XDress shows. Panties are so much more stylish and attractive than traditional men’s underwear that they should have a different name than underwear! Love the selection on XDress! Great website and product offering!

Scott October 09, 2020

I roleplay in a dress or skirt a lot. I never pretend to be a woman. I imagine a world where men are allowed to wear dresses skirts lingerie and beautiful satin panties in public. I played the part of a man even though my female companion is also wearing a dress or skirt. I always wear satin panties and I make sure they accommodate the male equipment. I don’t try to wear g-strings or thongs because then you are trying to imitate a woman and those are women’s clothing if they don’t ask symmetrically fit you. I wear full satin panties or hipster style satin panties. Giving my front and back nice coverage. I don’t put on artificial breast attachments, because once again if I do I am imitating a woman and not enjoying myself as a man. I’m a guy in a silk blouse leather mini skirt bare legs high heel boots and of course my beautiful satin panties underneath. If you really want to enjoy yourself, dress up in those exciting articles of clothing, and panties, but continue to play the part of a man, or society will never learn from us that men can share the exciting softer clothing reserved for women.

MANN August 15, 2019

i wear panties of all sort all the time, they r not just for females and men should be proud to wear them. i wear panties to work or when intimate with my lover, they feel so great. when i wear a skirt i love bending over to show my thong panties. love it, thanks to xd!

j April 04, 2018

i am in my 60’s and I have been a wearer of traditional women’s type of panties ever since I found I also work in the utility industry but in the inside. I do cross paths with trades people and I also was one at a point in my career. It likely would be shunned if they new but I only need approval from my wife and she loves them. She calls them my fundies.

We recently took some photos of me in them as I have a photo studio in my home. I look and she says I look damn sexy in just a pair of pink lace panties and cowboy boots or just chaps. We actually sent the photos to Xdress to show them a whole new group of men that they could market to. I own multiple pair now and I only like the ones from Body Aware and

Society is too Black and white when it comes to traditional beliefs. My kids would flip out if they knew their masculine dad was wearing pink or lavender lace things. Besides being sexy they feel amazing and the completely turn my wife on.

Think about who you want to be and whose business it is what you wear for under garments and lingerie. It’s all about what makes you feel good not what others think or might think.

Roland August 03, 2017

Masculinity is just too fragile for its own good, wouldn’t you say?

I couldn’t have said it better myself! I have been a crossdresser, (‘trans’), gender bender….whatever, for most of my life.

But, of course, when at work I am just another dude!! Just another guy, right? The other day I chose to wear my Mickey Mouse visor. Now you should first know that I work for a utility, on the trade side of the business, so its very masculine & there more ego & machismo than one can imagine. Back to the Mickey hat, or visor I should say, you know like you might see volleyball or tennis players wearing. I had it on my head for about 5 seconds, when a coworker said, hey JT, that sure is a MANLY cap you have on there, with Mickey Mouse & all. Are you going to play tennis after work? I of course responded in a manner that just lowered me to that level, but I sometimes just have to say what needs to be said. Back you my point, and you r statement/question…..Masculinity is just too fragile for its own good, wouldn’t you say?

Our society has taught us & continues to teach the new generations that boys, men & masculinity are STRONG!!! But, between you & I, I don know if I’ve ever seen something so fragile. the male ego is like a piece of super fine crystal, just ready to shatter if looked at the wrong way. More delicate than Grammies china collectibles, and ever so sensitive.

Funny observation here, ….the guys at work almost all wear hats, that pretty common. The other day we were at the company store, one of them bought a camo hat with the company logo on it. A week alter, out of 12 of us in the shop, 9 of them all wear that same had everyday! Its like, by being exactly the same, their ego, machismo, & identity’s are safe. Yes, I know we all fallow trends, and hell, theres only so many styles to wear, so duplication is inevitable, but this is just plan sad.

Its funny how, in the eyes of these MANLY MEN, that even a color is a risk. Again, I know that some colors are more fem, than others, but with these guys, if its not black, gray, blue, or khaki, its an expression of either sexual orientation, or femininity. I find it frustrating, funny at times, and sad at other times, but its just part of our society.

in closing, i will apologize for making a comment this long however, I just wanted to share my perspective on your post, thanks for the opportunity.

MakeupRox November 19, 2016

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